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Final Tips on your Literary Essay

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1 Final Tips on your Literary Essay

2 Essay Guidelines Typed Times New Roman, 12 point Font MLA Format:
-Header w/ID # on right side w/page # (all pages) -Heading on left side w/ID # (page 1 only) 3-4 pages 3 quotes w/in-text citations. Covers the scope of the novel Double Spaced Include three drafts and final draft in one document. Drafts 1-3 must include 2 people revising each draft using Track Changes!

3 Avoid “Dead Words: So -Stuff Like -Things Very -’nuff A lot -Kinda
Some -Sort of Gonna -Basically ‘Cause -Y’know

4 Other Common Mistakes 1. Siddhartha, Vasudeva, Govidnea, Kamala are proper nouns so please capitalize them. 2. Citations: (author, pg#). NOT “blah blah.” (author,pg). OR “blah, blah.” (author, pg#). For the use of multiple pages follow this format (author, pp. # - #). 3. Repetition of words or phrases. Ie: “In the beginning, in the middle, in the end.”

5 Focus This is an expository essay on Siddhartha. Avoid words like “I” or “My” because the essay is not about you.

6 Organization Introduction: Hook, Thesis, Subtopics
Body Paragraphs 1- 3: Beginning, Middle, End. format Conclusion: restate thesis and subtopics with So what? at the end.

7 The Title A title is optional, but if you include one…
Your essay is NOT titled Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse. Hesse has been dead for over 70 years and he did not write your essay. The author’s name is Hermann Hesse. Please write Siddhartha, not “Siddhartha.” Only songs, poems, essays, or short stories are in quotation marks.

8 Citation Sandwich Set-Up: Give the context of what is happening in the scene. Quote: Include the quote and cite with author and page number. Analysis: Explain how the quote ties to your thesis and use phrases from the quote support yourself.

9 How do I get to 3 – 4 pages? If you are asking yourself this question, my simple answer is refer to the citation sandwich: Are you giving a complete picture what goes on to set-up the quote? Is your quote long enough to explain your point? Are you analyzing enough to explain how the quote ties the thesis? Could you add another quote to support your point? Did you weave a theme, use a story, use a quote, or ask a question, that connects the Hook and the So What? Do you have clear Topic Sentences? Are there Transitions between your body paragraphs?

10 Essay Checklist (In this order) in one document.
Final Draft Draft 3 (w/2 revisions). Draft 2 (w/2 revisions). Draft 1 (w/2 revisions). Upload in the “S” drive in Mr. Sun-K’s “In-Box” by period. Please save by your ID #. Turn in your rubric separately.

11 Please Stand for Think on Your Feet

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