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Planning for the Future: Green Initiatives Add Presenters name and department.

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1 Planning for the Future: Green Initiatives Add Presenters name and department.

2 What is Sustainability and Greening? - "Sustainable means using methods, systems and materials that won't deplete resources or harm natural cycles" (Rosenbaum, 1993). - Sustainability "identifies a concept and attitude in development that looks at a site's natural land, water, and energy resources as integral aspects of the development" (Vieira,1993) - "Sustainability integrates natural systems with human patterns and celebrates continuity, uniqueness and placemaking" (Early, 1993 )

3 Environmental Management Humans = Environmental Managers - Conscious Managers – We act in a way where we knowingly manage the environment. - Unconscious Managers – We act in a way where we are unaware of our environmental impact. - Sustainability and Greening in Government – is about making choices and decisions with environmental concerns in mind.

4 Sustainability Current Sustainability Goals Ensure compatibility of the transportation system with environmental, social, community planning and energy considerations Reduce congestion, improve highway safety, optimize service and operation efficiency, develop intermodal connections and utilize transportation technology advances

5 Sustainability * Non-Motorized Transportation -Walking -Biking * Public Transportation -Urban Public Transportation -Intercity Rail Passenger -Intercity Bus * Alternative Freight Transportation -Railroads -Commercial Navigation

6 Bicycles and Pedestrians IDOTs policy is to accommodate bicycle and pedestrian travel, if warranted, as part of all highway improvements IDOT Statewide Bicycle Maps Funding programs include Transportation Enhancement and CMAQ (Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality) Programs

7 Sustainability Considerations * Social -Community livability -Equity and cultural values * Economic -Business viability -Employment -Trade * Environmental -Pollution concerns -Global climate change -Habitat preservation

8 Environmental Issues and Challenges


10 U.S. Dependence on Foreign Oil

11 Is This Our Future?

12 How to Solve Our Oil Dependency Conserve Energy Find Alternative Fuel Sources Alternate Forms of Transportation New Technology

13 Example of Alternative Fuel Sources


15 How to Locate E-85 and Biodiesel Stations - Blue Board Signage - Large Display Maps in Rest Areas - Biofuels Pamphlet - 2007 – 2008 State Map

16 Department Vehicles - Hybrid Ford Escapes - E-85 capable vehicles - Implementation of Biodiesel fuel use in the fleet of Heavy Trucks – approximately 1700

17 How IDOT is Going Green -Major steps to reduce pollution in construction and reconstruction. - Offering web and literature on biodiesel and E-85 locations - Recycling - Adopt-A-Highway: Love the Land of Lincoln - Vehicle Purchasing - Study of Wind Turbines and Solar Energy

18 Dan Ryan and Kingery Expressways Unprecedented Action: - Installation of air monitoring equipment at various locations - Community groups used to educate residents about asthma and dust - Diesel powered equipment were fitted with emission control devices and/or used cleaner ultra-low sulfur diesel - Restrictions on how long diesel equipment could idle - Heralded as a national model for environmental approach to highway reconstruction projects by the U.S. E.P.A.

19 Recycling -Utilized an aluminum sign recycling program that recycles 45,000 to 50,000 highway and freeway signs annually -Saves over 190,000 gallons of water with this program - Conserves over 427,000 pounds of aluminum - Saves tax-payers over $600,000 per year - IDOT also Recycles: - Barricades - Oil & antifreeze - Paper - Toner cartridges

20 Adopt-A-Highway: Love the Land of Lincoln - 17,000 Adopt-A-Highway Volunteers Statewide - 3,400 Miles of Highway Adopted (along state roadways) - 32,000 Bags of Litter Removed Annually - Love the Land of Lincoln – Please Dont Litter Campaign Bolsters Awareness

21 Study of Wind Turbine Use University of Illinois - conducted a feasibility study for the possible use of wind turbines to supply energy to selected rest areas in Illinois * Study has been completed: There have been 3-5 locations that have been recommended for installation of a Wind Turbine to provide renewable energy and CDB has taken over the management.

22 University of Illinois Feasibility Studies The Illinois Center for Transportation (ICT) is an innovative partnership between the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). The ICT builds on the experience of renowned experts in transportation and related fields at the University of Illinois, IDOT, and other universities in Illinois and across the country by providing the appropriate tools and support required for objective research. The ICT facilitates the development and timely implementation of cost- effective technologies that improve safety and reliability, reduce congestion and impact on the environment, optimize the utilization of the state transportation infrastructure, and maximize the return from taxpayers dollars.

