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1 US Promotion 2006 - Marketing Proposal Presented by 27 August 2005.

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1 1 US Promotion 2006 - Marketing Proposal Presented by 27 August 2005

2 2 Why work with Wellcome / Olivers? We possess the following strengths to facilitate the maximum exposure and awareness for your campaign: Massive network Extensive range of US products Professionalism in food retail Strong anchor for market-wide promotion Proven records of organising large-scale promotions/ national promotions

3 3 Wellcome: 240 stores Olivers the Delicatessen Extensive Wellcome channel to maximize the sales opportunity, awareness and participation The high renown of Olivers as a gourmet food shop helps substantiate the campaign Massive Network

4 4 Extensive Range of US Products Wellcome: over 4,000 products Olivers: over 2,000 products including all categories such as fresh foods, perishables, frozen foods, ready-to- serve foods and grocery items The wide product range provides a strong promotion platform * Selection of stores depend on budget and suitability of customer profile

5 5 Professionalism in Food Retail Wellcome: since 1945 (60 years) Olivers: since 1981 (24 years) We know exactly how food products can be promoted to maximize the opportunity.

6 6 Strong Anchor for Market-wide Promotion Wellcomes monthly transaction quantities exceed 14 million High traffic and extensive store network An excellent advertising channel to enhance overall awareness of the campaign

7 7 Our Theme for 2005 …

8 8 Promotion Theme & Leverage Points Based on My Pyramid, the new USDA food pyramid for healthy living & a balanced diet & lifestyle. Enjoy US foods & healthy eating Focus on building fresh food sales Reinforce 3 Aspects: Delicious, Healthy/Nutritious, Safe Leverage top HK retailers reach to build awareness of US foodstuffs & drive sales

9 9 Rationale Focus on building fresh food sales Reinforce the quality of US foods, in particular the fact that they are natural, nutritious and delicious Leverage on Wellcomes strong fresh food campaigns

10 10 Timeline Period –26 May to 22 June 2006 Duration –4 weeks

11 11 Campaign Mix PR Launch Core Promotion - Introduction of My Pyramid - Sales Promotion - In-store Demo / Display / POS Consumer Programme Follow-up PR Programmes Advertising Support

12 12 PR Launch The Launch PR event is an attention grabber to ensure extensive media exposure for the campaign Suggested programs for the PR event –Guests from USDA and Wellcome to deliver speech and officiate the launch –To attract more interest and publicity, we could arrange: * cheer leaders performance * celebrity chef demonstration * super model catwalk with US fresh foods

13 13 Consumer Programme US Passport This is a vehicle to bring different elements of the promotion together It is a booklet to be given away for free or upon a certain amount of purchase (depends on printing qty and budget) Each page has different content, including product discount, joint promotion coupons, healthy food recipes and information on US products. A basket-full of offers to enhance awareness and sales of US products Could be extended to other local US merchants to build more synergy

14 14 Sales Promotion My Food Pyramid Promotion –It will be the focus of the promotion. The new concept will be introduced and the fresh food promotions will work around this theme. Buy more US Products, Get more Discount –Bundle sale, multi buy, combo offers, etc … Cross-Category Promotions –E.g. Buy US fresh foods and get a discount on US cooking condiments * Details subject to promotion planning of Merchandise Team

15 15 Sales Promotion Food Demonstrations –Food sampling will be held at in-store booths to encourage trial and purchase of US fresh foods –The booths will be decorated with America identity e.g. US flags Product Display Tables –Fruit, vegetable and organic food will be showcased to create visual appeal

16 16 In-store POS A series of tailor-made POS will be displayed to arouse attention at stores –Jumbo Poster –Hanging Mobile –Product Booth –Window Shelf Talker

17 17 In-store POS – Window Shelf Talkers The shelf talkers are hanged at the spot of purchase - they receive the most attention!

18 18 Advertising Support – Print Ad Its the key communication channel for the promotion mechanics, product and price offers, etc Will be displayed at prominent locations of all Wellcome stores as well No of insertions and selection of media depends on budget

19 19 US Participants

20 20 US Red Meat and Products Washington Apples US Poultry & Eggs California Almonds US Dairy Products US Rice California Wines USA Potatoes Alaska SeafoodUS Pears US Raisins US Table Grapes Sunkist Products A Wide Variety of US Agricultural Products

21 21 Core Mechanism Major Food Chain Restaurant & hotels Other US non-food merchants Mass Advertising PR Program Consumer Programs (In-stores) US Passport Incentive

22 22 A Large Scale Multi-Sectoral Celebration of the Best of US Foodstuffs US Department of Agriculture US Agricultural Cooperators & Exporters Major Food Chain Top Restaurants & Hotels Other US Non- Food Brands Consumers

23 23 END

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