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Young Worker Initiative U.S. Department of Labor - OSHA Directorate of Science, Technology & Medicine 200 Constitution Ave. NW, Room N- 3653 Washington,

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1 Young Worker Initiative U.S. Department of Labor - OSHA Directorate of Science, Technology & Medicine 200 Constitution Ave. NW, Room N- 3653 Washington, D.C. 20210 Ruth McCully Director Directorate of Science, Technology & Medicine

2 Objectives Why OSHA is focusing on young workers What has been done What lies ahead OSHA & Projects working together for Young Worker

3 Why a focus on Young Workers? In the coming decades, expect to see greater percentage of young and older workers –NIOSH reports 80% of young people are employed before they leave school Despite child labor laws that prohibit teenagers from engaging in the most dangerous occupations, young people have a higher rate of injury per hour worked than adults

4 Demographics 50% of 15-17 year olds are employed each year 80% of students work at some time during their high school years 62% of young people aged 15 – 17 were employed in retail trades (1996- 1998) with greatest number in food service 8% of male and 2% of female youths were employed in agriculture

5 Unique Risks Young workers under 18 face unique health & safety risks on the job: –Low levels of experience –Limited S&H training –Lack of supervision –Physical & psycho-social developmental factors: –Young workers may have increased susceptibilities to chemical exposure

6 The Problem Each year in the US: –60-70 adolescents die from work related injuries –Estimated 200,000 young workers seek emergency medical treatment Non-fatal occupational injuries for workers under 18 are more frequent than for adults –Burns & lacerations are most common injuries Overall fatality rate is similar to adults even though law does not allow them to work in more hazardous occupations –Risk of a youth dying while doing construction work is twice the risk to adults

7 Whats Been Done NIOSH funded 3 pilot projects –They developed: Curricula for high school students Materials for employers & parents Strategies for providing effective training Approaches to increase awareness of occupational S&H among young people –Demonstrated importance of bring stakeholders together at local level to develop & implement prevention strategies

8 OSHA Strategic Focus Compliance Assistance focused rather than enforcement Built around Institute of Medicine report recommendations –Stimulating creation of age-appropriate course materials –Developing programs to train-the-trainers who work with youth –Recognizing commendable workplaces DSTMs Office of Occupational Health Nursing is leading OSHAs effort Elise Handelman 202-693-2120

9 OSHA Activities Teen Worker Page Skills USA Federal Network for Young Worker Safety & Health (FedNet) –Forklift Working Group –Seasonal Campaign for Young Worker Safety

10 Teen Worker Page


12 Jose's StoryJose's Story: Crushed and Died While Cleaning a Dough Mixing Machine Jose, a 15-year-old pizzeria worker was killed when he became entangled in a machine used to mix pizza dough. Jose had arrived in the United States from Guatemala one month before the incident and had been working at the family-owned pizza restaurant for only two weeks. On the night of the incident, he was cleaning the pizza dough mixer as the restaurant was closing for the evening, working alone in the kitchen as the remaining staff cleaned the adjoining dining room. He apparently lifted the cover of the mixer, uncovering the 32-inch- diameter mixing bowl, and started the machine. Reaching into the bowl he was caught by a large mixing fork. His co-workers heard him scream, but were unable to reach him in time.

13 Skills USA Vocational & Industrial Clubs of America Brings together 4000 students June in Kansas City John Henshaw will be speaker this year OSHA Booth – Your assistance welcomed –Very Interactive –Games & Contests

14 The Federal Network for Young Worker Safety & Health FedNet

15 Fork Lift Outreach In response to 2 teenage fatalities Tri-agency Outreach Packets include: –Cover letter signed by directors of 3 Agencies –Press Release –SHIB –NIOSH Background Document on Teen Worker Fatalities –ESA Forklift Hazard Sticker Distributed over 3500 packets to date including copies to all Consultation Projects Also available via WWW.OSHA.GOV under powered industrial trucksWWW.OSHA.GOV

16 Teen Summer Outdoor Jobs: $afety Pays Electronic Outreach Initiative deployed in mid- April Strong language about prohibitions on teenagers in hazardous jobs News Release with distribution to: –OSHA family including Consultation Projects –ETA Business Relations Group –Youth Program Operators –State & Local Workforce Investment managers –National Youth Organizations


18 Whats on the Horizon Seasonal Campaign for winter jobs Expanding FedNet participation Soliciting materials for Teen Worker Pages Engaging Alliance partners in issues related to youth Participating in other Federal groups to reach other teen worker populations – like agriculture initiative in NIOSH Working with NIOSH & ESA to develop joint MOU to notify each other when teen fatality occurs Looking for sources of information on measuring effectiveness

19 OSHA Can Provide: Materials and information about young worker S&H Coordination with other Federal Agencies and alliance partners

20 OSHA Looks to Projects for Support on Young Workers To deliver the message about young workers especially to small business For input on teen worker pages, both feedback and content. Ideas for how to reach parents, young workers, their employers, and others who have a role in young peoples lives including educators and faith-based organizations. OSHA depends on Consultation Projects and other local arms of OSHA:

21 Questions? Comments?

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