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Trends Leading to PEACE. Late 19th Century Europe.

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1 Trends Leading to PEACE

2 Late 19th Century Europe

3 La Belle Epoque

4 Historian John Keegan: Europe in the summer of 1914 enjoyed a peaceful productivity so dependent on international exchange and co-operation that belief in the impossibility of general war seemed the most conventional of wisdoms.

5 International Organizations International Telegraph Union (1865) International Postal Union (1875) International Conference for Promoting Technical Uniformity in Railways (1882)

6 International Organizations International Meteorological Organisation (1873) International Radiotelegraph Union (1906) International Bureau of Weights and Measures (1875) First International Copyright Conventions (1880s) First Geneva Convention (1864)

7 Growth of Common European Culture University graduates across Europe shared a body of knowledge Tourism became a pastime for the middle classes

8 One Big Happy Family? Queen Victorias Grandchildren: Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany Queen Sophia of Greece King George V of Great Britain Queen Maude of Norway Tsarina Alexandra of Russia Queen Marie of Romania Queen Margaret of Sweden Queen Victoria Eugenie of Spain

9 Tsar Nicholas II and King George V Nicky and Georgie

10 Kaiser Wilhelm II and Tsar Nicholas II Willy and Nicky

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