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Also known as the Bacteria

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1 Also known as the Bacteria
Kingdom Monera Also known as the Bacteria

2 Evolution of Monerans The original living things on earth were prokaryotic cells. They could survive in almost any habitat. See p. 129 Even now, there are species of monerans in almost every place you can think of. Even in ice and volcanic vents.

3 Monerans are prokaryotic cells
This means they are very small and have no nucleus or other organelles And just one huge molecule of DNA

4 Monerans come in three basic shapes (also see p. 131)
Sphere Rod Spiral

5 Monerans can get energy in many ways
Autotrophic: can make their own food from the sun Heterotrophic: can get energy from the matter in their environment (food)

6 If conditions are poor (too dry, not enough food, etc)
They may produce spores, like this tetanus bacterium below

7 Some monerans are able to move
This spiral shaped bacterium has many hair-like flagella to help propel it.

8 Bacteria can reproduce quickly under the right conditions
Asexually through binary fission (dividing into 2 identical cells) Sexually through conjugation (swapping DNA)

9 The job of most monerans is to break down dead and decaying material (Decomposers)
But some can be used in producing food (yogurt) or can cause disease (like these pictures below) Bacteria that cause infections

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