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The Siddhartha Unit. The Plot and Themes of Siddhartha.

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1 The Siddhartha Unit

2 The Plot and Themes of Siddhartha

3 The Genesis of Siddartha Herman Hesse grows up in a religious Catholic family, but learns to reject everything he has been taught in the past. In 1911 has an opportunity to visit India. Finds that he shares with Siddartha Guatama (the man who would become the Buddhas) love of learning by experience.

4 Siddartha – the plot A young Indian prince rejects his wealth and lives the life of a peasant to experience the pain of life. He is joined by his friend Govinda who accepts what is given to him in life. Siddartha, on the other hand, always questions what he is taught. He eventually searches for the Buddha to learn how to reach enlightenment.

5 Themes in the novel The Path to Enlightenment: Can Siddhartha find harmony in the world and within himself? Classroom vs. Experience: Does one learn by being told of by doing? The pursuit of life: Can one find ones path or will the path find him?

6 As we read the novel Siddhartha please consider the following essential questions: What is the difference between learning in school and learning in life? What does it mean to be an adult? How does one form ones identity? What constitutes ones belief?

7 Goals The Goal: To learning reading and writing to help you to prepare for the WASL. The Challenge is: Taking that new knowledge and writing an in-class write and an essay about your personal beliefs. Obstacles to overcome: To stay organized to complete all assignments.

8 1.Frayer Models (50 pts) 2.Vocab Quizzes (20 pts) 3.Reading Quiz (50 pts) 4.In-Class Write (100 pts) 5.Socratic Seminars (30 pts) 6.1-Pager (50 pts each). 7.Learning Log (120 pts) Product, Performance, and Purpose

9 A note about Sparknotes You will be required to read 30+ pages a night. I realize there are websites like Sparknotes that summarize the book, please use this as a resource. To pass you must read the book!!!

10 Please Stand for Think on your Feet

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