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Dan Burk, Registrar of Voters Heather Carmen, Senior Deputy Washoe County Registrar of Voters 1.

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1 Dan Burk, Registrar of Voters Heather Carmen, Senior Deputy Washoe County Registrar of Voters 1

2 Contact Numbers Early Voting Election Day Technical Problems Missing Supplies Processing a Voter Heather – 328-3672 Diane – 325-8265 Perla – 325-8240 (bi-lingual) If you cannot reach anyone at the above numbers, please call the main line at: 328-3670 Election Worker Issues/No Shows 328-3675 or 328-3673 Contact Deanna to inform us your polling place is open on Election Day at 7:00 a.m. 328-3674 Polling Place voter processing issues 328-3672 or 328-3674 Technical Problems – you will be assigned a tech support person 10:30 a.m. & 2:30p.m. Managers contacted by ROV 2

3 Election Day – When to Call ROV Call Cate at the warehouse 856-4614 if you notice on election eve you are missing any equipment When polls set up on election eve leave a message at (Meaghan & Jennifer) If polls are not open by 7:00 a.m. call us immediately at (Meaghan & Jennifer) If you cannot get into your polling place by 6:20 a.m. call facility contact person immediately If you have not left your polling place by 8:30 p.m. call 3

4 Poll Workers Early Voting Election Day Team Leader Administer oath (first day only) Oversee team members time sheets Daily Balance Statement Team Member Process Voters Checks signatures Activates voter cards Issues provisional ballots Manager Oversees EDGES Manages poll workers Resolve conflicts Return of critical supplies Assistant Manager Co- pilot (Issues Provisional Ballots Intake Specialist Gate Keeper of the Polling Place Roster Specialist Assist voter with signing roster book & activate voter cards 4

5 Contact the Facility Team Leaders/Polling Place Managers You will be given the name of the contact person at your polling place Coordinate a date and time for pre set-up with the facility and with your election day team Early Voting – 2 hours before on the first day your location opens – each subsequent day after that 1 hour 5:30 A.M. on Election Day if Manager or Asst. Manager 6:00 A.M. if Roster Specialist or Intake Specialist 5

6 Equipment/Supplies Rolling Vault – aka Big Blue Use the checklist and have two poll workers check that all equipment has been delivered and is operational Tab 5 (Early Voting) Tab 10 (Election Day) Team Leaders/Managers Managers Official Balance Sheet First Day Early Voting Balance Statement Subsequent days Early Voting Balance Statement Tab 6 (Early Voting) Tab 9 (Election Day) Payroll/Oath Make sure all poll workers have been sworn in and have signed the time sheet for Early Voting or Election Day sign in sheet 6

7 Early Voting & Election Day 7

8 Equipment Unlock the cabled Edges and Set-up all Edges and VVPATS (Early Voting gets 2 keys one for the vault one for the cables that lock the Edges) Election Day one key works for both chains and vault. May be additional key for access to the Polling Place. Do the print test on the VVPATS (page 49) Set-up all Precinct Tables and Chairs Set-up and test all electrical connections Set-up each station 8

9 Setting up the Voter Processing Equipment Early Voting Election Day Refer to Early Voting Manual for pictures of how the equipment looks once set up Handheld scanner, Card Activator, mouse, and Brother Label printer are all connected to the laptop (pages 7-17) Intake Station – Laptop/Netbook, mouse and handheld scanner Roster Station – Card Activator, and handheld scanner (two cords – one is power and the other is data) Manager can ask ROV or other workers for help with setup 9

10 Setting Up Polling Place Make sure there is a flowing pathway for voters Set-up stanchions to ensure voters enter appropriate stations (on Election Day Intake first then Roster) Election Eve Set-up – Put EDGES up but dont run Print Test (just keep EDGE lid closed) Never open polls on EDGES until morning of Election Day Open polls first day of Early Voting and then close polls only on last day of Early Voting Set up tables, chairs and electrical cords Check lists – Early Voting (tab 3) Election Day (tab 8) 10

11 Early Voting Set-Up (pages 7-16) 1 2 4 5 3 (1) Card Activator (2) Laptop Computer (3) Brother Label Printer (4) Barcode Scanner (5) Mouse 11

