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The top 10 Vestigial Structures

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1 The top 10 Vestigial Structures

2 10

3 The Wings on Flightless Birds
The Cassowary, the sexier, but less-well-known flightless bird. Kiwi bird in Australia.

4 9

5 Hind Leg Bones in Whales
Whale skeleton showing pelvis and thigh bones. Snake hind limbs.

6 8

7 Erector Pili and Body Hair
When a rabbit is scared, its hair stands on end. When a human is scared, he or she calls the police.

8 7

9 The Human Tailbone (Coccyx)
The human tailbone doesn't do much, but really hurts if you land on it.

10 6

11 The Blind Fish Astyanax Mexicanus and Blind Mole rat
Astyanax Mexicanus: growing up in the wrong neighborhood.

12 5

13 Wisdom Teeth in Humans They need regular brushing but did they come from Apes?

14 4

15 The Sexual Organs of Dandelions
Send in the clones ...

16 3

17 Fake reproduction in Virgin Whiptail Lizards (Vestigial Behavior)
Feminist lizards take the male out of the picture.

18 2

19 Male Breast Tissue and Nipples
They are not fully functional and, because cancer can grow in male or female breast tissue, the tissue can be dangerous.

20 1

21 The Human Appendix In 2000, in fact, there were nearly 300,000 appendectomies performed in the United States, and 371 deaths from appendicitis.

22 Analysis Define vestigial.
How could vestigial structures be proofs for evolution? Choose 2 of the structures mentioned and give an explanation for why they exist.

23 Answers Vestigial: “remnant of” structure that is seemingly useless
Ancestors may have used that structure. Ex. Appendix was used to help digest high fiber foliage, but now we rarely eat roughage.

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