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Vocabulary, Criteria, and Steps

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1 Vocabulary, Criteria, and Steps
Pinch Pot Sculpture Vocabulary, Criteria, and Steps

2 Pinch Pot Sculpture Vocabulary
Pinch Pot: the most basic method of creating a vessel form out of clay.

3 Pinch Pot Sculpture Vocabulary
Form: three-dimensional shape.

4 Pinch Pot Sculpture Vocabulary
Representational: refers to the ability of a piece of artwork to mimic reality. Representational does not necessarily refer to an object’s realism.

5 Pinch Pot Sculpture Vocabulary
Abstract: when a piece of art work is referred to as abstract, it is meant that the piece is not based on or meant to mimic reality at all.

6 Pinch Pot Sculpture Vocabulary
Coil Reinforcement: using a coil of clay to press and blend into a seam which will strengthen the bond between the two pieces of clay.

7 Pinch Pot Sculpture Criteria
Students will create a sculpture which… Is composed of at least 5 pinch pots in a variety of sizes and forms that have been connected by slipping, scoring, and reinforcing with a coil. In it's completed form is a minimum of 8" in one dimension. must be easily recognized as abstract. Is free standing. Is glazed with one selected color scheme.

8 Pinch Pot Sculpture Steps
Students will… Sketch six (6) full-page ideas of completed Pinch Pot sculptures (remember: you are not creating a sculpture that will “look like” anything). Begin by making 5 pinch pots. Connect them to each other by slipping, scoring, and coil reinforcing to begin your initial form. When finished attaching all components of final form, use a wet paint brush and/or your finger to smooth all seams and surfaces. Bisque fire when completed. Apply glaze using color theory to bisqued piece. Glaze fire.

9 Pinch Pot Sculpture Rubric
Sculpture is composed of 5 pinch pots of various sizes and forms __/5 Sculpture is attached through use of slip and score with coil reinforcement. __/5 Sculpture is a minimum of 8" in one dimension. __/5 Sculpture is easily identified as representational or abstract __/5 Sculpture is free standing. __/5 Sculpture is glazed with color theory evident __/5 Sculpture exhibits craftsmanship __/10 Total score: __/40

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