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Nebraska Water Management Nebraska Department of Natural Resources September, 2004.

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1 Nebraska Water Management Nebraska Department of Natural Resources September, 2004

2 Transition Process Transition process for NRDs that initiated a Joint Action surface water/groundwater planning process under previous law - Does not negate previous actions - Provides smooth transition to new process

3 Areas Considered Fully Appropriated* When LB 962 took Effect on July 16, 2004 * either preliminary or final

4 If Prior to July 16, 2004 the Director of DNR: - Determined that a Joint Action Plan should be prepared - The affected area is considered to be fully appropriated - No additional hearings on this determination are required - Pertains to entire area of the North Platte NRD, Upper Republican NRD, Middle Republican NRD and Lower Republican NRD

5 If Prior to July 16, 2004 the Director of DNR: - Made a preliminary determination that the use of hydrologically connected groundwater and surface water is contributing to conflicts - Affected areas subject to being declared fully appropriated - Hearing is required on final determination of fully appropriated

6 Areas where Determination is Preliminary Upper Niobrara White NRD South Platte NRD Twin Platte NRD Central Platte NRD - Consultation required with municipalities and others in areas - Consultation will be short term in these areas

7 Stays on New Uses Took Effect Between July 16 and July 26, 2004 - On new surface water permits - On new water well construction - On increases in the number of acres irrigated

8 NRDs & NRD Areas where Certain Stays are Currently in Effect

9 Exceptions to Stays - Test holes and dewatering wells - Monitoring and remediation wells - Wells pumping less than 50 gpm - Range livestock wells - Replacement wells - Wells using transferred water - Good cause shown

10 Exceptions to Stays Relevant to Municipal Use - Wells needed to alleviate emergency need for water for human consumption - Replacement wells-no increase in consumptive use - Wells to which rights are transferred-no increase in consumptive use

11 Exceptions to Stays Relevant to Municipal Use continued - Wells for which a variance is granted for good cause shown - Public water supply wells for which state permits were issued prior to the stay

12 By Law a Basin is Overappropriated if on July 16, 2004 - Subject to a cooperative agreement among three or more states - Prior moratoriums on new surface water appropriations - DNR requested NRD to stop issuing well permits or continue temporary suspensions

13 ( Platte River Above Kearney Canal Diversion ) Overappropriated Reaches Designation by September 15, 2004

14 Final Determination of Fully Appropriated in Platte Basin based on: - Hydrological connection to area under consideration for overappropriated designation - Number of days would have administered junior irrigation rights existing at the time of the preliminary determination

15 Determination of Hydrological Connection for Fully Appropriated Area Based on Data from: - United States Geological Survey - University of Nebraska Conservation and Survey Division - COHYST

16 Streams and Rivers South Platte NRD

17 Preliminary Map South Platte NRD

18 Streams and Rivers Twin Platte NRD

19 Preliminary Map Twin Platte NRD

20 Streams and Rivers Central Platte NRD

21 Preliminary Map Central Platte NRD

22 Criteria to Determine Extent of Hydrologically Connected Areas to the Overappropriated Basin to be Designated September 15, 2004 - Based on line where 28% of what is pumped over 40 years shows up as a depletion to the stream

23 Criteria to Determine the Extent of Hydrological Connection: - Line based on data produced by COHYST model

24 Preliminary Determination of Overappropriated Area MAP of overappropriated area

25 Schedule of Hearings on Fully Appropriated Designation Twin Platte NRD-August 31, 2004 in North Platte South Platte NRD-September 1, 2004 in Sidney Central Platte NRD-September 9, 2004 in Kearney Overappropriated Designation -No Hearing Required

26 Final Determination Schedule Fully Appropriated - Within 30 days of last hearing - by October 9 Overappropriated - Within 60 days of law going into effect - by September 15

27 Integrated Management Planning Process Formation of stakeholder group representing - surface and groundwater irrigators - municipalities and county government - business and economic development - recreational - environmental interests

28 Integrated Management Planning Process Assisted by Technical Advisors from - University of Nebraska Conservation and Survey Division - Department of Environmental Quality - Game and Parks Commission - Natural Resources Conservation Service

29 Integrated Management Planning Process North Platte NRD – Meeting since January 2003 Upper Niobrara White – Meeting since May 2003 South Platte NRD – Meeting since September 2004 Republican Basin NRDs – Meeting since January 2003

30 Integrated Management Planning Process Republican Basin NRDs – Final Determination of Fully Appropriated on -Numerous meetings with board, Resources District Association - Numerous Public Information Meetings - In process of developing a recommended plan

31 For More Information

32 Thank You

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