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Caring Together, Living Better

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1 Caring Together, Living Better

2 Outline The Weinberg Foundation AgeOptions Project
Regional Improvements Local Projects Tying it all Together Progress to Date Next steps Lessons Learned

3 The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation
National grant-making organization Located in Maryland Dedicated to assisting the poor, especially elderly poor Issued a national Request for Proposals to fund Caregiver Support Projects

4 Weinberg’s Family and Informal Caregiver Support RFP
First issued in March, 2008 360 Letters of Inquiry received last June 51 selected to submit proposals in October 14 projects selected ($8.1 million) March 2009

5 AgeOptions Project $515,357 awarded Total project cost $1,139,165
South Suburbs chosen as target area Partners: Catholic Charities Metropolitan Family Services CJE SeniorLife

6 Twelve Focus Communities
Blue Island Calumet City Calumet Park Dixmoor Dolton Harvey Markham Phoenix Posen Riverdale Robbins South Holland

7 Target Area

8 Why the South Suburbs? Weinberg grant is an opportunity to…
Focus on services in the south suburbs Develop culturally-appropriate services Develop new partnerships AgeOptions is committed to this area

9 Demographics Unemployment in some of these towns is over 5% higher than national average Median income for older adults as low as half the national average ($12,000 per year in Robbins) Two-thirds of residents are African-American

10 Caregiver Support Who are caregivers? Family, friends or neighbors who
care for an older adult What support is already available? Caregiver Specialist Respite Training Support groups

11 Caring Together, Living Better Goals
Local (innovative, responsive) programs Expansion & improvement of regional supports Continuous evaluation and sustainability activities Replication/dissemination

12 Regional Improvements
Access (outreach and capacity) Respite Training

13 Local Projects Church is often the caregiver’s main/only community link Local churches understand local needs 7 churches, 1 organization to develop innovative caregiver support programs AgeOptions provides guidance and small stipend to each local partner

14 Local Project Partners
Bethel AME Covenant UCC Kizer Memorial Metropolitan Family Services Shekinah Lutheran Valley Kingdom Victory Christian Word Made Flesh

15 Target Area

16 What is a Faith-based Caregiver Support Program?
Getting the word out Volunteer respite or transportation Support Teams Caregiver Training/Fellowship Groups Benefits assistance Matching ideas from caregiver focus groups to church’s strengths

17 Tying it All Together Community Organizing Specialist Americorps VISTA
Culturally competent, familiar with area Recruiting additional community partners Americorps VISTA Trained in capacity-building

18 Tying it All Together, cont.
Leadership Council Members Four original regional partner agencies Leaders from local church projects Older adults, caregivers, businesspeople Duties Project guidance Sustainability

19 Progress to Date Project Kickoff Dinner Asset-mapping
Caregiver focus groups

20 Kickoff Dinner Built on the connections made during proposal-writing
30 organizations represented Prayer State Rep. Will Davis Keynote Apostle Carl White, Jr. Call to action, collaboration

21 Asset-mapping Strengths-based approach
Looking at individuals, associations, organizations Congregants & community members Foundation for project design Database for future use

22 Focus Groups At least one per local partner
Phone interviews, surveys as needed Questions to inform local project design Feedback on draft outreach materials Questions to inform regional service improvements

23 Next steps Newsletter Toolkits Local project plans
Leadership Training (faith component) Appreciative Inquiry Webpage

24 Lessons in Building Faith Partnerships
Start early! Gain local credibility through networking Align with community priorities Educate: “Who is a caregiver?” Balance is key: Recruiting capable partners while keeping a selective application process Having clear expectations for partner churches while encouraging input

25 Countywide Caregiver Coordinator
Questions or Comments? Sarah Stein Countywide Caregiver Coordinator AgeOptions (708)

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