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Impact of State Budget on MDUSD Report from Superintendent Gary McHenry Mt. Diablo Unified School District November 18, 2008.

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1 Impact of State Budget on MDUSD Report from Superintendent Gary McHenry Mt. Diablo Unified School District November 18, 2008

2 Budget Reductions: Preparing for the Next Round

3 Previous Reductions: Positions, 2003-2007 YEAR# POSITIONS AMOUNT REDUCED 2003-04101.31$6,452,113 2004-0551.97$2,876,105 2005-0656.13$3,777,144 2007-08145.00$14,950,303

4 Previous Reductions: Programs and Services At the school sites: Reduced campus cleanliness and safety Increase in class size at all schools Decrease in library services Decrease in supervision by vice principals and campus supervisors Increase in work load for remaining administrators in supervision and evaluation Elimination of Kindergarten class size reduction at 14 elementary schools Decrease in support for special education students Elimination of small classes and some electives

5 Previous Reductions: Programs and Services At the District Office Fiscal – reduction in staff to do budget development, accounts payable and receivable and supervision Curriculum – reduction in clerical support, and curriculum and program development Special Education – reduction in special education coordination, training and supervision Student Services – reduction in clerical support Research & Evaluation – decrease in staff for assessment, program evaluation and state-mandated testing Technology – reduction in technology supervision Landscape – reduction in landscape supervision Maintenance and Operations – reduction in mobile maintenance and general maintenance Custodial – reduction in custodial services

6 Budget with Fully Funded COLAs MDUSD Budget with Fully Funded COLAs Current Operating 2007-08 Budget Budget in 2008-09 with 0% COLA Budget in 2009-10 with 4.83% COLA $210,196,221$207,556,954$216,929,412 MDUSD Budget with Approved 2008 State Budget Current Operating 2007-08 Budget Budget in 2008-09 with Net Funding of 0.68% Budget in 2009-10 with 0% COLA N/A$208,887,775$208,901,127 Estimated $ Loss for 2009-10($8,028,285)

7 How much must be reduced? 2008-09 Unrestricted $ 2008-09 Restricted $ 2008-09 Combined $ 2009-10 Unrestricted $ 2009-10 Restricted $ 2009-10 Combined $ 2010-11 Unrestricted $ 2010-11 Restricted $ 2010-11 Combined $ Total Revenue 208,887,77572,278,905281,166,680208,901,12774,990,350283,891,477215,287,22176,653,424291,940,645 Total Expenses 170,542,412117,290,068287,832,480170,500,484117,450,105287,950,588172,941,027118,672,485291,613,512 Excess/ Deficiency 38,345,362-45,011,162-6,665,80038,400,643-42,459,754-4,059,11142,346,194-42,019,060327,133 Other Sources/ Uses -45,519,81343,911,420-1,508,393-45,016,90243,387,748-1,629,154-45,587,01943,957,274-1,629,745 Revenue/ Expendi- ture Gap -7,174,451-1,099,742-8,274,193-6,616,259927,993-5,688,266-3,240,8251,938,214-1,302,612 Unappropri- ated Ending Balance 2,127,8100 -4,490,4350 -7,804,5300

8 Criteria Maintain programs for students Analyze program effectiveness Eliminate programs that are ineffective Maintain programs that are effective Ensure campuses are safe for students and staff Health and Safety Supervision of students Cleanliness Honor our commitments to the public Measure A and Measure C Shift expenditures to grants, other funding sources where possible Honor collective bargaining contracts and comply with local, state, and federal mandates

9 Methodology Amount to be Reduced=Reduction Factor $6,616,260=3.66 Cost of 1% x reduction factor (3.66)=amount to be reduced by unit Cost Per Unit=# of positions to be reduced Average cost per position

10 Methodology AMOUNT TO BE REDUCED $6,616,260 UnitCost of 1%Reduction FactorAmount CSEA$ 100,2663.66$ 366,974 Local One, CST113,3313.66414,792 Local One, M&O171,8043.66628,803 MDEA1,201,0553.664,395,861 MDSPA18,3283.66$67,081 DMA, CONFIDENTIAL, SUPERVISORY 193,8593.66709,524 NON- REPRESENTED 6,8523.6625,078 TOTAL$1,805,495.$6,608,113

