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Research Introduction Mr. Reget - World Lit. Honors.

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1 Research Introduction Mr. Reget - World Lit. Honors

2 Research Paper What is it? – The research paper is a paper structured to develop your critical thinking and assessment skills – The paper requires you to develop, sturucture, and support a thesis

3 Research Paper Why do we research? – To question our preconceptions – Make up our minds for ourselves – Judge whether or not the information we are given is reliable – Develop and support our ideas with logic and reasoning

4 Research paper How do we research? We will use a variety of sources to develop and support our theses including: – Websites – Textbooks – Online catalogs – Libraries – Interviews

5 Research Paper We will assess – What makes a source reliable? – What is the difference between a primary, secondary, and tertiary sources? – How does the author of the source influence that source? – How do I properly cite my sources?

6 Research Paper - Format The paper will be: – Type written – 4 – 5 pages – Double spaced – Times New Roman Font – 1 inch margins – A heading with Name, date, class, teacher name

7 Research Paper – Title Page The research paper will include a title page that has: Name Teacher name Date Class The title of the document

8 Research Options You will be choose from 3 separate formats and possibilities for research design. 1. Arguing a position 2. Explaining a concept 3. Propose a solution

9 Research Paper – Arguing a Position When arguing a position the author will research an issue that has at least two sides. The essay requires the use of Reasoned Argument and supporting your position with facts, anecdotes, and data. – Ex. Did the United States need to use the atomic bomb to end World War II?

10 Research Paper – Propose a Solution When proposing a solution the author will: – Present an issue in either contemporary society or throughout history – The author will then propose a means of solving that issue – Ex. How can we best solve for global warming? – What is the most effective means of reducing cancer? – How can we best solve the current economic crisis?

11 Research Paper – Explain a Concept The author must use research, logic, and reasoning to inform the reader about: – A process – A phenomenon – A principle – A philosophy – A theory – An idea

12 Research Paper – Explain a concept

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