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Classroom Expectations And Policies By Mrs. Carr.

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1 Classroom Expectations And Policies By Mrs. Carr

2 M Y STUDENTS CAN EXPECT ME TO … Be on time and well prepared for each class. Place my trust in them until given a reason not to trust them. Respect them and work with them to resolve conflicts. Correct work and give feedback in a timely manner. Be available for help and work with you to meet your learning goals.

3 E XPECTATIONS FOR STUDENTS Be nice Follow directions Work hard Abide by all school-wide expectations (as laid out in student handbook)

4 B E NICE Any behavior that causes a disruption, interferes with teaching and learning, or disturbs others is not allowed. This includes being out-of-seat without permission, blurting out or talking out loud, passing notes, and tardiness. Treat others with consideration, courtesy, and respect. To talk, make noise, go through binders, be out-of-seat, and be inattentive in any way is inconsiderate and discourteous when others are presenting their work, and asking or answering questions.

5 B E NICE ( CONT.) Messing with others property and leaving trash behind are examples of disrespect. Being respectful and courteous extends to all Truman staff, classmates and other students, and any visitors to our building. Resolve conflicts with others by seeking mutually agreeable solutions. This means you may have to make concessions. Get help from the counseling staff, a trusted teacher, or from administration, if needed.

6 F OLLOW DIRECTIONS Follow directions the first time they are given Being able to listen and follow directions is an essential skill for which future employers look. At Truman, we prepare students for their future as productive citizens; a boss will expect you to follow directions, complete work when assigned, and comply with deadlines all while under minimal supervision. If you had your own business in the future, you would want to see these skills in your employees. I have the same expectations for my students.

7 W ORK HARD Success comes as a result of hard work over time. No star has ever been made overnight. Preparing for work is just as important as doing the work. Be on time, bring all materials every day, and be ready and in your seat when the bell rings. DO YOUR ASSIGNED WORK!!! That includes classwork, taking notes, practice for a quiz or test, and homework. Hand in your work on time. Show your thinking every time.

8 A BIDE BY ALL SCHOOL - WIDE EXPECTATIONS Chewing gum, being tardy, arriving to class with sagging pants, an untucked shirt, or without proper materials are examples of violations of school-wide expectations. You have the right to an education, but you do not have the right to interrupt the education of others for any reason.

9 C ONSEQUENCES FOR NON - COMPLIANCE 1. Warning/Correction (incl. individual & whole class reminders of expectations) 2. Warning/Name on board 3. Warning/Conference with teacher/Entry on 7 th grade list of strikes for disruptive behaviors 4. Removal from class and reflection on behavior (reflection sheet must be signed by parents and returned next day – otherwise after-school detention with 7 th gr. teacher on Thursday) 5. Office referral for any continued misbehavior after re-admission to class (includes parent notification)

10 C ONSEQUENCES FOR NON - COMPLIANCE ( CONT.) Non-compliance with school-wide expectations will also result in a notation on a 7 th grade list of strikes 3 strikes in any of the 7 th grade classrooms in a one week period will result in an automatic Thursday after-school detention (student will sign and take the parent notification slip home by Wednesday) Severe disruption and utter disrespect toward teaching staff bypasses any warnings and warrants an immediate office referral.

11 P OLICIES FOR SPECIFIC CASES Bathroom: Use the restroom during the 4 min. passing period, but dont be late. Use specified hand signal to ask for a restroom break and wait for permission. No permission will be granted during direct whole class instruction and during first and last 10 min. of class. Sign out with name/period and time and sign in upon return. Restroom break is 4 minutes except for special circumstances. Excessive unexcused restroom breaks will result in loss of restroom privilege during class.

12 S PECIAL POLICIES ( CONT.) Homework/classwork submission and return: Turn work into the assigned drawer for your period Turn work in the day it is due (next day for homework and same day for classwork unless otherwise noted) Work is returned in the designated drawer for your period. Check returned work for feedback. Late work will be accepted for reduced credit. (loss of 10% for every late school day) Absences will have a 2 day grace period to make up missed work.

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