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Illinois Disaster: Trivial Pursuit. How Has the State Mitigated Risks? 3-2 In the last 20-22 years, Illinois has administered about $180 million in hazard.

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1 Illinois Disaster: Trivial Pursuit

2 How Has the State Mitigated Risks? 3-2 In the last 20-22 years, Illinois has administered about $180 million in hazard mitigation grants. What has been done with these funds?

3 Every Dollar Spent Saves Four… The acquisition of about 3,800 flood prone properties since 1993. These properties have been acquired, demolished and relocated outside of the flood hazard area. In some cases, this has involved the relocation of entire towns (e.g, Valmeyer, Illinois) Flood mitigation projects involving structure elevation, construction of flood storage facilities, drainage and minor structural improvements. The states flood mitigation efforts have led to a continual decline in the number of repetitive loss claimsin 1995 Illinois was number 5 in the nation in repetitive loss properties but by 2012 the state had dropped to number 21 in the nation. Earthquake resistant improvements to local school districts in southern Illinois. 3-3

4 Federal incentives for planning? 3-4 What grants are available if you have an HM plan?

5 Mitigation Plan Requirements for FEMA Assistance ProgramStateLocalTribal Stafford Act IA No Mitigation Plan Requirement PA (A-B) No Mitigation Plan Requirement PA (C-G) (ONLY if Grantee) FMAG (ONLY if Grantee) HMGP ($) PDM ($) National Flood Insurance Act FMA ($)

6 3-6 Which RV State has largest Disasters?

7 Answer: Illinois 3-7 Severe flooding in 1993 affected all Illinois counties along the Mississippi and its tributaries. FEMAs Individual Assistance and Public Assistance grants topped $220 million dollars. Record rainfall exceeding 16 inches was reported in a 24- hour period ending on the morning of July 18, 1996. The disaster affected most of the northern counties in the state. FEMAs Individual Assistance and Public Assistance exceeded $136 million. Flooding in August, 2010 affected 11 counties and included severe basement flooding in Du Page and Cook County led to $382 million in Individual and Public Assistance..

8 3-8 What Types of Disasters? What is the most frequently recurring disaster in Illinois and Region V?

9 Types of Major Disasters RV 3-9

10 Illinois County With Most Disasters? 3-10

11 Calhoun County Calhoun County has been declared for a major disaster 17 times in the last 50 years. About once every three years. 3-11

12 What Is the Flood of Record? 3-12 What is the most devastating flood in Illinois history?

13 Multiple Choices 3-13 The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 affected a massive area of the United States and displaced ten of thousands of people. The Great Mississippi and Missouri Rivers Flood of 1993 led to massive property damage and loss. Some locations along the Mississippi River flooded for hundreds of days--Grafton, Illinois recorded flooding for 195 days and Quincy, Illinois for 152 days.

14 Year With Most Tornadoes 3-14

15 2006 3-15 The average number of tornadoes in Illinois is 40-60 per year but in 2006 there were as many as 124 tornadoes. The numbers of reported tornadoes has increased with better data collection and studies. In the mid- 1990s as the National Weather Services Doppler radar systems became operational making it easier to identify and track tornadoes.

16 Most Devastating Illinois Tornado? 3-16 The Mattoon tornado (photo above) of May 26, 1917, left 101 dead and 638 injured and $55 million in property damage.

17 The Tri-State Tornado (1925) 3-17 The Tri-State tornado passed through eastern Missouri, southern Illinois, and southern Indiana killing 695 people, injuring 13,000 people and causing $130 million in property damage. More than 500 of the total who perished were killed in southern Illinois including 234 in Murphrysboro and 127 in West Frankfort.

18 Name One of Five Snow Storms That Shut Down Chicago 3-18

19 Chicago Snow Storms 3-19 January 26-27, 1967 ---23.0 inches January 1-3, 1999---21.6 inches February 1-2, 201121.2 inches January 13-14, 197920.3 inches March 25-26, 193019.2 inches.

20 Where and When: Deadliest Heat Wave in U.S. History?

21 Chicago Heat Wave: 1995 Chicago heat wave had no official death toll but the Cook County coroner reported 739 more deaths during the week of July 11 to July 17, 1995 than the typical weekly average. The vast majority of deaths were among low-income elderly residents often living alone and without air conditioning. The extreme heat event was aggravated by problems of power failures, inadequate emergency response and the failure of the city to release a heat emergency warning until the last day of the heat wave.

22 What Illinois town saved by blasting holes in the nearby levee?

23 Cairo, Illinois

24 Thank You! 3-24

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