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Spring Peer Exchange 2009 Starved Rock Lodge SEDAC Update.

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1 Spring Peer Exchange 2009 Starved Rock Lodge SEDAC Update

2 Sponsored by IL DCEO, AMEREN Illinois Utilities, and ComEd. Implemented by UIUC/BRC and 360 Energy Group plus Design Assistance Experts on contract. Provides Energy Conservation advice, guidance, and education. Targets Illinois small businesses (both commercial and industrial), municipal buildings, K-12 schools, & community colleges.

3 Large energy expenditures by businesses in Illinois and local government agencies: Create an enormous opportunity for energy conservation. Abundant opportunities to improve the bottom line and profitability for businesses and make public building cost less to own and operate. Smart Energy Program: Seeks to help Illinois businesses and the public sector to identify opportunities to save energy and money. Feed into EEPS (DCEO, Ameren, & ComEd). Create and save jobs. Reap environmental benefits.

4 Clients assisted (as of March 31, 2009): Level 1 – 1,445 Level 2 – 460 Level 3 – 208 Level 4 – 210 Completed studies of over 23.8 million square feet with over 43,000 employees. An additional 6.5 million sf underway. Recommended energy savings of $15.3 Million. Energy saving potential of 909,496 million Btu (5.4 million therms & 107,749 MWh) and a demand reduction of 22.6 MW.


6 EEPS eligible businesses assisted (June through February 2009): Level 1 assistance to 268 clients. 191 project applications. 98 reports completed (50 L2 & 48 L3). Recommended energy savings of $3,396,813 with an IRR of 26.3%. Energy impact of more than 37,000 MWh and a demand reduction of 5 MW. 29 presentations and workshops.

7 Potential energy savings ranged from a high of 100% to a low of 3%for existing buildings and between 96% and 12% for new designs (the high end incorporates renewables). Data from 220 existing buildings show: 29% energy savings. 28% energy cost savings. Typical savings of $45k per year. Data from 37 new building designs show: 50% energy savings. 47% energy cost savings. Typical savings of $53k per year. Typical client uses $2.02/sf and can save $0.61/sf.

8 In working with EEPS we have expanded our market sectors and the number of clients we serve. We are also have incorporated more DA associates into the program. EEPS work is split 76/24 between ComEd and Ameren accounts. Starting in June we will also assist with the Recommission Program and the New Construction Program for DCEO.

9 Training courses for practitioners and students: Face to Face On-line (through Energy Center Wisconsin) Outreach to market sectors. Workshops (upcoming 5/13 Decatur & 5/22 Naperville) Newsletters and Technical Notes. Web site:

10 The program continues to grow and provide a centralized place for clients to obtain: Energy conservation information. Energy audits. Detailed simulations and analyses. Direct implementation assistance. Education and training. We expect significantly more implementation with both more EEPS and the ARRA monies coming into play.

11 Web site: Contact: 1-800-214-7954

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