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Policy 2340 West Virginia Measures of Academic Progress (WV MAP)

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1 Policy 2340 West Virginia Measures of Academic Progress (WV MAP)
Test Security Policy 2340 West Virginia Measures of Academic Progress (WV MAP) Beth Judy, Coordinator WVDE

2 Testing Security and Copyright Violations Facts
The overwhelming number of persons involved in testing do not break security procedures. Violations occur in less than 1% of testing situations. Suspected violations must be reported immediately. Anonymous reporting of violations is better than not reporting. Reporting of violations should follow the order in Policy 2340. All reports will result in an investigation by the WVDE. Beth Judy, Coordinator WVDE

3 TEST SECURITY As per West Virginia Board Policy 2340, county school personnel shall establish and implement procedures to ensure maximum test security and limit involvement to school personnel.

4 Test Security Any individual who administers or handles the test materials at the school shall acknowledge that all assessments within the West Virginia Measures of Academic Progress are secure tests by reviewing, signing and returning the West Virginia Board of Education Test Procedures Agreement for Examiner to the school principal by the date established by the principal. This signed agreement must be on file with the principal.

5 TEST SECURITY Before each test administration, materials must be distributed according to instructions provided with the test. Tests must be secured at all times during test administration, including any break times. Unused test materials shall be returned to a locked and secured area as soon as practical. All test booklets (used and unused) must be counted, reconciled, and returned to a centrally located, locked and secure area following each daily testing session. The test administration area shall be maintained in a secure manner to include only those students to whom the assessment is being administered and the examiners.

6 Test Security Apart from the scheduled test administration to students, use of test booklets and copying the booklets or excerpts from the booklets is inappropriate and unethical. Violation may result in severe penalties, including but not limited to, revocation of professional license.

7 Test Security All student test data will be stored in a locked and secured area. Student test data will be maintained under conditions consistent with the requirements of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

8 Store in a locked and secured central location.
Should Do Store in a locked and secured central location. Should Not Do Leave on desk unattended Put in unlocked cabinet or room Take the test(s) out of the building Throw test booklets away Reproduce in any manner Beth Judy, Coordinator WVDE

9 Ethical Testing Practices
Test booklets or questions shall not be reproduced or paraphrased in any manner. No portion of student responses to any item shall be kept, copied or reproduced.

10 Ethical Testing Practices
Personnel responsible for the testing program shall be properly instructed in the appropriate test administration procedures. No one shall violate test security or the accuracy of the test data score results by manipulating the test administration, demographic data or the students’ answers or data.

11 Ethical Testing Practices
The examiners shall not use any specific information from the secure test questions to review students, create review worksheets, or any other aids that would improve students’ test scores without improving the underlying knowledge base. Specific information, as specified by the test manual, shall not be displayed in the room during test administration. Only references or tools specifically designated in test manuals are provided.

12 Ethical Testing Practices
Test materials are not in the building more than one week prior to testing. Testing, including make-ups, must occur during the testing window. Access to test booklets and answer sheets shall be restricted to the test administration period.

13 Test Administration Tests shall be administered only during the testing window established by the West Virginia Board of Education.

14 Test Administration Examiners must be educators employed by the county, RESA or state. Examiners of standardized tests shall rigorously follow the appropriate administrative procedures as directed in the test’s administration manuals. All examiners shall strive to create a positive testing environment.

15 Test Administration Students shall not have prior access to test questions. Examiners shall limit assistance to students to issues concerning the mechanical aspects of marking answers, clarifying directions, and finding the right place on answer sheets. Examiners shall not indicate answers or point out the rationale of an item.

16 Test Administration Accommodations as appropriate for students with Individual Education Programs (IEPs) or Section 504 Plans shall be provided as established in their plans. Students and examiners shall be monitored to ensure that appropriate test taking and test security procedures are followed.

17 Test Procedures Agreement
Obtain a copy of the West Virginia Board of Education Test Procedures Agreement For Examiner. Read, sign and date the agreement. Return signed document to the Principal.

18 Investigation of Security Violation (Policy 2340 §126-14-8)
Review/Train all superintendents, county office staff, principal, test administrators, and examiners on investigation process to avoid policy violations.

19 Reporting of Security Violations
Hierarchy of reporting testing violations: Principal County Test Coordinator Office of International Schools NOTE: Violations can be reported directly to the WVDE. Beth Judy, Coordinator WVDE

20 Reporting of Security Violations
It is important that violations are reported immediately! If scores are invalidated, retesting must occur within the testing window. Beth Judy, Coordinator WVDE

21 Investigation of Security Violations §126-14-8
ALL complaints will be investigated. The investigation can be done jointly with the county or solely by the WVDE (county decision). At a minimum, the investigation will consist of interviews with person reporting, the alleged violator, and any other individual who may have knowledge of the incident. The rights of all parties involved must be protected. Beth Judy, Coordinator WVDE

22 Investigations (cont.)
The investigating team will submit their findings in writing to the Office of the State Superintendent of Schools and copy the report to the county superintendent. Findings will be as follows: There was no breach. A breach could not be determined. There was a breach (with possible recommendations) Invalidating test scores Retesting of students with an equivalent form Beth Judy, Coordinator WVDE

23 Beth Judy, Coordinator WVDE
Actions County Superintendent will take the appropriate employment action and so notify the State Superintendent of Schools. No action taken Suspension by county board, Termination by county board, Other Action against teaching license taken by State Superintendent of Schools. Beth Judy, Coordinator WVDE

24 TEST SECURITY Maintaining proper test security ensures an appropriate test administration and accurate results for all students!

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