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Every Child A Graduate Bob Wise, President Alliance for Excellent Education Americas Promise Dropout Prevention Summit October 28, 2008 Dover, Delaware.

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1 Every Child A Graduate Bob Wise, President Alliance for Excellent Education Americas Promise Dropout Prevention Summit October 28, 2008 Dover, Delaware

2 Three out of every ten students do not graduate from high school. The Challenge for the Nation Source: EPE 2007; Greene 2002 About a third who graduate are not college- and work-ready.

3 2006-07 Delaware Graduation Rates – NGA Rate Delaware

4 Majority of 8th-Graders Read Below Grade Level Source: NAEP, 2007. Below ProficientProficient & Above Below Basic Proficient Advanced Basic White (U.S.) Black (U.S.) Hispanic (U.S.) White (DE) Black (DE) Hispanic (DE) DE U.S. 21% 15% 41% 79% 86% 59% 15% 11% 38% 86% 88% 61% 70%30% 70%30%

5 Who Pays When Students Fail to Graduate? The Students Themselves… The Rest of Us… Reduced salary Compromised health Barriers to supporting a family Limited job opportunities Lost wages Increased health care costs Reduced voter participation Higher crime costs

6 The Economic Impact on the Individual 2005 Average Income by Educational Attainment Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Current Population Survey, Annual Social and Economic Supplement, 2006

7 The Economic Impact on Delaware Source: Alliance for Excellent Education 2006, 2007, 2008 $1.1 billion $202 million $65 million$7 million

8 Public Benefit of Halving the Number of Dropouts The American Taxpayer 45,000,000,000 Forty-five billion Americas Bank RE: annual public contribution from graduating every child Source: Levin, Kilpatrick, Belfield, Muennig,, and Rouse 2006

9 The Economic Benefits of Increased Minority Graduation Rates Source: Alliance for Excellent Education 2006 Level of Schooling Reached (Students of Color) Level of Schooling Reached (White Students) Add $634 million to Delaware economy Level of Education Reached

10 American Education in a Global Context

11 The Economy Has Changed…Have Our Schools? Sources: Author, Levy, and Murnane 2003 with updates by Author, 2008. Percent change Tasks carried out by the American workforce 1960-2002 Abstract tasks Routine tasks Manual tasks

12 What Americans Value Basketball 1Finland546 2Canada534 3New Zealand529 4Australia528 5Ireland527 6Korea525 7 United Kingdom523 8Japan522 9Sweden516 10Austria507 11Belgium507 12Iceland507 13Norway505 14France505 15United States504 16Denmark497 17Switzerland494 18Spain493 19Czech Republic492 20Italy487 21Germany484 22Hungary480 23Poland479 24Portugal479 25Greece474 26Luxembourg441 27Mexico422 Rowing 1Korea550 2Finland548 3Japan547 4New Zealand533 5Australia530 6Canada529 7Belgium525 8Switzerland521 9Netherlands520 10France519 11Denmark517 12Czech Republic516 13Germany514 14Sweden509 15Austria506 16Iceland505 17Hungary501 18Ireland499 19Luxembourg494 20Slovak Republic492 21Norway490 22Poland487 23Spain482 24United States477 25Portugal470 26Italy470 27Greece449 Swimming 1Finland563 2Canada534 3Japan531 4New Zealand530 5Australia527 6Netherlands525 7Korea522 8Germany516 9 United Kingdom 515 10 Czech Republic 513 11Switzerland512 12Austria511 13Belgium510 14Ireland508 15Hungary504 16Sweden503 17Poland498 18Denmark496 19France495 20Iceland491 21United States489 22 Slovak Republic 488 23Spain488 24Norway487 25Luxembourg486 26Italy475 27Portugal474 Triathlon 1Finland548 2Korea547 3Netherlands531 4Switzerland530 5Canada527 6Japan523 7New Zealand522 8Belgium520 9Australia520 10Denmark513 11Czech Republic510 12Iceland506 13Austria505 14Germany504 15Sweden502 16Ireland501 17France496 18United Kingdom495 19Poland495 20Slovak Republic492 21Hungary491 22Luxembourg490 23Norway490 24Spain480 25United States474 26Portugal466 27Italy462 Sources: PISA 2004, 2007 U.S. Rankings on Olympics U.S. Ranks 15th U.S. Ranks 21st U.S. Ranks 24th U.S. Ranks 25th U.S. Rankings on PISA ReadingScience Problem Solving Math

13 Percent of Population with HS Degree or Equivalent % Notes: 1) Excluding ISCED 3C short programmes; 2) Year of reference 2004; 3) Including some ISCED 3C short programmes; 4) Year of reference 2003. Source: Schleicher 2007 As Others Rise to the Challenge, U.S. Advantage Drops13 1 27 1 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s

14 Even in Higher Education, the World is Catching up… Note: Net graduation rate is calculated by summing the graduation rates by single year of age in 2005. Year of reference 2004. Source: OECD 2007 15 2 2005 1995 College Graduation Rates %

15 2009 A Critical Year

16 Building on Progress in Delaware –Vision 2015 for world-class education for all –College and career ready curriculum for all (strengthened high school graduation requirements, ADP, P-20 Council) –Personalized education (student success plans) –College level learning (dual enrollment/credit, AP) –College access (Student Excellence Equals Degree, Delaware College Access Network)

17 Building on Progress in Congress – Major Secondary School Proposals Ensure graduation rate accountability Funding to turn around low-performing high schools Secondary school innovation fund to ensure multiple pathways to success Address adolescent literacy needs For more details, see Alliances website: Every Student Counts Act Graduation Promise Act GRADUATES Act Striving Readers Act


19 Governor Bob Wise Alliance for Excellent Education Raising the Grade: How High School Reform Can Save Our Youth and Our Nation available at,,,,,

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