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1 Welcome to the EBT/Link Webinar Margaret Larson, Director Jo Daviess, Stephenson and Winnebago Counties, University of Illinois Extension The goal of.

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1 1 Welcome to the EBT/Link Webinar Margaret Larson, Director Jo Daviess, Stephenson and Winnebago Counties, University of Illinois Extension The goal of this training is to provide you with information and resources to learn how EBT/LINK can benefit your market and expand access to fresh healthy food for low-income residents throughout Illinois. Presented December 8, 2010

2 2 Urbanas Market at the Square

3 3 STRUCTURE Machine is leased from Merchant Source Token system Service charge to help offset costs On-site management by Market staff Citys Finance Dept/Market Director handle payments & other admin tasks

4 4 PROCEDURE Vendors receive packet pre- season Vendors receive envelope each week Staff works with patrons Token redemption at end of day Spreadsheet for internal recordkeeping Checks cut for following week

5 5 PROMOTION Pilot year= very little promotion Word of mouth Signage on-site Worked casually with other agencies – Public Health, Foodbank, etc

6 6 OUTCOMES Sold $5,351 in LINK tokens over 27 week period Sold $44,130 in credit/debit tokens over 27 week period High patron satisfaction High farmer/vendor satisfaction Program will continue in 2011

7 7 PLANS FOR 2011 Overall increase in promotion – WIC grant Increase in staff/volunteer presence – City tent was very busy, staff always occupied Bi-lingual outreach materials into agencies, food pantries, and schools Better signage on-site Web presence at City site for patron education

8 8 Contact information: Lisa Bralts, Director Urbanas Market at the Square 400 S. Vine Street Urbana, IL 61801 Phone: 217-384-2319 Fax: 217-384-0200 Email: Web: Find us on Facebook – search for Urbanas Market at the Square We tweet! I love penguins.

9 9 Downtown Bloomington Farmers Market Learn about LINK Training Materials

10 10 Where To Find LINK Training Information Illinois Department of Agriculture website Illinois Where Fresh (located in the Farmers Market Forum section) Includes the Illinois Farmers Market LINK GUIDE and other resources LINK at Illinois Farmers Market Groupsite Illinois Department of Human Services website Accepting LINK at Farmers Markets Federal Application Process

11 11 URL: Groupsite to Share Information and Resources

12 12

13 13

14 14

15 15

16 16 Contact for more information Elaine Sebald, Market Manager Downtown Bloomington Farmers Market Downtown Bloomington Association: Phone: 309-829-9599

17 17 Illinois LINK Leveraging for Success

18 18 Illinois LINK Leveraging for Success Look at all the angles – beyond the food Know how serves your community Know all your funding options Identify potential partners Provide matching resources Be prepared Success breeds success

19 19 Illinois LINK Identify All the Benefits – Food and More Expands SNAP recipients access to a wide variety of fresh, local food products. Promotes healthy eating, balanced food choices, and positive health outcomes for low-income residents. Aligns with Michelle Obamas initiative to combat childhood obesity, as well as diabetes and other nutrition-related illnesses. Creates opportunities for farmers markets, farm stands and other direct-to-consumer fresh food venues in food deserts and low- income communities. Supports local family farms and rural economies. Creates economic stability for farmers markets. Creates jobs. Strengthens communities.

20 20 Illinois LINK Community based State Federal Public Private Foundations Individuals Know All Your Funding Options Chambers of Commerce Local Businesses Universities Hospitals Insurance Companies State Agencies – IDHS, Dept of Ag Federal Agencies - USDA

21 21 Illinois LINK USDA Food and Nutrition Services Leveraging Partnership to Fund SNAP Outreach FNS funding to encourage enrollment in SNAP States must match this contribution to utilize the fund, or the State can pass on the funds to non-profit organizations as a 50% match for their investment in SNAP outreach. Eligible expenses include: direct mailers, local PSAs, church bulletins, NGO newsletters, newspaper advertisements, articles and OP-Eds, promotion at a community event… Assistance (i.e. staff time) with point of contact with clients, application, pre-screening… Contact IDHS for more info.

22 22 Illinois LINK Success Story Experimental Station Leads Illinois for SNAP redemption at farmers markets. 61 st Street Farmers Market: Established in 2008 on South Side of Chicago (food desert). 1,000% increase in SNAP sales at 61 st Street Farmers Market from 2008 to 2010. 70% of SNAP shoppers surveyed said they increased their fruit and vegetable consumption since shopping at the Market. Implemented Illinois first SNAP Double Value Coupon Program – doubling up to $25 per card holder, per market day Oversees six Double Value Coupon Programs

23 23 Illinois LINK 61 st Street Farmers Market – SNAP Success

24 24 Illinois LINK Leveraging Success Beyond the 61 st Street Farmers Market City of Chicago Farmers Markets EBT Program HB4756 – Farmers Market Technology Improvement Act FREE EBT/SNAP Consulting Services Overtown Farmers Market – South Miami Link Up Illinois

25 25 Illinois LINK Keys to Successful Leveraging Have Data Demonstrate need Demonstrate past success / track record Demonstrate potential for program expansion (your program and beyond) Have a Plan Detailed budget Staffing – paid and volunteer Matching resources Have a Goal Measurable

26 26 Illinois LINK Contact Info Dennis Ryan Market Manager 61 st Street Farmers Market Experimental Station 773.241.6044

27 27 Corey Chatman EBT/LINK Coordinator for 2010 season City of Chicagos Farmers Market EBT/LINK Pilot Program

28 28 Implementation of EBT/LINK City of Chicago Markets The City of Chicago and Experimental Station join forces to implement EBT/LINK program at 5 of the 19 City markets. Season ran from May 15 th to October 21 st Serviced markets strategically located across the City. Central, North, South, and West. Transactions made with Wireless EBT machine. Used Chit system to facilitate transactions. Issued $5,000 worth of incentives from Wholesome Waves LINK Buck program.