23 IDOT and the Exploration of Solar Power Solar energy, like wind farms in Illinois are continuing to gain interest and we believe the potential exists to off-set our electrical demands at many of our rest area facilities or other Department facilities. The Department has well over 60+ facilities that might potentially benefit from solar energy. The potential benefits include a reduction in operating costs for the Department in electrical demand, as well as reductions in pollution from fossil fuel powered electrical plants. Additionally, the educational benefits would be significant as IDOT can educate travelers in Illinois through observation of the solar panels and static informational displays about the benefits of solar power.

24 IDOTs Exploration of Solar Energy IDOT is looking into the feasibility of similar off-sets from the use of solar energy. IDOT want to expand the study to not only cover our Rest Areas, but also our Department Headquarters facilities or other Department facilities with heavy electrical demands (e.g., pump stations).

25 IDOT and Solar Energy Solar energy, like wind farms in Illinois are continuing to gain interest and we believe the potential exists to off-set our electrical demands at many of our rest area facilities or other Department facilities. The Department has well over 60+ facilities that might potentially benefit from solar energy.

26 Green Government Coordinating Council - IDOT has won awards for Innovative Projects from the Council - Council promotes the incorporation of pollution prevention and resource conservation practices into government management and operations - The Council works with state agencies to: -Increase green purchasing -Reduce pollution and waste -Facilitate green building practices -Promote green policies

27 IDOT: Educating and Serving the Public IDOT has created educational brochures for the public –Green Initiatives Brochure – details IDOTs Green Initiatives –Fuel Conservation Brochure – Tips for motoring public on ways to save fuel while driving Proper maintenance of your vehicle can conserve fuel How to conserve gas while driving Environmentally friendly facts to keep in my mind when purchasing a vehicle Exploring other modes of transportation

28 IDOT: Educating and Serving the Public IDOT participates in local outreach to communities with CSS – Contact Sensitive Solutions Meets with local civic groups: Kiwanis clubs, Lions Club, Etc. Conducts radio & newspaper interviews Promotes Sustainability and Fuel Conservation on IDOT internet site

29 Fuel Conservation Link on IDOTs internet site under General Info. The link gives information on: Alternative Fuel vehicles Fuel Conservation Performance Parts State and Federal Tax Incentives Future Hybrid Cars

30 Promoting PrePass -PrePass - An automatic vehicle identification system that enables participating transponder-equipped commercial vehicles to be pre-screened at designated weigh facilities, port-of-entry facilities, etc. -Similar to I-Pass -Benefits -Time Savings -Fuel Savings -Reduces CO 2 emissions -Overall = more environmentally friendly

31 Rain Barrel Pilot Program IDOT District #2, in coordination with the Green Government Coordinating Council, will be implementing a pilot program for the installation of Rain Barrels at the following rest areas: Interstate 80 - Mississippi Rapids - 1 mile East of Iowa line (Mile Post 1) – Welcome Center Interstate 90 - Turtle Creek – 2 miles South of Wisconsin line (Mile Post 2) – Welcome Center Interstate 74 – 2 Krisdala Baka locations – 28 miles Southeast of Rock Island (Mile Post 28) Interstate 39 – Willow Creek – 16 miles North of LaSalle (Mile Post 85)

32 What is a Rain Barrel? Capture Store Release

33 Collection of Water Rain barrel (a.k.a. cistern) is not something new Residents of some countries rely on rain water collected from their roofs daily Technology and water from the faucet have turned us away from using rain barrels The time has come to reconsider rain barrels because…

34 Rain Barrel Benefits - Provides clean water for outdoor uses - Conserves water and other natural resources - Decreases the chance or magnitude of a flood - Minimizes the effects of drought - Decreases water pollution contributions

35 Uses of Rain Barrels Watering Garden Washing Car Washing Windows ALL FOR FREE ! Watering Lawn

36 Additional Benefits In turn, rain barrels conserve the water that comes from the ground (or land surface in some cases) into your faucet Decrease electric bill Decrease water bill Decrease sewer bill VS.

37 Greening Your Municipality Where are You Now? What Greening Efforts have you implemented in your communities so far? What ideas do you have?

38 Greening Your Organization: Getting Started How many municipalities participate is some type of Adopt- A-Highway Program? 1 st – What is the greatest type of pollution in your local environment now? 2 nd – What do you have for resources? College professors, engineers, preservation issues By looking at these aspects, you can get an idea of where youre at and where you need to go

39 Greening Your Organization 3 rd Assess Your Recycling Efforts: - Paper, plastic, cans, etc. - Tracking - Can you show progress? 4 th Know Your Area: - Development – what are the industrial trends in your area? - Population Growth - Long Term Goals – A Vision

40 Greening Your Organization 5 th Inclusion: - Include: civic leaders, governmental leaders, businesses and environmental groups - Work with other municipalities that have already made inroads - See what works/what doesnt - Create committees that are best suited to carry out certain issues and create a strategic plan Last Step Implementation Implement Plan

41 Thank You Questions? Comments? Concerns?

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