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Chapter 11: Society, Culture, and Reform ( )

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1 Chapter 11: Society, Culture, and Reform (1820-1860)

2 Second Great Awakening

3 Revivals in New York: Charles G. Finney
Baptists and Methodists: Peter Cartwright Millennialism: William Miller Mormons: 1) Joseph Smith 2) Brigham Young (New Zion) Caused division between newer sections and older Protestant churches

4 Culture Transcendentalists mystical and intuitive way of thinking. Means of discovering one’s inner self and looking for the essence of God in nature.

5 Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)
“The American Scholar” 1837 address at Harvard. Break away from British control. Self-reliance, independent thinking. Spiritual matters over material matters.

6 Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862)
2 year experiment alone in woods, find truth of life and universe. Walden (1854) pioneer ecologist and conservationist. “On Civil Disobedience” advocate of nonviolent protest.

7 Brook Farm

8 Communal Experiments New Harmony Oneida Community

9 Arts & Literature Hudson River School

10 Painters George Caleb Bingham: common people doing ordinary things.
William S. Mount: rural compositions Thomas Cole & Frederick Church: beauty of American landscape

11 Literature Washington Irving James Fenimore Cooper
- Leatherstocking Tales

12 Temperance

13 Public Asylums; mental hospitals, schools for the deaf and blind, and prisons
Dr. Samuel Gridley Howe (school for blind) Thomas Gallaudet (school for the deaf) Dorothea Dix

14 Public Education Horace Mann William Holmes McGuffey

15 Changing Families Cult of Domesticity

16 Women’s Rights Movement
Sarah & Angelina Grimke Lucretia Mott

17 Seneca Falls Convention 1848
Elizabeth Cady Stanton Susan B. Anthony


19 American Colonization Society 1817
Antislavery Movement American Colonization Society 1817

20 William Lloyd Garrison
The Liberator

21 Frederick Douglass The North Star

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