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NCLB Consolidated Monitoring Integrated Approach to Title III Monitoring.

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1 NCLB Consolidated Monitoring Integrated Approach to Title III Monitoring

2 Overview of the Presentation Development of the procedures and monitoring forms Definition Changes for 2006-07 Purpose Procedures –Desk monitoring –Onsite monitoring Review of the monitoring forms

3 Development Fall 2003 –Organized a committee to study feasibility of combining the monitoring of federal programs Winter 2004 –Determined that NCLB and IDEA monitoring could not be combined due to the size and scope of the monitoring requirements –Developed monitoring procedures and documents for LEA and schools Fall 2004 –Review and editing of procedures and monitoring documents by the Consolidated Monitoring Committee Winter 2005 –Review of procedures and documents by the federal program directors –Editing and revising of documents by committee

4 Development Spring 2005 –Piloted the NCLB Consolidated Monitoring for all programs in Boone County (Title I, II, III, IV, V McKinney Vento Act Summer and Fall 2005 –Developed a proposed annual NCLB Consolidated Monitoring schedule for all LEAs based on on a three year cycle School year 2005-2006 –Pilot Year - continue to improve and revise monitoring procedures and documents

5 Definition NCLB Consolidated Monitoring Process of collecting information from grantees to ensure compliance for federal programs in accordance with EDGAR 34 CFR 76.770 Programs that have monitoring requirements under NCLB: –Title I –Title II –Title III –Title IV –Title V –Title VI –McKinney Vento Act

6 CHANGES for 2006-07 What changes have been implemented as a result of the three year development of the federal monitoring procedures and documents ?

7 Changes in Procedures Elimination of the self assessment process in the form of a desk monitoring Elimination of the desk monitoring instrument for both districts and schools

8 Changes in Procedures On site monitoring may occur more often than every three years, at the discretion of WVDE, for one or more of the following reasons: –Investigate complaints filed against a federal program –Ensure the technical assistance plan is being implemented –Ensure compliance with corrective actions listed in the monitoring report

9 Changes in Procedures Questions to guide discussions in the entrance conference have been added to the procedures document. Questions to guide discussions with federally funded coaches and/or technology integration specialists have been added to the procedures document. Technical assistance plans may be developed to assist districts in meeting corrective actions Elimination of Even Start

10 Changes in the LEA Monitoring Document Additions Rating scale –Compliance –Recommendation –Finding –Not applicable Title I Part C – migrant Title I Part D – neglected and delinquent Title VI – rural and low income school program Revised Procedures for NCLB Consolidated Monitoring Effective July 1, 2006

11 Purposes 1.Provide an efficient and effective monitoring approach 2.Ensure that all federal requirements are met by grantees 3.Provide a consolidated approach to technical assistance for program improvement 4.Promote collaborative planning and budgeting across all federal programs

12 Procedures for On Site Monitoring Conducted in three year cycle, unless more frequent monitoring is determined necessary by WVDE Conducted by a team of WVDE staff, county level administrators and/or other educators to conduct the on site review

13 Prior to On Site Monitoring Inform grantee of date one month in advance (WVDE Title I team leader) Collaborate with LEA designee to establish a schedule for reviewing the programs and visiting the schools (Title I team leader) Notify other federal program directors within the LEA and schools of the schedule (LEA designee) Review the monitoring document with federal program directors, principals and teachers (LEA designee) Ensure that documentation is readily available and organized (LEA designee)

14 Activities During On Site Monitoring Conduct an entrance conference Review of documentation to ensure compliance with federal requirements Interview county staff to verify compliance Conduct school visits as applicable Conduct an exit conference to provide an opportunity for clarifications and provide technical assistance for program improvement

15 Monitoring Report Written monitoring report –Developed by each member of the monitoring team for respective program area –Compiled and sent by the WVDE team leader and Assistant Director of Federal Programs and Accountability –Issued to the grantee by WVDE within 30 business days of the exit conference –Identifies findings, recommendations, and commendations for each programmatic area –May include the development of a technical assistance plan

16 Response to Monitoring Report Required for all grantees with identified recommendations and/or findings Includes an outline for implementation of corrective actions identified for findings and a response to all recommendations Submit to the Assistant Director of the Office of Federal Programs and Accountability within 30 business days from receipt of the written monitoring report (attention: Jan Stanley) Confirmation of receipt of monitoring response will be provided by WVDE Withholding of federal funding will occur for failure to provide a written response within the required time frame

17 3 Year Monitoring Schedule

18 Monitoring Document Components with strong Title III Implications Highly Qualified Personnel Professional Development Parent/Community Involvement Parent/Community Notification Title III Requirements –Identification procedures –High quality services –Fiscal Requirements –AMAOs –Parental Involvement/Notification –WESTELL

19 Contact Information Amelia Courts, Executive Director Office of ESL/International School Nancy Griffith, Consultant

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