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The Cell Factory.

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1 The Cell Factory

2 ORGANELLE— is a specific structure of a cell having specialized functions.


4 Cell Membrane Is made up of a phospholipid bilayer, proteins and cholesterol. Helps regulate what comes into and out of the cell. Communicates with other cells. The coming and going of glucose, amino acids, and lipids, H20, O2, CO2, ions, and wastes.

5 CELL WALL Not found in animal cells.
Gives support and extra strong protection.

6 THE CYTOPLASM Organelles are suspended in the cytoplasm.
Section between the cell membrane and the nucleus.

7 Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER)
Has ribosomes on the outer surface. Proteins are modified here once it is made by the ribosome.

8 Smooth ER The large amount of surface area allows the cell to synthesize lipids and carbohydrates

9 Ribosomes Can be found on Rough ER or free floating.
Are spherical proteins with a strand of RNA. Provides location for protein synthesis.

10 Vacuoles Area of storage within a cell. Much larger in plants.

11 Lysosomes—Garbage men of the Factory.
Contain enzymes that break down large molecules into smaller ones. Destroys worn out or injured cells.

12 Golgi Apparatus Receives proteins from ER.
Modifies and sends proteins where they need to go (possibly outside the cell).

13 Mitochondria Power House of the cell.
Site of cellular respiration and electron transport chain.

14 Chloroplast Not found in animal cells.
Converts light energy to usable chemical energy in a plant. Photosynthesis

15 Microtubules Function to move organelles and chromosomes around cell.
Supports the cell’s structure

16 Nucleus Brain of the cell. Contain Chromatin (DNA).
Contain the nucleolus.

17 Nuclear Envelope protects the nucleus but has pores to allow particles in and out of the nucleus.

18 Nucleolus Makes ribosomes. Inner most part of the nucleus.

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