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2 Purpose To demonstrate that struggling students are increasing their reading skills and becoming confident readers with the help of WRC program and that of their educators. Track an individualized tutoring plan for each student referred to the WRC program. Determine areas of improvement (reading attitude, behavior, self confidence and academic achievements.

3 Who should complete the Tracking Log? Site Supervisor WRC/AmeriCorps Members Other trained staff

4 When should we complete the WRC Tracking Log? Enter Data: When students receive tutoring services When pre- and post-test scores become available

5 What data is collected? School: name, district information, and project name Student: name, grade, state student identification #, and teacher Tutoring Plan: dates, time amounts, group size, pre- and post-test scores, assessments used, and exit reason Student Achievement: reading attitude, reading behavior, self confidence, and benchmark achievement

6 Tutoring Plan ~helpful hits~ Enter the students start date and duration of tutoring services. When entering the duration of tutoring services use whole minutes. Pre-and post-test options are oral reading fluency, or words correct per minute. Lastly, enter the exit date, and briefly explain the exit reason. (E.g. student achieved benchmark, student moved, or another intervention was prescribed, etc).

7 Student Achievement ~helpful hits~ Enter Yes, no, or unsure indicating whether the student improved his or her reading attitude, behavior, and self confidence. Under student outcome, enter yes or no if the student gained at least one grade level, or met benchmark. Use the notes column to provide additional information if the student did not improve reading abilities.

8 Student Data Tracking Log Project Site School DistrictSchool First Name Last Name 10 digit State Student ID # Grade Teacher # Days/Week # of Minutes per Day # Group Size Asse ssme nt Used Pretest (SEPTEMBER) Posttest (MAY) Start Date Exit Date Exit Reason Improved Reading Attitude (Y, N, Unsure) Improve d Reading Behavior (Y, N, proved Unsure) Improved Self Confidenc e (Y, N, Unsure) Gained at Least One Grade Level OR Met Bench- mark Yes or No Other Notes/ Comments Project/School/District Information Student InformationTutoring PlanStudent Achievement

9 Now what? Go to the link below and find your District Assessment Coordinator (DAC): DACs will need to verify the state student identification number before uploading to the STFP Site. (The state student identification number is separate from the school student identification number). DACs can do this by using the districts CEDAR data, if not contact Christine Shaw at

10 Important dates: October 31, 2011: Pre-test data due June 22, 2012: Post-test data due

11 Questions? General program and AmeriCorps questions please contact: Shannon Skye, Washington Service Corps, WRC Program Coordinator (e) (p) 360.486.5913 Data collection or grant implementation questions, please contact: Luisa Sanchez-Nilsen, Reading Specialist, OSPI (e) (p) 360.725.6070

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