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One-Point Perspective…

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1 One-Point Perspective…
in 7 easy steps!

2 Step 1 Draw a square on your paper (roughly in the middle.
Place a dot in your square (again, roughly in the middle) The dot is now your vanishing point.

3 Step 2 Using a ruler, line your vanishing point up with the four corners of your square (not the corners of your paper!). Draw diagonal lines (called orthogonals) out from the corners of your square. Orthogonals represent receding parallel lines. This creates a ceiling, two walls, and a floor.

4 Step 3 To draw a door, begin with one vertical line straight up from the lower diagonal line (the floor) At the top of the vertical line, draw an orthogonal to create the top of your door. Draw another vertical line down to create the frame of your door. Make sure to include a doorknob; you wouldn’t want to have to kick the door down just to walk in now would you?

5 Step 4 To draw a window, use the same steps used to create a door.
This time, however, you will need to include another orthogonal to create the bottom of your window.

6 Step 5 To add depth to a window or door, you must first draw horizontal lines from the sides closest to your vanishing point. Draw a vertical line to create a little rectangle along the inner side of the window/door. Using your ruler, draw two orthogonals from the corners of the rectangle furthest away from the vanishing point. Now it looks like your walls are actually thick and won’t fall down when a cool summer breeze blows through.

7 Step 6 Now that you can draw something receding into a wall, let’s draw something coming out. Draw a horizontal line out from the floor…and then draw a vertical line up from the floor. Draw another horizontal and vertical line to create a small rectangle. Using your ruler, draw three orthogonals from the three corners nearest your vanishing point. When you determine how long you want this box (or TV, or aquarium) to be, draw a horizontal line between the top two orthogonals. Then draw a vertical line between the two side orthogonals. This makes it look like your box (or TV, or aquarium) goes back into the space.

8 Step 7 (almost done!) To complete your simple room, erase the unnecessary lines (if you haven’t done so already). You can also erase the outer most diagonal line at the bottom of your door. This makes it look like the flooring continues right on up to the door. Doesn’t this look more polished?

9 …and that’s it! If you wanted to add a rug in your room, all it takes is drawing a window on the floor. You can add lights (or a skylight!) on your ceiling by simply drawing a window on the ceiling. Every other thing you could possibly image can be created by combining or slightly manipulating these basic shapes/objects. Go forth, young grasshopper, and create your own rooms!

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