11 Methodology AMOUNT TO BE REDUCED $6,616,260 UnitCost Per UnitAverage Cost/Position # of Positions CSEA$ 366,974$ 33,00011.20 Local One, CST414,79255,4207.50 Local One, M&O628,80357,84510.80 MDEA4,395,86154,33580.90 MDSPA$67,08196,621.70 DMA, CONFIDENTIAL, SUPERVISORY 709,524100,0007.00 NON- REPRESENTED 25,078 TOTAL$6,608,113118.10

12 Timeline: Preparation 10/28/08 Administrative meetings on budget reductions, held at MDUSD Dent Center Board of Education meeting: Begin discussion of items for consideration. The list of items should be over $6.6 million. 11/5/08 Administrative meetings on budget reductions, held at: MDUSD Corporation Yard Mt. Diablo High Northgate High Ygnacio Valley High 11/6/08 Administrative meetings on budget reductions, held at: Clayton Valley High Concord High Riverview Middle 11/8/08 Special Study Session on budget reductions 11/12/08 Further develop the list of items. Consider scheduling meetings in the community and with various stakeholder groups.

13 Timeline: Review, Input 11/18/08 Public hearing on budget reductions, site TBD. Continue to add items to the list for consideration. 11/25/08 Public hearing on budget reductions, Dent Center. Complete list to be developed by this date. 12/1/08 District labor leaders Community Advisory Committee 12/3/08 Parent Advisory Council 12/9/08 Public hearing on budget reductions. First Interim Report to be approved by the Board of Education 12/11/08 Budget Advisory Committee

14 Timeline: Action 12/16/08 Begin process of reducing the budget 1/13/09 Continue process of reducing the budget 1/27/09 Continue process of reducing the budget 2/10/09 Complete process of reducing the budget.

15 Governors Proposal for mid-year reductions $2.5 billion in reductions to the Proposition 98 guarantee: Eliminating the.68% Cost Of Living Adjustments (COLA) for a savings of $244.3 million Reducing K-12 revenue limits by about $300 per ADA for a savings of $1.791 billion Reducing funding for child care, preschool, and alternative payment programs by $55 million Reducing funding for Stage 2 and Stage 3 child care programs by $42 million Reallocating $108 million in savings from prior year CalWORKs Stage 2 and 3 child care programs Reallocating $71.2 million in prior year savings from the following programs: K-3 Class Size Reduction--$28.6 million Principal Training--$2.6 million Alternative Credentialing--$3.3 million Pupil Retention Block Grant--$1 million

16 Impact on MDUSD This school year, 2008-09, the District will lose: Approximately $1 million due to the elimination of the.68% COLA Approximately $10 million due to the reduction in revenue of $300 per average daily attendance (ADA) The District's projected ADA for 2008-09= 33,397 33,397 ADA x $300 per ADA= $10,019,100.

17 Budget Reductions Remaining and New # ItemUnrestrictedRestrictedApprovedUnitImpact 1Eliminate remaining Custodial Roving Crew 2 PM Custodians 1 Custodial Leadworkers $175,474M&OWould impact cleaning of schools and reduce ability to respond to emergencies such as MRSA infections at school sites. 2Reduce one (1) Parts Controller$69,152M&OCould impact funding and service to craftsmen and mechanics. 3Reduce one (1) Automotive Mechanic$80,418M&OWould increase workload of remaining Auto Mechanics. 4Eliminate all 17 Custodial Supervisor positions. Replace with 6 Area Managers (Range 4, DMA salary schedule) and 11 AM Custodians (Range 400, M&O salary schedule) $163,893Supv.Principals report Custodial Supervisors are critical to the cleanliness of a school. They take care of custodial supervision and low level plant maintenance. 6Eliminate employee assistance program. This item would have to be negotiated with various bargaining units. $109,000AllUncertain. The utilization of this program is around 20% of employees who are eligible. Most employees seek services through their primary health carrier or professional association. 7Reduce contracted services for Speech Language Pathologists in 2008-09 by 30%. Cost in 2007-2008 $1,350,000. $405,000MDEA CSEA We would have to negotiate a differentiated salary schedule in order to attract and retain or negotiate the utilization of Speech Language Pathologist Assistants. 8Reduce contracted services for Occupational and Physical Therapy by adding one (1) Occupational Therapist $108,000AllWould reduce contract services by $300,000. We presently spend $1.5 million annually.

