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GBT Interface Card for a Linux Computer Carson Teale 1.

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1 GBT Interface Card for a Linux Computer Carson Teale 1

2 Introduction All detectors at the LHC need to be sent: – Timing information about beam crossings through 40.08 MHz LHC reference clock – The first-level trigger-accept decisions – Commands properly deskewed in time Data is sent and received through counting room electronics – Any data from the detector electronics is then distributed to the network Current system of electronics at detectors needs to be replaced when luminosity of LHC increases Gigabit Transceiver(GBT) – New radiation tolerant ASIC for bidirectional 4.8 Gb/s optical links 2

3 My Project To study the design of a custom board to receive GBT signals and transfer them directly to a PC – Used commercial FPGA development board – Goals: Establish communication link between GBT and PC running Linux Test speed and correctness of connection 3

4 FPGA Counting room electronics don’t need to be radiation hard Implement transceiver using commercial FPGA – FPGA used for more efficient parallelized processing of incoming data High Tech Global board with Altera Stratix IV FPGA and two SFP+ transceivers used to establish link to GBT. Stratix IV FPGA SFP+ transceivers 4

5 GBT Module HTG Dev board Stratix IV FPGA SFP+ PC running Linux Intel Core 2 Duo RAM 2GB DDR2 800MHz DMA Controller PCIe 2 8x 32 Gb/s GBT 4.8Gb/s Diagram of Communication Link 5

6 Establishing the Communication Link Configure PCI express hard IP core on FPGA Write Linux device driver for DMA to allow reading/writing to memory Implement GBT transceiver code on FPGA Connect GBT module to FPGA and send data Analyze data recorded on memory of computer 6

7 Configuring PCIe hard IP core Quartus II software used to develop and compile code for FPGA Megawizard allows for configuration of number of lanes, clock speed, number and size of BARs(base address registers) BARs tell device where its address mapping is located in the memory mapped I/O space of the system Megawizard generates PCI modules along with test DMA module 7

8 Pin Assignments Quartus II Pin Planner HTG board schematics 8

9 Linux Device Driver Purpose: translate instructions between an application and a hardware device Provides interface between user space and kernel space – Done through functions to read and write to and from a file since devices are represented as files Written as a module to be dynamically loaded into the kernel at runtime 9

10 GBT Serialization-Deserialization Procedure Transmitting Receiving 10

11 What I’ve done since last time I’ve been modifying a linux driver – Changing configurations in driver to match those of the PCI IP core in the FPGA – Updating code for newer kernel Testing GBT interfacing code through internal loopback – Make sure process of receiving and transmitting data using GBT protocol is working on FPGA end – Debugging using LEDs and logic analyzer 11

12 What Still Needs to be Done Fix problems with the linux DMA driver and modify it to allow board to read/write to memory through PCIe bus Determine error in GBT code running through internal loopback on FPGA Hook up physical GBT module to FPGA using SFP+ transceiver Run tests to verify speed and accuracy of GBT module 12

13 What I Learned More about how to program an FPGA A lot about Quartus II Some VHDL The basics of Linux device drivers 13

14 14

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