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IT Academy Lesson Plans Keith Loeber

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1 IT Academy Lesson Plans Keith Loeber

2 What is IT Academy? A Technology Education Program available to Schools, designed to ensure students are Career Ready and College Ready upon graduation and to provide the local community with an opportunity to develop the 21st century skills necessary to be competitive in the rapidly evolving workplace.

3 Professional Development : Partnership with Microsoft:
IT Academy At A Glance Save Teachers Time through Curriculum: E-Learning, Lesson Plans, Test Bank, Digital Literacy, Career Forward Lower Institution Costs through Lab Resources: MSDNAA, Lab Licenses Provide Educator Professional Development : MCT, and access to E-Learning and E-Reference Validating Skills through Certification: MOS, MTA, MCP discounts Partnership with Microsoft: Training, FAQ, Best Practices, Member Website, Moodle PLC, Marketing Resources Providing industry-leading IT training and Microsoft certification to enhance employability, college success and encourage life-long learning

4 IT Academy Curriculum Solutions
“In the box”… with membership “Preferred Benefit”… discounted rate E-Learning Lesson Plans Academic Curriculum Professional Curriculum Career Forward Digital Literacy Test Bank

5 Goal Enable students to acquire technology skills that will benefit their current and future projects What do I do now?

6 Better Together eLearning Projects Certification Pre-assess
Post-assess Lesson Plans

7 Test Bank Word 2010 containing 200 test items
Excel containing 200 test items PowerPoint containing 100 test items Access containing 200 test items Publisher containing 100 test items SharePoint containing 100 test items

8 Curriculum: E-Learning
Benefit Overview What is it: Unlimited internet access to up to 250 award-winning internet accessible Microsoft E-Learning courses Available in 17 languages Value to Educator: Educators can use E-Learning as the core curriculum or supplementary to an existing curriculum both in and out of the classroom Educators can manage multiple E-Learning courses for a single class and easily assign activities using the group-level messaging feature Educators can access usage reports for each of their students to ensure progress Value to Student: E-Learning provides students with more hands-on practice through a multimedia learning experience Can be used as self-study in and out of the classroom allowing the student to capture concepts at their own pace Technologies Covered: Office, Windows client, Windows Server, SQL Server, Visual Studio and Dynamics Fast Facts: Educators and other staff employed at the institution can use E-Learning for Professional Development – which helps to lower PD budgets Can be used as a standalone self-study course or as supplementary to classroom instruction Takes only a few minutes to provision a course to multiple students For an additional fee, IT Academy members can purchase non-Microsoft E-Learning

9 Curriculum: Lesson Plans
Benefit Overview What is it: Supplemental lessons based upon certification exam objectives and include links to relevant E-Learning, free demos and videos Value to Educator: Saves time with ready to use lesson plans to use as is, or to customize for specific teaching and learning goals Supplements E-Learning and maps to Certification Includes ready to use project-based learning activities for higher education, high school and middle school students Value to Student: Allows students to use project-based learning activities to demonstrate and practice skills on Microsoft Technologies and prepare for certification Technologies Covered: Specialized Lesson Plans on Office 2010, SharePoint, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and Expression Web Exam Readiness Kits (ERK) mapping to Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) are also available Fast Facts: Lesson plans Include: Links to E-Learning Quiz material Student projects References to videos to be used in class or out of class for reinforcement Free with ITA membership Accessed via Member site

10 Lesson Plan Coverage Office IT 2010 Introduction to Office Word Excel
PowerPoint Access Publisher (no exam) SharePoint IT Windows 7 Expression Web 4 Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure

11 Lesson Plan Components PowerPoint Example
Elements Lesson Objectives Lesson Discussion and Demonstration topics Quizzes Student Projects E-Learning and video links Additional Resources Answer Keys Projects by Audience Quizzes E-Learning lab mapping

12 Lesson Plan Walk Through

13 Project Examples for High School & Middle School
PowerPoint / Publisher Excel Access Word Hometown attraction/event presentation Sales presentation for a fund raiser Club membership drive presentation Presentation of events in your state during your high school term Presentation of recent family vacation or recent trip How to do something Decision Making Skills Presentation Healthy Eating Habits for teenagers Keys to successful testing Slide Show Movie Club Budget Personal Budget Fast Food Nutritional Data Sports Team Statistics Report Graph student demographics in your school Create a plan for financing your dream car Win a $1,000 shopping spree at the mall – create a spreadsheet of your planned purchases MP3/Music collection spreadsheet Fitness Chart Photo collection inventory Baseball Card Collection School sports database School club database Video Game database Address and Telephone database of friends and family Newspaper route database Movie database (including genres and review scale) Club Membership Database Club community service project database Poster for School Fundraiser Family Newsletter Write a Movie Review Create a mail merge to student body for the purpose of increasing club membership (Student Government) Create a report layout school trends (technology or fashion) for the current school year. Plan your family vacation Create a Family Tree Club Newsletter Create a greeting card from a template Create a brochure

14 Putting It All Together
eLearning Certification Lesson Plans Pre-assess Post-assess Projects 1. Use the Lesson Plan to determine which eLearning courses to setup for students 2. Students take the pre-assessment (Elements) 3. Students access eLearning 4. Use Lesson Plans to supplement the eLearning Use additional videos to enhance learning Print or use the quizzes as a class discussion 5. Use the Projects for additional hands-on learning 6. Students take the post-assessment (Elements) 7. Students get Certified

15 MOS Certification Alignment
SPECIALIST Microsoft Office EXPERT Microsoft Office Specialist MASTER Validated through multiple specialist and expert exams Validates breadth and depth of Office suite skills Word Expert, Excel Expert, PPT, & Outlook or Access MASTER EXPERT Computer Based Hands-on Exams Word and Excel Only Validates advanced Office skills (depth) CORE Computer Based Hands-on Exams Focuses on single Office suite product Validates Office skills (what & how) Eligible for college credit Lesson Plans

16 Microsoft Certification Family
ASSOCIATE Microsoft Technology TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST Microsoft Certified IT PROFESSIONAL / PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPER MASTER ARCHITECT SPECIALIST Microsoft Office EXPERT Microsoft Office Specialist MASTER MOS Certifications IT Certifications

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