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How Much Does That Really Cost? Elizabeth A. Pickens.

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1 How Much Does That Really Cost? Elizabeth A. Pickens

2 What is the leading health problem Americans are facing today? Why? The leading health problem Americans are facing today is obesity. Obesity will lead these Americans to various health problems such as heart disease, kidney failure, and Diabetes among others. Most are blaming fast food complexes and other unhealthy food sources and food choices.

3 Earl Butz A Secretary of Agriculture under President Nixon had the goal of producing more food for half the price. Outcome: High fructose Corn Syrup and Palm Oil, a natural sweetener and alternate to vegetable oil are cheaper to produce and there seems to be an abundance of these products.

4 High Fructose Corn Syrup HFCS is a sweetener used in place of Sugar for a low cost substitute. HFCS are open ended strands that bind with our natural amino acids. Since they bind to the amino acids our bodies can not process these and use them correctly, thus the amino acids will add to fat cells.

5 Environmental Impact and Costs Farmers are producing more Corn to make HFCS. To produce more products faster, better, and bigger, many companies use unsafe methods to supply the demand.

6 Industrial Impact and Costs HFCS keeps product costs low and may producers then can also produce more. Offers jobs to engineers who create HFCS. Smaller farms that offer organic foods can not keep up with costs.

7 Societal Impact and Costs HFCS is one main cause of Childhood and Adult Obesity. May lead to cancer or cause other health problems. Many Americans suffer from low self esteem issues which could lead to suicide and behavioral problems.

8 Who Should Americans blame? Americans can blame Secretary of Agriculture Earl Butz for the cheap fatting product: high fructose corn syrup. How ever Americans only have themselves to blame. They chose to keep purchasing products containing HFCS and not caring about what goes on to make their meals or the ingredients that go into making them.

9 What Can I Do to keep Myself Healthy? Look for products that contain less than 50% HFCS or opt to pay extra to buy organic foods. Cut down on fast food which uses fillers to create an illusion of having healthy food. Cut back on how much fast food is consumed in one setting.

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