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Proprietary and Confidential Minnesota e-Transcript Initiative Kick-off June 12 th, 2007 Office of Higher Education.

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1 Proprietary and Confidential Minnesota e-Transcript Initiative Kick-off June 12 th, 2007 Office of Higher Education

2 Proprietary and Confidential Table of Contents Introductions MHEC & ETI Overview Minnesotas Participation Role of the Project Advisory Committee Secure Transcript Functional Overview Next Steps Contact Information

3 Proprietary and Confidential Mission: Advancing Midwestern Higher Education Through Interstate Cooperation and Resource Sharing MHEC was created by statute and acts as an instrumentality of state government in each of the eleven member states. MHEC serves all sectors of non-profit public and private higher education and state government. Midwestern Higher Education Compact

4 Proprietary and Confidential Interstate Compacts WICHE 1953 SREB 1948 NEBHE 1955 MHEC 1991

5 Proprietary and Confidential MHECs Core Functions At A Glance Cost Savings Computer Hardware/Software Property Insurance Telecommunications Office Products Student Access Midwest Student Exchange Program e-Transcript Initiative (ETI) Policy Research Education to Workforce (E2W) Initiative Policy Summits – Spellings Commission, November 2006 The Midwest PERL

6 Proprietary and Confidential MHEC ETI Background Student Access Advisory Committee (SAAC) created in June 2005 charged with exploring regional opportunities to increase student access Electronic transcript exchange addressed in SAACs 2005 work plan Full RFP process recently completed by SAAC; Docufide unanimously selected by SAACs RFP Review Cmte., full SAAC Cmte., and MHEC Executive Cmte. Initiative has been introduced to all 11 states at state (DOE/HE), postsecondary and secondary levels. Indiana is moving to MHEC contract and are kicking off the initiative with Minnesota. Kansas and Nebraska are actively pursuing funding for the initiative.

7 Proprietary and Confidential MANDATE Establish a comprehensive intraregional Electronic Transcript Initiative (ETI). PARTICIPANTS All public and private secondary and public and private postsecondary schools within the eleven MHEC states. SERVICE OFFERING Online transfer of student information between the Midwests high schools and colleges, and among all participating postsecondary institutions. MHEC ETI Overview

8 Proprietary and Confidential Minnesota E-Transcript Initiative

9 Proprietary and Confidential In May of 2007, the Office of Higher Education agreed to the MHEC ETI State Participation Agreement With the participation fee, all public and private high schools and colleges in Minnesota will be able to register for Docufides Secure Transcript at the MHEC negotiated service discounts. Participation in the MHEC Project Advisory Committee (PAC) responsible for setting the strategic direction of the ETI Minnesota ETI

10 Proprietary and Confidential Minnesota ETI Services High School Services Request & delivery of student/alumni transcripts to Member colleges Electronic secondary school reports College Services Request & delivery of student/alumni transcripts to Member colleges Electronic secondary school reports setup by college to conform to needs

11 Proprietary and Confidential Minnesota Approach Step 1: Register Minnesota Colleges & Universities to receive transcripts electronically and endorse the Minnesota ETI Step 2: Inform Minnesota High Schools, Colleges & Universities about the ETI opportunity and services available. Step 3: Docufide to work with interested schools for Service Agreement and installation ReceiversSenders

12 Proprietary and Confidential Minnesota Approach Secure Transcript available at a significant discount Receivers: Registration is free for all postsecondary institutions registering to receive transcripts electronically Senders: Offered to schools and students at a discount of nearly 50% off Docufides normal electronic transcript delivery rate of $5 for MHEC institutions and 15% discounts on installation and destinations outside of MHEC. Installation fee is $212.50 per school Transcript Fee to participating MHEC institutions is $2.55 Transcript Fee to delivery outside of MHEC institutions or paper delivery is $4.25 Flexible funding options are available to each institution Flat Annual rate by schools Per request basis by students (no cost to schools) Receiving institutions for feeder high schools or colleges 3 rd Party Sponsorship

13 Proprietary and Confidential Project Advisory Committee Represent all types of users of the Minnesota e- Transcript Initiative Be familiar with the Initiatives Services and Benefits to Students, High Schools and Colleges Provide feedback to State Sponsors, MHEC and Docufide on the ETI Contribute to the strategic vision of the MHEC e- Transcript Initiative Provide assistance in sending communications to the communities you represent Seek out ways to inform your communities of the initiative (Regional Meetings, Workshops, Newsletters, etc.)

14 Proprietary and Confidential Secure Transcript Overview

15 Proprietary and Confidential Secure Transcript Full service Secure Transcript allows for the online processing of all student and alumni requests, accessed from a link placed on the schools website. Secure Transcript Includes: Secure student registration, requesting & order tracking A comprehensive database of colleges and scholarship funds FERPA compliant delivery to any other destination globally Intuitive school interface allowing for review and approval of all requests ANGRY TROUT HIGH ANGRY TROUT HIGH

16 Proprietary and Confidential Sending Transcripts

17 Proprietary and Confidential Student searches our database of colleges, choosing one or many destinations for delivery. Student Request Process

18 Proprietary and Confidential Student reviews destinations and confirms that selections are correct. When state or sponsor subsidized, no fee appears for all participating MHEC destination colleges. Student Request Process

19 Proprietary and Confidential Student reviews and accepts online agreement. Student Request Process

20 Proprietary and Confidential If required (not subsidized) student processes payment online. Student Request Process

21 Proprietary and Confidential Students can track their requests online and will also receive confirmation emails when their request is received, approved by the school registrar, and upon delivery. Automatic Email Notifications Student Request Process

