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Career Cluster Ch 8 Industrial Production Careers.

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1 Career Cluster Ch 8 Industrial Production Careers

2 Quote! Success is that old ABC – ability, breaks and courage. By Charles Luckman

3 Vocabulary background checks birth certificate convicted cover letter employment application employment tests

4 Vocabulary Fair Labor Standards Act felony job applicant misdemeanors NA negotiable

5 Vocabulary onsite philosophy portfolio references resume Social Security

6 Vocabulary transcript work permit

7 Careers in Industrial Production Binding Dental Lab Technology Machine Work Inspection Factory Management Construction Equipment Operation

8 Careers in Industrial Production Printing Silver-Smithing Tool Setting Welding Woodworking

9 Industrial Production Management Most require a college degree Most applicants have an bachelors (4 yr) or masters degree (5-7 yr) in industrial engineering, management, or business administration No specific educational program for that career.

10 Related High School Courses industrial arts math art automotive welding machine shop

11 Welding is… …the skill of using heat to permanently join metal parts. EXCELLENT job outlook! Welding is widely used and in demand!

12 Welding is used in… ship building automobile and aircraft manufacturing and repair construction pipeline creation

13 Machinists… (like Mr. Trapp) … use machines such as lathes to make small metal parts. … most frequently work in small machining shops or manufacturing industries.

14 Education for machinists apprenticeship program on-the- job HIGH SCHOOL! vocational school community or technical school

15 Dental Laboratory Technicians Job Outlook LOW! Must possess an artistic aptitude. (Natural ability!) Able to do detailed and precise work. Excellent vision

16 Woodworkers Job outlook HIGH even though we use many plastic products. Cabinetmaking THOSE who have knowledge of computerized machine tool operation have the best prospects for a job!

17 Jewelers, Precious Stone, Metal Workers and Silversmiths vocational or technical school distance-learning centers on the job 25% of these craftsmen are SELF-EMPLOYED! Specialists in designing or creating custom jewelry.

18 Printing Machine Operators Trained on the job. Operating a press can be difficult work Physically demanding Mentally demanding

19 Printing Machine Operators On feet most of the time Tight deadlines Noisy environment High responsibility for wasted paper which could cause business losses. Print press moves rapidly!

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