18 Budget Reductions Remaining and New # ItemUnrestrictedRestrictedApprovedUnitImpact 9Reduce contracted nursing services in 2008-09 by 30% for students with IEPs or 504 plans. Cost in 2006-07 $113,500 $34,000MDEA CSEA This could require negotiations as well as agreement by the Individual Education Plan team. 10Reduce one (1) elementary P.E. prep team consisting of one (1) Teacher and two (2) Senior Instructional Assistants. ($55,290 Teacher; $79,921 sr. inst. assts.) $135,211MDEAThe remaining teams would have to cover more schools 11Suspend Elementary Vice Principal staffing formula AR 4113.11(a) for two years, 2008-09 and 2009-10. Reduce the three (3) remaining Elementary Vice Principals. $264,768DMAWould decrease administrative support, supervision and instructional monitoring. Could impact safety of students as well. 12Suspend High School Vice Principal staffing and reduce all High School Vice Principals to two (2). Six (6) positions @ $102,833. $616,998DMAWould impact safety, supervision, and evaluation at school sites. 13Eliminate contribution to Peer Assistance and Review (PAR) $183,308MDEAMust be negotiated. Would reduce number of coaches, impact teacher support 14Eliminate contribution to Beginning Teachers Support and Assessment $183,308MDEAMust be negotiated. Would hurt implementation of Induction Program required for teacher credentialing. 15Transfer portion of the staffing cost of five (5) Elementary P.E. Teachers to the Physical Education Incentive Grant $302,245MDEALimited impact. This is simply a fund shift.

19 Budget Reductions Remaining and New # ItemUnrestrictedRestrictedApprovedUnitImpact 16Eliminate 1-16 middle and high school librarian positions. Average cost of one librarian is $74,036. $1,184,569MDEAWould impact all librarians and reduce support for students. 17Reduce two (2) to three (3) PM Custodians (2 - $96,857; 3 - $156,703) $156,703M&OWill impact cleaning schedule at school site. 18Reduce one (1) Switchboard Operator position. $52,000CSTWould severely impact service to the public in the front lobby. 19Reduce one (1) Instructional Media Assistant I $40,000CSTWould reduce support to Librarians. 20Reduce one (1) Instructional Media Assistant II $42,000CSTWould reduce support to Librarians. 21Reduce contributions to summer school. $369,462We will only be providing remediation class as well as classes for students to make up credits. 22Reduce Classified Training Coordinator for 2010-11 $94,000

20 Budget Reductions Remaining and New ItemUnrestrictedRestricted Approved Ongoing Approved One Time UnitImpact 23Eliminate 9th grade class size reduction. MDUSD received $897,647 for the 2007-08 school year which pays for 14.4 teachers at high school. $55,290 MDEAIncrease in 9th grade class size in English and math from 20:1 to contractual limits of 33 for English and 37 for math. 24Reduce budget for Student Info. System by $420,000 one time in 2008-09. $420,000 Minimal. The implementation plan cost projections were lower than budgeted. 25Eliminate Option 1 elem- entary class size reduction at all schools. All schools would become Option 2. $414,739 MDEAWould eliminate 20:1 class size: 2,636 - 1st grade 2,564 - 2nd grade 2,684 - 3rd grade Would impact 160 teachers. 26(a)Eliminate all general pur- pose funding for 4th and 5th grade music. Attempt to fund program out of money allocated for elementary choral prepara- tion budget or through fundraising. 11.43 FTE $633,765 MDEA1,983 4th and 5th graders take elementary music. 26(b)Reduce 4th grade music. 6.4 FTE $353,856 MDEAWould impact over 1,100 4th graders taking elementary music. 27Eliminate one (1) vacant Occupational Therapy Assistant position. $44,000 CSEAUndetermined at this time because much of the service is contracted. Utilization of this position could reduce some contracted services.