22 Proprietary and Confidential Benefits to Students 24/7 access to transcript request & tracking online Includes comprehensive database of all public & private postsecondary institutions, along with scholarship funds, military & NCAA Online order tracking and automatic email notifications at order, school approval and release, and when received electronically by the destination college/university Full service solution, not limited to a few destinations but inclusive and capable of delivering transcripts on a students behalf to any institution nationwide Minnesota ETI

23 Proprietary and Confidential Secure Transcript provides administrators with a secure online To-Do List, where all student and alumni transcript requests are quickly reviewed and processed for delivery. Sending School Process

24 Proprietary and Confidential The Docufide Virtual Printer is used to electronically upload student transcripts securely to Docufide for processing. Transcripts can be sent individually or in a batch. Sending School Process

25 Proprietary and Confidential If the transcript request is to a destination registered for electronic secondary school reports (eSSR), an eSSR request is generated. Sending School Process

26 Proprietary and Confidential Populate the eSSR, common fields will be applied for all eSSRs. Sending School Process

27 Proprietary and Confidential Secure Direct Postsecondary senders have an option to simply electronically deliver transcripts without changing their existing request processing workflow. Requires an hour or less per school to setup and train. Destinations can be selected from our database and can also be added if not found, requiring only a recipient email. Notification will be sent allowing recipient to securely download the transcript from Any document that can be printed can be securely delivered electronically. Transcripts, letters of recommendation, or guidance evaluations can all be delivered through Selected Delivery.

28 Proprietary and Confidential Benefits to Sender Full service solution - all requests and deliveries now handled electronically Simple install process - 1 hour from start to finish per school Customer and technical support provided by Docufide End-to-end transcript delivery tracking, automated notifications and escalations, and redundant safeguards ensuring errorless delivery Includes ability to electronically send additional admissions documents (letters of recommendation, counselors evaluation, & school profile) Minnesota ETI

29 Proprietary and Confidential Registering Receiving Transcript Formats Secondary School Reports Admissions Services

30 Proprietary and Confidential Registering to receive electronic transcripts is a 5 minute process accomplished at Register to Receive

31 Proprietary and Confidential Any college or university nationwide can register and begin receiving transcripts for free from the hundreds of high schools using Secure Transcript. Colleges receive transcripts in their preferred format (PDF, XML, or EDI). Ready to Receive e-Transcripts!

32 Proprietary and Confidential PDF XML Transcript Formats

33 Proprietary and Confidential PDF Transcript Docufide delivers a comprehensive dataset in the header of each transcript, including a unique ID#, creation date, and SSN & applicant tracking # (if provided by student) Docufides PDF carries transcript data in a standard format, no matter the sending schools structure. Consistent student, school, course and credit information allow for ease of review and import into document management systems.

34 Proprietary and Confidential PDF Transcript Each transcript carries a unique ID #, allowing the recipient to verify its authenticity online. Docufide also includes an embedded electronic signature, ensuring a transcripts validity is maintained post delivery.

35 Proprietary and Confidential PESC XML Transcript When institutions are ready to receive in the nationally recognized high school and postsecondary PESC XML standard, they will simply need to change their format preference within the system to do so. PESC XML, in addition to screen viewable PDFs, are available for all transcripts delivered from high schools and colleges utilizing Secure Transcript.

36 Proprietary and Confidential Delivery Options Docufide supports a number of delivery options to suit the needs of the recipient. By default, Docufide provides a secure, easy to use download interface for all registered recipients, delivering transcripts in a standardized PDF or PESC XML format. Docufide also supports automated delivery of PESC XML transcripts through secure FTP and web services (WSDL). Transcripts in the PESC XML or TS130 EDI formats can also be routed through the Texas Server for trading partners wishing to receive all electronic transcripts through that server. Secure FTP/WSDL: - PESC XML Texas Server: - SPEEDE EDI - PESC XML

37 Proprietary and Confidential College can configure electronic secondary school reports specific to their admissions process. Request Secondary School Reports

38 Proprietary and Confidential Additional Features Available to Both Senders and Receivers

39 Proprietary and Confidential Directory

40 Proprietary and Confidential School contact and profiles are available online for all participating colleges and high schools. Directory

41 Proprietary and Confidential Reports

42 Proprietary and Confidential Real-time reports are available for sent or received transcripts, with results exportable to Excel for further data analysis. Reports

43 Proprietary and Confidential Benefits to Receivers Free service to receive transcripts in desired format – PDF, PESC XML or EDI Includes electronic secondary school report, tailored to fit the desires of the receiving college Major cost and time savings over the manual paper transcript receipt process Setup to receive takes less than 20 minutes per campus with no hardware or software required Minnesota ETI

44 Proprietary and Confidential Next Steps Get the word out to Minnesotas high schools and postsecondary institutions: Press Release from OHE, MHEC and Docufide Distribute ETI Announcements High School Superintendents, Principals and Guidance Counselors Postsecondary Admissions Directors Postsecondary Registrars Look for opportunities to introduce this service to your communities Work with Docufide to host informational meetings on the service

45 Proprietary and Confidential Contact Information MHEC Initiative Website: Docufide Website: MHEC Project Manager: Jennifer Dahlquist 612-626-1602 Docufide Minnesota Project Manager: Stephanie Braman 952-929-9240

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