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Ridgefield School District Capital Facilities Plan March 9, 2010.

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1 Ridgefield School District Capital Facilities Plan March 9, 2010

2 Facilities Mission The district strives to provide state of the art facilities with safe and caring learning environments in which all students meet or exceed state standards Our facility plans identify K-5 elementary schools, 6-8 middle schools and 9-12 high schools. Small Community Schools with Great Results are defined as having the following targeted student enrollments: – Elementary schools500 students – Middle Schools800 students – High Schools1200 students

3 Plan Inputs & Method Strategic Vision & Critical Path Analysis Stakeholder Interview & Review Process (Maul, Foster, Alongi) Facility needs assessment & prioritization Ridgefield growth & school enrollment projection analysis Facility scenario analysis

4 Facility Needs Assessment Summary Deferred Maintenance & Upgrades – Current facilities have not had material improvements in 18 years or more. Classrooms Over Capacity – 28% of current classrooms capacity is portable space – Facilities are not sized to deal with any enrollment growth scenario Key Facility, Education and Program Needs – Parking & bus traffic flow – Storm water management – Cafeteria and gym separation – Improved and adequately sized common spaces Gyms Music Auditorium Kitchens/Auditoriums

5 Current Capacity Summary Gap Summary: Schools are over capacity 28% of current classrooms are portables Common spaces sized for much smaller enrollments Elementary schools are K-6, not K-5 and over target size Middle School is 7-8, not 6-8 and under target size

6 10-year Headcount History

7 Facility Improvement Plan Summary 3 year phased facility improvements – sized for 15% enrollment growth – adds to and improves current school facilities – moves schools in direction of ideal sizing School grades re-configured to K-5, 6-8, 9-12 for SY12 SY11 facility improvements to UR/VR ahead of grade change and addresses most pressing needs – New UR gym & convert gym to cafeteria – Add 8 classrooms to VR Re-boundary elementary schools for enrollment balance School facility bond positioned for Feb 2011

8 Capacity Sizing Plan

9 Facility Improvement Plan

10 Gym converted to cafeteria New UR gym 8 new VR classrooms Phase-1 for SY11 Revised parking & bus traffic

11 Facility Improvement Timeline Currently being reviewed.

12 Facility Plan Financing Currently being reviewed.

13 Plan Benefits Alignment with Strategic Vision and Stakeholder feedback Improves existing facilities Sizes for 15% growth Maintains future flexibility

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