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Curriculum Night Charlie Erwin Welcome, parents and guardians, to 7 th grade social studies class!

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1 Curriculum Night Charlie Erwin Welcome, parents and guardians, to 7 th grade social studies class!

2 Students have created a Greece and Rome comparison project with creative and writing components. First Marking Period Greece and Rome

3 Middle Ages Social classes Crusades Bubonic Plague A increase in trade The growth of towns and cities Students will analyze primary source documents and maps. There will also be writing assignments given.

4 The Renaissance Students will complete a Renaissance art project during this unit.

5 We will spend several days researching and writing about Leonardo da Vinci and his achievements.

6 The Reformation We will consider the religious conflict and diversity that fed immigration to America.

7 Second Marking Period Exploration Columbus before the Queen of Spain – Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze Students will hold a mock trial with Columbus as the main defendant.

8 English Settlement of North America Jamestown and VA: settlement and clash of cultures Among other activities, the class will participate in mini-debates relating to the early Virginia settlements.

9 Plymouth and the Settlement of Puritan New England A study of the Salem Witch Trials and a creative response to King Philip’s War will be part of this unit.

10 Atlantic Trade and British Regulations

11 Third Marking Period The Development of the Colonial Regions and Culture Our class will write an essay and complete a creative project on William Penn, hold a slavery town meeting, research and write about Ben Franklin, and participate in a simulation relating to King William and Queen Mary.

12 Prelude to the Revolution: The French and Indian War During this unit students will participate in a French and Indian War simulation and analyze Washington in his early military career.

13 Fourth Marking Period British Taxation and the Coming of the American Revolution Historical document and image analysis will be part of our studies as we explore events leading up to the Revolution.

14 The Revolution Begins The Boston Massacre Paul Revere John Adams – A key player in the Revolution Students will participate in a mock trial on the Boston Massacre, participate in and then write about an online historical game called Mission US, and hold a class debate.

15 The Declaration of Independence In order to further our document analysis skills we will be analyzing and interpreting the Declaration.

16 Williamsburg Trip

17 The American Revolution Continues One of our activities will be an attempt to give advice to the British: A creative thinking strategy activity.

18 To pull the year together, we will conclude with a culminating project that contains a writing component. Throughout the year we will also be: Writing in class; Creating and analyzing maps; Considering current events.


20 Assignments and Assessments Writing and research Projects Class activities, including presentations Quizzes Tests Homework

21 Assignments and Assessments Homework: Presented visually, orally, and linked to my teacher website. “Mr. Erwin, may I still turn in my missing assignment?” “Yes, please do so! Lateness will lose you some points, though. Remember, however, a 7/10 or a 5/10 is better than 0/10. Right? Right!” Website: Class assignments & related materials

22 Pinnacle: Blank = nothing; not yet graded. X = Excused Z = Temporary zero Number (18/20) = grade Comments: “Not submitted.” “Not submitted; not late – absent when collected.” “Being graded.” “Impressive use of citations.”

23 Extra help: Activity period Support Appointment

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