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Holidays!. The new year starts on January 1st. New Year’s.

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1 Holidays!

2 The new year starts on January 1st. New Year’s

3 New Years Day People spend hanging out with family enjoying the new year. They stay up the night before watching a ball drop, playing games, and eat a lot food.

4 Valentine’s day is on February 14 th. Valentine’s Day

5 Boys buy flowers and chocolates for girls to tell them they love them.

6 St. Patrick’s Day St. Patrick’s day is on March 17 th.

7 St. Patrick’s Day

8 Parades

9 Green clothes

10 Green everything…

11 AprilMayJune JanuaryFebruaryMarch JulyAugustDecember OctoberNovemberJanuary Easter Different Days It’s always on a Sunday in March or April.

12 Easter In America, children decorate eggs and have a special meal with their families.

13 Easter Children believe the Easter Bunny comes at night, and hides eggs. On Easter morning, children find the eggs! –This is called an Easter egg hunt!

14 Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are special days to honor your parents.

15 Mother’s Day AprilMayJune JanuaryFebruaryMarch JulyAugustDecember OctoberNovemberJanuary Mother’s Day is on the 3 rd Sunday in May.

16 Mother’s Day We buy our mothers flowers and make them breakfast or go out for dinner.

17 AprilMayJune JanuaryFebruaryMarch JulyAugustDecember OctoberNovemberJanuary Father’s Day Father’s Day is on the 3 rd Sunday in June.

18 Father’s Day We buy our dads cards and give them small gifts.

19 The 4 th of July The Fourth of July (July 4 th ) is America’s Independence Day.

20 The 4 th of July On July 4 th 1776, America became independent from Great Britain.

21 The 4 th of July On the Fourth of July, Americans celebrate their country. –Parades –Baseball games –Barbeques –Fireworks

22 Halloween Halloween is on October 31 st.

23 Halloween In America, children dress up in costumes.

24 Halloween Then they go trick-or-treating. –They walk around and ask for candy.

25 Halloween We also carve pumpkins on Halloween.

26 Halloween Most pumpkins are simple. But some are really cool!

27 Memorial / Remembrance Day Remembrance day is on November 11 th.

28 Memorial / Remembrance Day This day is to honor soldiers, especially those who died.

29 Memorial / Remembrance Day We wear poppies to remind us of the soldiers who died.

30 Memorial / Remembrance Day On November (11 월 ) 11 th, at 11:11 am everyone is quite for one minute.

31 AprilMayJune JanuaryFebruaryMarch JulyAugustDecember October November January Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is the 4 th Thursday in November. (2 nd Monday in October in Canada)

32 Thanksgiving Thanksgiving began as a special day to celebrate the harvest.

33 Thanksgiving Today in America, Thanksgiving is a very important family holiday. –People travel to see their families.

34 Thanksgiving We have a big dinner. –There are no presents. –People say what they are thankful for.

35 ChristmasChristmas Christmas is on December 25 th.

36 ChristmasChristmas Christmas is the biggest holiday in America. –Big dinner –Decorations –Presents –Christmas tree

37 ChristmasChristmas Santa Claus brings children presents.

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