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Schools Recognition Academic Performance Index Mt. Diablo Unified School District September 25, 2013.

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1 Schools Recognition Academic Performance Index Mt. Diablo Unified School District September 25, 2013

2 Bel Air Elementary 730 to 759 Increased 29 points (87 over 2 years) Implementing and allocating resources to each of the 3 tiers of intervention support. Best teaching practices to support all students. Maintaining a positive learning environment through school-wide PBIS

3 Cambridge Elementary 749 to 757 Increased 8 points Collaboration and PLC focus, use of data Structured daily ELD - systematic and targeted Flexible ELA groupings

4 Gregory Gardens Elementary 797 to 823 Increased 26 points Knowing where each student is in his/her learning and where they are heading (data and clear targets) Effective instruction, remediation and extension (RTI) Consistency (personal quality that can be developed)

5 Meadow Homes Elementary 708 to 725 Increased 17 points Teacher commitment and effort Professional development in literacy, lesson study, and data analysis Enrichment classes

6 Mt. View Elementary 808 to 825 Increased 17 points School wide language development time Grade levels developed RTI groups A culture of common high expectations

7 Silverwood Elementary 815 to 850 Increased 35 points Teacher collaboration/PLC time which focuses on the use of data to plan instruction and targeted interventions Push-in support during universal access; learning takes place in the classroom setting Everyone is an ELD teacher

8 Strandwood Elementary 932 to 938 Increased 6 points 3 Es Expert teachers Early Intervention Exceptional Systems

9 Westwood Elementary 771 to 778 Increased 7 points Beginning the RTI process Focus on collaboration Professional development on ELD strategies that are good for all students

10 Woodside Elementary 862 to 866 Increased 4 points Collaborative effort to support all students by using data analysis, flexible grouping, after school tutoring, and ELD strategies PFC provided healthy snacks daily for students during STAR testing Parents funding instructional assistants at all grade levels

11 Wren Elementary 756 to 767 Increased 11 points Staff wide PLC training. All committed to go, learn, and implement RTI – dedicated time at every grade level Supplemental programs – Lexia, Read Naturally, and Accelerated Reader

12 Ygnacio Valley Elementary 762 to 777 Increased 15 points Instructional rounds Data analysis and interventions A professional staff who trusts each other

13 Sunrise Elementary 446 to 463 Increased 17 points Targeted intervention groups based on Curriculum Associates data Board Math and Lexia Reading Student interest clubs have increased student interest in learning and desire to be a participant in the school community

14 Diablo View Middle 893 to 894 Increased 1 points A collaborative and inclusive culture where everyone is held to high standards Adults making personal connections with students fostering a climate of positive behavior conducive to learning A highly professional staff who reflect on their practices and constantly seeking innovative ways to involve students in their own learning

15 Pine Hollow Middle 786 to 807 Increased 21 points Wordly Wise, a rigorous, structured vocabulary development program Good student habits Staff collaboration to develop rigorous lesson plans

16 Riverview Middle 673 to 677 Increased 4 points Student safety Parent outreach and invite them to campus and classrooms 3 Rs – Rigor, Relationships, Relevance

17 College Park High 815 to 817 Increased 2 points Teachers speaking with students on the importance of assessment throughout the year Focused on ALL juniors taking the EAP ELA assessment and and students qualified for the math assessment Smaller testing environments with students teacher in the subject

18 Mt. Diablo High 669 to 679 Increased 10 points Wall to wall academies Course-alike meetings to create common formative and summative assessments Academy specific after school and Saturday tutoring programs

19 Olympic Continuation High 483 to 615 Increased 132 points Data analysis drives instruction Interventions during the school day Test prep and testing environment

20 Summit Necessary Small High 436 to 524 Increased 88 points RTI Mondays Effective PLC with an All-Star Staff Incentives

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