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1 I llinois ASPIRE A lliance for S chool-based P roblem-solving & I ntervention R esources in E ducation ISBE Directors Conference August 1, 2008 Kathryn.

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1 1 I llinois ASPIRE A lliance for S chool-based P roblem-solving & I ntervention R esources in E ducation ISBE Directors Conference August 1, 2008 Kathryn Cox, Illinois State Board of Education Jennifer Jewell, Illinois ASPIRE – Central

2 2 Illinois ASPIRE 5-year State Personnel Development Grant from OSEP (in end of year 3) $1.85 million per year Primary Goal: Establish and implement a coordinated, regionalized system of personnel development that will increase the capacity of school systems to provide early intervening services [with an emphasis on reading], aligned with the general education curriculum, to at-risk students and students with disabilities, as measured by improved student progress and performance.

3 3 Illinois ASPIRE Objectives 1. Deliver research-based professional development and technical assistance. 2. Increase the participation of parents in decision-making across district sites. 3. Incorporate professional development content into IHE general and special education preservice curricula. 4. Evaluate the effectiveness of project activities.

4 4 Objective 1: Research-Based Professional Development & TA 4 regional Illinois ASPIRE Centers Illinois ASPIRE - Chicago: Chicago Public Schools Illinois ASPIRE - North: Northern Suburban Special Education District Illinois ASPIRE - Central: Peoria ROE #48 Illinois ASPIRE - South: SIU-E & SIU-C Collaboratives of LEAs, IHEs, regional providers and parent entities Responsible for: Training to districts and parents in region General technical assistance (T.A.) On-site T.A. to school demonstration sites

5 5 Illinois ASPIRE 2006-2007 & 2007-2008 Established data collection sites within at least 63 schools in 39 districts Receive professional development, on-site T.A. and training of district problem-solving coaches Serve as data collection sites for project evaluation Required to identify one or more problem-solving coaches Delivered extensive small- and large-scale training events Conducted regional coaches meetings to expand and support the network of problem solving coaches

6 6 Recent Landscape Changes January 1, 2008 – State RtI Plan March 17, 2008 – Needs Assessment Available May 23, 2008 – Needs Assessment due to ISBE Fall/Winter 2008 – RtI Training and Planning January 1, 2009 – District RtI Plan Required Academic Year 2010-2011 – District RtI Plan Implemented

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8 8 Recent Landscape Changes State Implementation & Scaling-up of Evidence-based Practices (SISEP) What: 5-year federally-funded project at University of South Florida (USF) Illinois one of four states selected (Minnesota, Michigan & Oregon) Who: Principal Investigators: Drs. Dean Fixsen & Karen Blase at the University of South Florida Collaborative Partners: Dr. George Sugai at the University of Connecticut & Dr. Robert Horner at the University of Oregon.

9 9 SISEP (cont.) Purpose of SISEP Center: To promote students' academic achievement and behavioral health by supporting implementation and scaling-up of evidence-based practices in education settings. Provide critical content and foundation for establishing a technology of large-scale, sustainable, high-fidelity implementation of effective educational practices. Work with selected states to improve capacity to carry out implementation, organizational change, and systems transformation strategies to maximize achievement outcomes of all students.

10 10 SISEP in Illinois State Leadership (includes State Supt., Standards & Assess., Special Ed., Educator Prep. & Cert.) State Stakeholder Group 2 FTE RtI Stakeholder Group 20 Regional Implementation Teams 9 coaching staff SIP Team ISBE Professional Development Projects IL ASPIRE ISTAC (CHOICES, Autism, PBIS, ISTAC- Parents, ISRC, Deaf- Blind) Reading First Standards Aligned Classroom (SAC) SEL/Mental Health ROEs/ISCs

11 11 Working Smarter to Scale Up: 2008-2009 & 2009-2010 Continuing: Work with existing data collection schools & districts Deliver large scale training Conduct regional coaches meetings Additional: Technology-based training & T.A. Enhance existing & add new training modules Training & T.A. to intermediate level entities (e.g., ROE, joint agreement, multiple district partnerships) to expand cadre of external coaches to support districts

12 12 Technology-based Training & T.A. Webcasts of training modules Add advance organizers, readings, videos, quizzes & assignments to all modules to enhance web-based learning Goal: Allow more schools to access information initially and/or to review/reinforce previous learning; decrease dependence on in-person large scale training Web-based T.A./coaching support, e.g., discussion boards

13 13 Enhancing Existing & Creating New Training Modules Reconfigure existing modules and incorporate examples for K-12, math, behavior, etc. Proposed new modules: Putting it All Together: Advanced RtI Implementation Coaching Middle & High School Math ELL

14 14 Training & T.A. to Intermediate Level Entities Goal: Build a cadre of external coaches within each ASPIRE region to support district & school RtI implementation Who: ROEs, ISCs, special education joint agreements, multiple district partners What: Training & TA from ASPIRE on coaching skills and RtI content

15 15 Training & T.A. to Intermediate Level Entities (cont.) How: Application to participate, including commitment to designate staff to be trained and serve as external coaches When: Estimated timeline Applications issued in late September Applications due mid to late October Notifications by mid November Training/TA beginning in January 2009

16 16 Characteristics/KSAs of Coaches Knowledge, Skills & Abilities with: Curriculum-based evaluation (CBE) Functional behavior analysis (FBA) Reading programs Scientific, research-based instruction & interventions 3-tiered model Instructional & behavioral coaching Experience and skills in working with adult learners Availabilityable to impact multiple school buildings and districts Commitment to participating in training events and providing XX number of days for external coaching

17 17 Accessing Project Services Participate in scheduled trainings and coaches meetings in your region (regional calendars posted at Utilize training materials and other resources currently posted on the ASPIRE website and future technology- based resources when available Submit or partner in an application to serve as an intermediate level entity for external coaching within your ASPIRE region

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22 22 For More Information ISBE: Kathryn Cox 217-782-5589 Illinois ASPIRE – North Dr. Mark Shinn 847-275-7200 Illinois ASPIRE – Central Jennifer Jewell or Christy Martino 309-673-1040 Illinois ASPIRE – South Dr. Melissa Bergstrom 618-650-3182 or Michael McCollum 618-650-5182 Illinois ASPIRE – Chicago Tonia Swoope 773-553-2209

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