12 Election Day Set-up – Intake Station 12

13 Election Day Set-up – Roster Station 13

14 Election Day Roster (tab 9) 14

15 Connectivity (pages 17-18) Early Voting Election Day Wireless (Libraries, ROV, Shoppers Square) Blue Box (Scolaris, Sparks City Hall, UNR, SV Neighborhood, CTR.) Check Early Voting Manual for your specific location Far upper right hand corner of screen will flash when there is an important message from voters department You will receive a warning message when you are not connected Not connected to the internet (stand alone) Master Voter Rolls have been downloaded to each laptop/netbook Technical Support will be available first day of Early Voting and the duration of Early Voting; and you will be assigned a specific Technical Support person for Election Day 15

16 Log on to Voter Network Early Voting Election Day Password is votevotevote Click on Begin! Step 1 – Select appropriate election date range and Early Voting location Click Continue Next screen is your search screen Pages 24-33 Password is votevotevote Click on Begin! Step 1 – Select appropriate election date and Polling Place location Click Continue Next screen is your search screen 16

17 Managers Balance Statement Early Voting Election Day Managers Official Balance Statement Daily Balance Statement Time Sheets Tab 6 Managers Official Balance Statement Edge Precinct Information Report Official Ballot Statement Oath/Time Sheets Tab 9 17

18 Early Voting Daily Balance Sheet – First Day (pages 50-51) 18

19 Early Voting Daily Balance Statement – Subsequent Days (Pages 50-51) 19

20 Early Voting & Election Day Managers Official Balance Statement 20

21 Setting up the EDGE Unit Always work in pairs when setting up or moving the EDGE Units (pages 19-21) Daisy chain no more than (5) five Use surge protector Check back of EDGES to see if running on AC or battery Check that Seals are unbroken – NEVER use unit if broken Check Protective and Public Counters Conduct Print Test – (page 49) 21

22 Seals for Primary Election Small Violet Barcode – Open Polls Door Red Plastic Barcode – Results Cartridge Door Small Yellow Barcode – Yellow Button Covers Blue Plastic Barcode – Results Cartridge Return Bag Green (non-barcoded) – Tape Totes White (non-barcoded) – V-VPAT Orange (non-barcoded) Provisional Ballot Envelopes Tab 4 22

23 Early Voting & Election Day 23

24 Processing the Voter Early Voting (pages 24-34) Election Day Ask the voter for their Sample Ballot Scan Bar Code Or ask Voter for their name and to confirm their residence address Verify the record as the current voter Confirm their political party affiliation (Primary Only) Click in Use Voter Confirm Voter has not already Voted & does not have additional warnings (AB, ID, Etc.) Ask the voter for their Sample Ballot Scan Bar Code If no Sample Ballot, ask Voter for their name and to confirm their residence address Verify the record as the current voter Click in Use Voter Confirm Voter is in the correct polling place 24

25 Processing the Voter – cont Early Voting Election Day Clean search – Print Label to place in Early Voting Roster book Ask Voter to sign book Compare signature on laptop Then Activate Voter Card from laptop and direct Voter to EDGE to vote DO NOT put the card in Edge for Voter Correct Polling Place – Voter Check-In/Print Label Issue label to Voter (on label will have Roster Station Letter) At Roster Station search for Voter in Roster Book Ask Voter to sign and confirm signatures match Activate voter card and direct Voter to EDGE to vote 25


27 Forms Voter Registration Application (Intake Specialist) Change of Address (Intake Specialist) Absent Voter Affirmation (Roster Specialist) ID Required (Roster Specialist) Certificate of Error (Manager/Assistant Manager) Roster Correction Log (Roster Specialist) Supply Requisition (early voting only) Absent Ballot Request (early voting only) Tab 6 27

28 Early Voting Roster (left; tab 6) Election Day Label Booklet (right; tab 9) 28

29 Labels Early Voting Election Day Roster Specialist ONLY scan UPPER TOP RIGHT barcode – contains precinct info 29

30 Election Day Roster (tab 9) 30

31 Election Eve: AB/EV List (tab 9) Managers must access the AB/EV list by going on the ROV web page at Go down to your polling place and print the list of AB/EV voters for each Roster listed for your polling place Provide list to Roster Station Specialist first thing on Election Day so he/she can mark voters on Roster that have already voted 31

