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Jared Burleson Photo as Art Project 2013 Journalism.

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1 Jared Burleson Photo as Art Project 2013 Journalism


3 Rule of Thirds This photo is rule of thirds because I took the shot horizontally and got the person only of 1/3 of the image.


5 Balance This photo is balanced because the model, Mrs. McGaughy, has a symmetrical face and the eyes and facial structure are evenly balanced.


7 Line This photo represents lines because the model’s eye liner creates a line around the eye and really makes it pop.


9 Simplicity This shot shows simplicity because it is very subtle and dull. It doesn’t pop its just a basic shot of someone’s eyes.


11 Framing This shot shows framing because the big glass form a frame around the model’s eyes.


13 Lighting This shot is lighting because a light is only shining on part of the model’s face.


15 Color This photo represents color because my model, Lauren, has bright blue eyes that pop with the lighting and saturation adjusted properly.


17 Black and White This photo is black and white because the lighting and shadowing of the eyes and face work well together and black and white suits the picture the best.


19 Editing Techniques This shot was edited in Photoshop Elements 10 and I changed the brightness, contrast, and saturation around to change the image or edit it.


21 Extreme Close-Up The photo is an Extreme Close- Up because I zoomed in on my model, Brooklyn, and instead of capturing both her eyes I focused on only one eye and made it more close up..

22 My theme is Eyes

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