21 Budget Reductions Remaining and New ItemUnrestrictedRestricted Approved Ongoing Approved One Time UnitImpact 28Reduce one (1) Print Shop Operator $50,000 CSTWould reduce capacity in the print shop. Decrease services to classroom teachers. Homework packets could not be produced. 29Reduce one (1) clerical position in Technology and Information Services $50,000 CSTMay not be able to produce volume of work required. 30Reduce contracted services budget by $400,00 to $1,268,013 and create an Occupational Therapist position. Program 1662 $104,769 $1,668,013 is budgeted for contracted occupational therapy services for 2008-09. This can be reduced $104,769 by creating an Occupational Therapy position. 31Reduce contracted services for Behaviorist by $200,000 and create an educational consultant and behavior management specialist $80,000 $960,000 is budgeted in program 1661 and 1664. This would actually allow us to provide services in a more cost efficient way. 32Reduce one (1) Intermediate Typist Clerk in Special Education 2009-10 $50,000 The responsibility of this position will decrease after installation of new special education software. 33Shift funding for one (1) FTE Senior Account Clerk to Categorical Funding. $65,494 Limited impact. This is simply a fund shift. 34Reorganize legal services. (amount unknown at this time) We spend $1.6 million in contracted services. We already have a request for proposal for legal service in place. The Board may decide on other measures.

22 Budget Reductions Remaining and New ItemUnrestrictedRestricted Approved Ongoing Approved One Time UnitImpact Additions as of 11/18/08 35Reduce 9th grade sports. Retain varsity and junior varsity. 9th grade sports provided by the district includes Football - 10 positions x $1800 = $18,000 Basketball - 12 positions x $1800 = $21,600 Uniforms and Equipment $40,000 Transportation $20,000 $100,000MDEA and others May reduce opportunity for some students to participate in sports if they can not make the junior varsity team. 36Reduce the amount set aside for coaches pay and fundraise to replace it. Amounts in 2007-08: Fall $140,630 Spring $138,967 Winter $109,000 $378,597 Parents donate $53,196 to pay for coaches and trainers annually. $378,597If we are unable to fundraise, that could eliminate the athletic program at schools. 37Parent volunteers to pay for fingerprinting. The District presently pays for volunteers to be fingerprinted. $70,000 Parents, commu- nity The potential to lose more in volunteer services if volunteers have to pay for fingerprinting. 38Reduce two (2) Cabinet-level positions. Cabinet includes Assistant Superintendents, Directors, Assistant Directors, Internal Auditor. $250,000 DMAWill reduce infrastructure support. Oversight and internal controls depends on the position.

23 Budget Reductions Remaining and New ItemUnrestrictedRestricted Approved Ongoing Approved One Time UnitImpact 39Reduce general purpose contribution to one (1) FTE Curriculum Specialist. Presently, there are 3.75 Curriculum Specialists: 1.80 General Purpose, 1.95 Special Project $100,000 DMAAssuming the same level of funding, this would only be a fund shift. If this would create a compliance issue, the position would have to be eliminated. 40Retirement incentive program for certificated employees. A savings here would be determined by the number of retirees. This would have to be negotiated. $900,000 MDEAThere are several different permutations of the plan; how-ever, initial projections are that if 176 teachers retire, approxi-mately 100 more than our aver-age retirement rate, the District will see between $900,000 and $2.5 million in savings. 42Eliminate Director, Classified Personnel $120,000 DMA 43Eliminate Assistant Superintendent, Special Education $150,000 DMAThe Assistant Superintendent, Special Education is under contract until June 2009. The position is included in the Consent Decree - impact would have to be determined.

24 Budget Reductions Remaining and New ItemUnrestrictedRestricted Approved Ongoing Approved One Time UnitImpact 44Eliminate Associate Superintendent, Educational Services and add Assistant Superintendent, Secondary Education $0 DMAAssociate Superintendent was put in place to coordinate all educational services and have a single person responsible for the Division. The previous structure wasn't working efficiently: the Assistant Superintendents of Elementary and Secondary would rotate the supervision and evaluation of various directors. 45Eliminate Senior Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent/ Communications Specialist $80,000 DMA/ Confi- dential Reduce support services to Board and Superintendent from 2 positions to 1. Tasks impacted: development and production of Board meeting agenda, minutes; respon- siveness to staff, parents, and the public; all communi- cations from Superinten- dent; responsiveness to media; assistance with school publicity; support for Superintendent's meetings with staff, parents, and the community. TOTAL$9,335,449$149,570$8,436,852$420,000

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