29 29 Challenges and Lessons learned Chicago has a highly diverse population, yet many neighborhoods suffer from economic, social, and racial barriers. Overcoming these challenges takes good planning… Market location. Proper signage placement, both in and outside of the market. Community outreach. Incentive programs.

30 30 Challenges and Lessons learned - continued Other challenge to be aware of are the stigma associated with the Food Stamp Program. Many shoppers are self-conscious to use their LINK card at the market. Many markets are leery of enacting an EBT program. Overcoming these challenges took a combination of …

31 31 Challenges and Lessons learned - Education Farmers – What items can and cannot be sold using LINK. – Chit & LINK Buck processes. – Reimbursement of purchases. Shoppers – What items can and cannot be purchased with their LINK card. – Chit & LINK Buck processes. – Other markets that accept LINK. – Where to go to apply for a LINK card.

32 32 Challenges and Lessons learned - Sensitivity The shoppers need to be accepted as any other shopper, making them feel welcomed in the market. The farmers need for ongoing training and help with transactions.

33 33 SalesTransactions. A look at the numbers… The five markets totaled a $28,944 with 3,537 transactions!

34 34 What's Next? Due to the tremendous success of the program for the 2010 season, Chicago is looking to continue providing LINK services at its Farmers Markets.

35 35 What's Next? The Experimental Station was the recipient of the USDAs Farmers Market Promotions Program grant for 2010. Goal: To aid Farmers Markets throughout the state establish EBT/LINK programs. Established EBT/LINK consultant position that provides FREE consulting services to Illinois FMs.

36 36 Free, Free, Free! As a FREE resource to Farmers Markets, FM managers, and Market stands in Illinois, we are able to provide the following. Guidance on application Process for applying for LINK. Training Workshops. Assist with capacity assessment for establishing a SNAP/EBT/LINK program at your market. Identifying resources, developing ideas, and establishing best practices to help create and/or enhance your SNAP/EBT program.

37 37 For help with bringing EBT/LINK to your market contact… Corey Chatman SNAP/EBT Consultant Email (o) 773-241-6044 (cell) 773-896-4450 Experimental Station 6100 S. Blackstone Chicago Il 60637

38 38 Purpose/Results of recent EBT Survey Understand how current markets are operating Link/Credit/Debit transactions Identify an IL Farmers Market revenue base from EBT transactions Share informational data with other farmers markets Discover new ways to generate funding for this program

39 39 2010 Range of Link Market Sales to Date 39

40 40 EBT Survey Results

41 41 Results, cont.

42 42 Results, cont.

43 43 Results, cont.

44 44 Best Practices Shared

45 45 Results, cont.

46 46 Contact for more information: Sylvia Smith, Ph.D., CHE Food and Nutrition Professor, Southern Illinois University Carbondale MC 4317, Quigley Hall Rm 209B Carbondale, IL 62901 Phone: 618/536-7567 Email:

47 47 Upcoming Training Opportunities 2011 Illinois Specialty Crops, Agritourism, and Organic Conference Jan. 5-7, 2011, Crowne Plaza Hotel and Convention Center, Springfield, IL To receive registration materials or to obtain exhibitor information, contact Diane Handley at 309/557-2107 or Registration form can be printed from the website listed below for emailing, mailing or faxing to ISGA Agenda and Registration information, check out

48 48 Special Pre-Conference Workshop January 5, 2010 EXPANDING FARMERS MARKET OPPORTUNITIES Learn How To Grow Community Services and Advocate for Farmers Market -Stacy Miller, Ex. Director, Farmers Market Coalition (invited) Learn new Marketing Changes and Innovations - Lisa Bralts, Director -Market on the Square, City of Urbana (Facilitator for panel presentation) Learn how local food systems are impacting local food and farmers markets across the state, Delayne Reeves, Marketing Representative Illinois Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Marketing and Promotions (Facilitator for panel presentation) To receive registration materials or to obtain exhibitor information, contact Diane Handley at 309/557-2107 or

49 49 2011 Regional Farmers Market Forum Meetings MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW!! Plan to attend one in your area: Chicago February 16, 2011 Springfield March 1, 2011 Mt. VernonMarch 3, 2011 DekalbMarch 9, 2011 More details will be distributed through IDOAs blast email list in early 2011 -

50 50 Check out these Resources 2012 Illinois Specialty Crop Grant Program USDAs Specialty Crop Block Grant Program COMING SOON! – Request For Proposals Information IDOAs websites Farmers Market Forum - USDAs website Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food OURFARMER OURFARMER

51 51 Contact for more Information: Delayne Reeves, Marketing Representative Illinois Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Marketing and Promotions Phone: 217/524-9129 Fax 217/524-5960 Email: Pat Stieren, Coordinator, IL Farmers Market Network, Phone: 217/522-4274 Email:

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