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VisualConnect™ Waterfield© Strategic Planning Workshop Wednesday 4 th November 2009.

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1 VisualConnect™ Waterfield© Strategic Planning Workshop Wednesday 4 th November 2009

2 VisualConnect™ Waterfield©

3 WA Marine Science Strategic Plan 2009-2014 2014 Targets 2014 Outcomes Pathways 2010 Milestones 1.Secured in principal agreement for WAMSI 2 2.Key WAMSI 1 science outcomes viewed & demonstrated to funders 3.Identified utilisation of current science outputs in Policy & Management 4.Secured long term funding commitment 5.Agreed Science Plan for WAMSI 2 by key stakeholders 6.Become WA Marine Science single point of reference 7.All current projects output met Draft 4 Nov 09 Build Top Quality Marine Science Workforce Internationally Benchmark Science Perfect Knowledge Exchange Provide Open Access to Information Leverage Existing Infrastructure & Investment Showcase Science Outcomes & Utilisation Secure Administrative & Seed Funding Link All Business Rules to Science Outcomes WA’s Single integration & Reference Point for Marine Science Priorities Science Outcomes That Facilitate Adoption & Influence Decision Making Next Generation of Scientists & Quality of Science Facilitates Collaborative & Interdisciplinary Approach To Marine Science Delivery Optimised the Use & Investment in Shared Science Infrastructure Strong Leadership & Stewardship of Science Policy & Delivery Agenda Aligned to facilitate State, National & International Agendas

4 VisualConnect™ Waterfield© Pathways Build Top Quality Marine Science Workforce Internationally Benchmark Science Perfect Knowledge Exchange Provide Open Access to Information Leverage Existing Infrastructure & Investment Showcase Science Outcomes & Utilisation Secure Administrative & Seed Funding (description) Link All Business Rules to Science Outcomes (description)

5 VisualConnect™ Waterfield© 2014 Outcomes 1.Aligned to facilitate State, National & International Agendas 2.Single integration & reference point for Marine Science priorities for WA 3.Science outcomes that facilitate adoption and Influence Decision Making 4.Next generation of scientists and quality of science 5.Facilitates collaborative & interdisciplinary approach to Marine Science delivery 6.Optimised the use and investment in shared science infrastructure 7.Strong leadership & stewardship of Science Policy and delivery agenda

6 VisualConnect™ Waterfield© Pathways 1.Build top quality Marine Science workforce 2.Internationally Benchmark science 3.Perfect knowledge exchange 4.Provide open access to information 5.Leverage existing infrastructure & investment 6.Showcase science outcomes & utilisation 7.Secure administrative & Seed Funding 8.Link all business rules to science outcomes

7 VisualConnect™ Waterfield© Track record in bringing Marine Science focus Strategic focus Collaborative partnership network WAMSI model National impact/delivering outcome Reasonable integration of biophysical Starting to impact decision making Strong in biophysical Go to place for staff Govt/political support Independent check on research delivery 5 year funding Intergration point Strategic approach Enhance collaboration Has potential to be flexible Quality of research  Tension between funding horizon & need for flexibility  Long term focus + long term funding  New tech adoption  Constraints of funding  Social cultural and economic connections  International engagement  Infrastructure lacking  Marine technology under-utilised  WA lacks single integration point  Management costs of integrated priority setting  Long term funding certainty Strengths Weaknesses

8 VisualConnect™ Waterfield©






14 WAMSI Strategic Plan 2008-2012 2012 Targets 2012 Outcomes Pathways 2009 Milestones 1. Kimberley Browse marine science plan being scoped and future funding and governance arrangements worked through; 2. Node research and symposium outputs communicated to policy makers and the public; 3. WAMSI marketing and communications intensified based on existing work and future needs, especially in the Kimberley Browse region; 4. New partners aligned with WAMSI; 5. Manage the outcomes from the investment; 6. Manage and resource external projects; 7. Develop business models for a future WAMSI; 8. WAMSI advocacy for a WA whole-of-government marine policy framework; 9. Implement WAMSI strategic approach and value add to broader climate change science High Profile Public Good Program Engage & Prove Value to Industry Focussed Marketing & Communication Demo ‘Triple Bottom Line’ Benefits Transferable Science Prioritise Emerging Opportunities Climate Change Role Understood & Value Add Cross Sectoral Collaboration & Broker Relevant & Applied Science Uptake of research Repeat business New investors Critical Input to Government Policy Government consistently seeks strategic science input WAMSI output used for bioregional & regional planning WAMSI outputs support approvals Sought Out Partner of Govt & Industry Repeat and new business investments Requests (frequency) for marine science advice Number of Marine Science graduates employed Influencing the Delivery of Marine Science Number of requests for advice Acceptance/satisfaction advice is both sound & unbiased Advice accepted by various sectors Established Strong Marine Science Capacity Growth of employed PhDs in WA Marine Science Demand for places in local universities working on WAMSI projects Increase in scientific infrastructure International Reputation & Sustainable Business Model International interest Organisational and governance model seen as effective Repeat business Growth in new partners and source of funds Portfolio of High Impact Programs Quality science driven programs Stakeholder commitment to projects driven by needs Committed to delivering fewer larger integrated projects utilising capability across WAMSI’s Nodes 03 Dec. 08

15 VisualConnect™ Waterfield©



18 Stakeholders - WAMSI Partners Current Opening new doors and realising the benefits of the multiplier effect around critical mass in terms of sharing expertise & infrastructure of the x partner organisations Future WAMSI has international recognition & credibility complementary to you Opportunities to have a broader reach and access to national/international collaboration + joint investment benefits

19 VisualConnect™ Waterfield© Stakeholders –WA Government WAMSI 1 provides critical mass for high quality marine science in all waters off WA for the benefit of the State & Australia WAMSI is the “go to” place for quality Marine Science in WA WAMSI provides leveraged funding opportunities for WA Marine Science with Commonwealth & Industry partners

20 VisualConnect™ Waterfield© Stakeholders – Commonwealth Govt WAMSI provides a relationship with the State Government to enable ongoing dialogue on marine and coastal issues and on efficient & effective delivery pathways for WA Marine Science

21 VisualConnect™ Waterfield© Stakeholders – WAMSI Industry Quality science that meets relevant industry standards Independent science WAMSI will listen and respond to needs Timely response ( on time, on budget) Value for money Diverse expertise Connection to Government (but with appropriate Chinese walls)

22 VisualConnect™ Waterfield© Stakeholders – Other Marine Service Providers Membership of WAMSI will provide the opportunity to engage in a breadth of research collaboration and advanced training, high quality science, international recognition and access to international collaborations through secured investment in marine science

23 VisualConnect™ Waterfield© Potential Tag Lines Better Marine Science Through Collaboration WA The Marine State Marine Science for West Australia Better Science Better Decisions The Go To Place for Marine Science (in WA) Independent science for the optimal utilisation and conservation of WA’s marine resources

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