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Dear students, congratulation to you all in this class.

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1 Dear students, congratulation to you all in this class.

2 Introduction T’s introduction Md:Azizul Haque,Head teacher School’s name:karati Singdha G.P.S. PS:Tarail Dist:kishoreganj L’s introduction Class:Four Subject :English L’s tittle:Sagar and His Family Context:Sagar is a……..neighbourhood.

3 Dear ss,look at the display board.

4 Look down now. This is Rana’s family. This is Kafil’s family. Today’s lesson is about Sagar’s family.Lesson’s name is Sagar and His Family.

5 Learning outcomes: Students will be able to (a)read the portion of the lesson with correct pronunciation. (b)Speak and write about his own family. (c)Understand context.

6 Lawyer housewife grandfather grandma Cucumber Neighbourhood

7 Now know the word meaning of those words Lawyer Advocate.he/she works in law. Housewife A woman who works household works in her own house. Grandfather He who is parent’s father call him grandfather. Grandmother/ Grandma She who is parent’s mother call her grandmother/grandma. Cucumber A sort of vegetable which is eaten as salad.

8 Spell the words with me L-a-w-y-e-r Lawyer. H-o-u-s-e-w-i-f-e Housewife. G-r-a-n-d-f-a-t-h-e-r Grandfather. G-r-a-n-d-m-a Grandma. C-u-c-u-m-b-e-r Cucumber.

9 SS,listen to me attentively. [T’s loud reading]

10 SS Activities: One student will read aloud in front of the class and others will listen attentively.

11 SS will read in pairs by turn loudly.

12 Video:

13 Silent reading individually

14 Fill in the blank with the following words what, who, where, why and how. (a)……….does Sagar’s father do? (b)………..old is Keya? (c)………..loves gardening? (d)………..does grandma do? (e)………..does Sagar feel proud?

15 Match the words of left side with the words of right side. left sideright side (a)Sagar is a student of (b)Sagar is very proud of (c)His grandfather was a (d)His mother is ( 1)a school teacher. (2)class four. (3)a housewife. (4)his mother’s garden.

16 Ask and answer practice in groups. (a)How old is Sagar? (b)What is the name of Sagar’s little sister? (c)What was his grandfather? (d)Who is Sagar?

17 Fill in the blanks. (a)Sagar is a………… (b)His father is a…….. (c)His grandmother makes the best……… the world! (d)…………was a school teacher.

18 Evaluation: (a)Make five sentences with the following words. Homework,Lawer,Housewife,Cucumber. (b)Put the tick() mark. (1)Sagar has a little…… i.Brother ii.Uncle iii.Sister (2)His father is a………. i.Lawyer ii.Farmer iii.Player (3)He is proud of his mother’s……. i.Honesty ii.Garden iii.Education

19 Task:Write five sentences about your family.

20 I’ll meet the classes tomorrow,dear students.Good bye…….

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