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Seedless Reproduction

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1 Seedless Reproduction
Unit 7 – Lesson 2 Notes

2 Seedless Reproduction
Seedless plants – plants that do not produce seeds. They include all nonvascular and some vascular plants. Millions of years ago, most plants on Earth were vascular seedless plants Vascular means VEINS!

3 Nonvascular vs. Vascular
Nonvascular plants – plants that do not have structures that transport water and substances throughout the plant. Instead water and substances simply move from cell to cell.

4 Moss Cells Osmosis…

5 Nonvascular vs. Vascular
Vascular plants – plants that have tubelike cells (called the xylem and phloem) that transport water and substances throughout the plant.

6 Nonvascular/Vascular Seedless Plants
Nonvascular Examples Algae Moss Vascular Example Ferns

7 All About Algae Algae For Fuel Is algae good or bad?
What are we using algae for in today’s society? Oligotrophic Lake Eutrophic Lake Algae For Fuel

8 Nonvascular Seedless Plants
The Moss Cycle – Moss plants have a life cycle that illustrates typical sexual reproduction in nonvascular seedless plants.

9 Zygote (2n) Gametophyte (n) Moss Video Sex Cells (n)

10 Vascular Seedless Plants
Most vascular seedless plants are ferns.

11 Vascular Seedless Plants
Fern sporophyte plants have fronds that grow from an underground stem called a rhizome. Fern spores are produced in sori, which are usually on the underside of fronds. A fern spore that lands in a favorable environment grows into a gametophyte plant called a prothallus.

12 Vascular Seedless Plants
Sex cells form in the prothallus. When fertilization occurs, the zygote starts the sporophyte stage. Ferns may reproduce asexually when rhizomes form new branches and are separated from the main plant.

13 Fern Life Cycle Diagram
A. Meiosis takes place to produce thousands of spores. Gametophyte Sporophyte B. Spores are ejected. They grow into a gametophyte plant. E. The zygote is the beginning of the sporophyte stage and grows into the familiar fern plant. Fern Life Cycle Diagram D. Water is needed for the sperm to swim to the egg. Fertilization occurs and a zygote is produced. C. The prothallus contains the male and female reproductive structures.

14 Epic Fern

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