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Practice “My Business”

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1 Practice “My Business”
By: Mrs. Worthman

2 My Business Plan 1. Company Name: Brief description
2. What Goods/Services will you sell? 3. Location on Business (City, State) 4. How much will it cost to start? (Total of List) (On a separate sheet – list all costs and approx. price) 5. How many employees? What will you pay them? 6. Who/ What is your competition? 7. List Strengths and weaknesses ** This will take more that one Screen!!

3 Marketing How will you advertise? Who is your target Audience? TV?
Radio? Internet? Other? Refer to the U.S. Census Bureau Website if needed. Who is your target Audience? How old are they? Men &/or Women? What are their buying habits? Do they buy more during certain times of year?

4 Pricing How much should your products cost?
Direct & Indirect costs? How much profit should you make? What do competitors charge? What is the demand for your product/service? How did you decide what to charge? ** Refer to the U.S. Census Bureau site again if needed.

5 Product Sales How are you going to sell your products &/or Services?
Store Warehouse Internet Catalog Combination of the previous?

6 Example of your Homepage
What would your Homepage on the Internet look like? Consider these things: What is your product/service Who is your target audience Why should they buy your product? What makes your product or service better than your competition?

7 Analyze Success/Failure in Goshen, IN
Why would it be successful? List Reasons Why might it fail? List Reasons

8 Conclusion Would you actually consider this business?
What education would you need to run this business? Would training be helpful? Etc. What are the positives and negatives of running this business? (This may need more than one screen!)

9 Resources Site any sources used for information! Websites People
Books etc.

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