32 Labels Early Voting Election Day Roster Specialist ONLY scan UPPER TOP RIGHT barcode – contains precinct info 32 B

33 Provisional Ballots Pink = All Provisional Voters (General) Unable to find voter in laptop Signature does not match and no I.D. I.D. Required but voter does not have I.D. with them Voter in wrong polling place and doesnt want to go to assigned polling place (Election Day – Highest % of Provisional's) Page 35 33

34 Challenged Voter For Residence For Identity For Previously Voted Written Challenges submitted to Registrar of Voters Office 34

35 Issuing Provisional Ballots (Asst. Manager) On Provisional Envelope: List your Polling Place Voter must sign Affirmation Statement You must check off reason for issuing and you must initial Tear off back flap tab and give to voter Tell voter to call Free-Access # to see if ballot was counted (10 days after election) If voter completes Voter Registration Application make sure they dont seal it inside the envelope with the Provisional Ballot 35

36 Certificate of Error Voter was erroneously omitted from the Roster Marked as having voted already Team Leader or Polling Place Manager has contacted ROV and a senior staff member has found the mistake and affirmed Voter should be allowed to vote Process Voter and let voter to cast his ballot Complete the Certificate of Error paperwork Tab 6 36

37 Observers There will be observers at your Polling Place Make sure there is a place set aside for Observers to sit The Team Leader/Manager will have observers sign the Observer Conduct form They are required to follow its guidelines They can review Roster/Election Day Voter Activity List Cannot object to how you run your polling place or advocate for or against a Voters right to vote Tab 6 37

38 Audio Process (page 56-69) At least two EDGE units will be designated as audio units (band on edge unit with word AUDIO) Have audio unit on upper back of edge ready for set-up Hold down activate button until screen changes (you will hear a soft ding) Connect Audio unit before initiating audio. Press Audio Voting box. When audio voter has completed voting, press return to voting box Show voters how to adjust volume and speed of audio unit 38

39 VVPATs (page 45-48) Check that green light is solid If blinking, roll switch is not engaged Check for whirring noise If yes, then paper not secured to upper roll or cone not set If paper is scrunching-up Remove cover, release roll switch and realign. Then re- set switch Not Printing Paper loaded incorrectly and needs to be flipped to print on the correct side (scratch finger nail across it) 39

40 Early Voting & Election Day 40

41 Closing Up Early Voting (page 52-54) Election Day (tab 8) Daily Transfer Envelope Daily Balance Statement Supply Requisition Each days used VVPAT rolls in tape tote then sealed – Dont forget to put label and fill in Date, Unit #, Location and Initial at end of each roll Any completed forms – Voter Registration Applications, Change of Address Surrendered Ballots/Not Provisionals Manager will declare polls closed at 7:00 p.m. Manager/Asst. Manager work in tandem on EDGE closing procedures Management completes Official Balance Statement & Edge Total Voter Count Roster Specialist counts signatures/tallies for Official Ballot Statement 41

42 Election Day: Reconciling with the Official Balance Statement Intke and Roster Specialists should not touch the EDGES until all a) precinct counts have been taken, b) EDGES are turned off and c) results cartridges have been removed When you close the polls the End Totals Report from each EDGE voting unit will print Take note of each Precincts total on Report Use the Managers Official Balance Statement to record the totals for each precinct from each EDGE unit and provide this information to Roster Specialists. Tab 9 42

43 Election Day – EDGE Total Voter Count Manager completes this form from the VVPAT print off and gives to Roster Specialist to reconcile 43

44 Election Day Official Ballot Statement 44

45 Critical Supplies to be returned Early Voting: Last Day Election Day Sealed Results Cartridge bag Daily Transfer bag with completed forms Tape tote (if they VVPAT cannot fit in transfer bag) Provisional ballots (orange transfer bag – sealed returned after final day of Early Voting Team Leader & Team Member to return critical supplies Must bring laptops back!! All Rosters binders All label booklets Completed forms envelope Provisional ballots (orange transfer bag – sealed) Sealed Results Cartridge bag w/keys Managers Balance Statement Precinct Official Ballot Statement Manager and another poll worker return Critical Supplies 45

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