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The New WIC Food Packages—October 1, 2009

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1 The New WIC Food Packages—October 1, 2009
3 After a 35-year wait, the foods provided to thousands of low-income families through the WIC Supplemental Nutrition Program will be updated and improved. Groundbreaking new federal regulations enable WIC households, for the first time, to purchase a variety of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and soy products. The regulations also give WIC’s multicultural population more food choices, and include foods with lower overall fat and sugar content. In Tennessee, the changes will be implemented October 1, We invite you to hear about the new WIC foods. 6/29/09 1

2 Food Package Beginnings...1974
The WIC food packages were designed to supplement participants’ diets with foods rich in five nutrients known to be lacking in the diets of the WIC target population — vitamins A and C, calcium, iron and protein. Read Slide then- In the 50’s & 60’s – the NHANES Study, and the book “Hunger in America” and pilot studies in Canada proved that there was a critical need for better nutrition among low income populations. Another study in 1967 conducted by Dr. Paul Zee at St. Jude’s Hospital in Memphis was also instrumental in validating the need for WIC. Maternal and Child Health programs made child health a top priority and USDA sought a way to get surplus commodity foods to those who would benefit from them. WIC is a supplemental food program. It was never intended to be a full-feed program or a medical benefits program. 2

3 Institute of Medicine Recommendations 2005
The Institute of Medicine (IOM) provided USDA with a sound scientific basis for developing a new set of food packages for the WIC Program. The IOM recommended that the new food packages need to: Reduce the prevalence of inadequate and excessive nutrient intakes Be consistent with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and Contribute to an overall diet consistent with established dietary guidelines for infants and children less than 2 years of age, including encouragement and support for breastfeeding. 3

4 The New WIC Food Packages…. Tennessee Style
Reinforce Nutrition Education Messages Increase Health Benefits Add Foods to Appeal to Diverse Populations What are the goals of the new food packages? To reinforce nutrition education messages To increase health benefits and To add foods that appeal to diverse populations Let’s look at each of these.

5 Reinforce Nutrition Education Messages
Eat more fruits and vegetables Reduce saturated fat Increase whole grains and fiber Drink less sweetened beverages and juice Breastfeed your new baby Eat more fruits and vegetables The new food packages will include cash value vouchers for fruits and vegetables (more about that later). Reduce saturated fat The reduction of cheese and eggs will decrease the amount of saturated fat in the food packages. Increase whole grains and fiber The addition of fruits, vegetables and whole grains will increase the amount of fiber. Drink less sweetened beverages and juice. The reduction and/or elimination of juice in some of the food packages will reduce empty calories and improve dental health. Breastfeed your new baby Fully breastfeeding mothers will receive the largest food package to encourage them to breastfeed for a longer period of time. Fully breastfed infants will receive infant foods (including infant meat) after 6 months of age. 5

6 Increase Health Benefits
Provide message about healthy eating Include healthier food choices Improve dental health Increase fiber intake The new food package sends a message about healthy eating. By including healthier food choices, the new food packages will decrease the risk of obesity diabetes, abnormal glucose levels, and heart & vascular disease The reduction of juice will improve dental health. The addition of fruits and vegetables and whole grains will increase fiber intake.

7 Add Foods to Appeal to Diverse Populations
Tortillas Brown rice Soy Beverage Tofu Fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables for ethnic variety Canned salmon, sardines The Tennessee population has changed over the past 35 years. New foods offered to meet the needs of our culturally diverse participants include: Tortillas Brown rice Soy Beverage Tofu Fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables Canned salmon, sardines 7

8 Summary Institute of Medicine
Changes to the WIC food packages hold potential for improving the nutrition and health of program participants. New food packages reinforce the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. WIC will continue to improve the programs positive contribution to the state’s health. Institute of Medicine In Summary •The changes to the food packages will help a good program become even better. •WIC (and you) can lead the way in helping low-income families consume healthier diets. Now let’s take the Post-Test. Review the correct answers, before moving on. 8

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