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Communicating with Others

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1 Communicating with Others

2 Communication Process of sending and receiving information

3 Verbal Communication The use of words to send information
Includes speaking and writing Speaking Slang terms: words used by a particular group of people Emphasis Writing First make an outline Writing / texting is a problem because it is taken out of context

4 Nonverbal Communication
Any means of sending a message that does not use words Appearance and grooming First impressions Being dirty = I don’t care Fails to communicate a positive message about yourself Distracts others Body language Sending messages through body movements (gestures, facial expressions, posture) Eye contact = I care what you’re saying Posture Good = confident Slouching = not interested Mixed messages Personal space

5 Are You Interested?

6 Barriers to Good Communication
Mixed messages Gossip Telephone game Stereotypes A fixed belief that all members of a group are the same Based on a group’s sex, age, race, work, locality, culture, religion or looks If people belong to certain groups, it is believed they will act a certain way Examples: girls like to cook; boys like sports

7 Barriers to Good Communication
Prejudices Opinions that are formed without complete knowledge Often negative Can lead to name-calling Comes from a lack of knowledge about a certain group of people Racism – an extreme type of prejudice Racism is the belief that one culture or race is superior to another. People who are racists are called bigots

8 Improving Your Communication Skills
Sending clear messages Think before you speak Make points in a clear, concise manner Provide all of the needed facts Be considerate of others’ feelings Tone of voice Eye contact Manners Rules for proper conduct Reflects your attitudes toward others Active listening Restate what the speaker says Send signals such as nodding your head Don’t interrupt

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