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Indiana Reading First Web Site Presented by: Jason Yazell, Webmaster.

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1 Indiana Reading First Web Site Presented by: Jason Yazell, Webmaster

2 Topics of Discussion Entering Assessment Data Online Searching and Viewing Data Searching for Vendors Help Center Online Surveys Other Notable Features

3 Assessment Data Online Entering Data Online is Secure The online form is easy to use The user is unable to enter incorrect information (except scores) Any submission error will bring up easy to read and understandable messages Form layout and functionality Back

4 Searching and Viewing Data District Summary –Allows the user to select from multiple criteria –Updates report when search button is clicked –User can only search the District they are in unless they are a DOE employee School Search –Can only search for schools in theyre district –Multiple search criteria –Assessment Entry users only can edit information here –Viewable only by users with permission Back

5 Vendor Area Design idea came from Colorado Reading First Vendors are able to enter materials for online searchingVendors Reading First users are able to search for useful materials onlineReading First users Back

6 Help Center Step by step instruction for online forms Frequently Asked Questions Contact information Information about Reading First and IDOE including disclaimers Help Center Back

7 Online Surveys Online surveys can be for everyone or by permission only Can be taken multiple times or set to be able to take it only once Once the survey has been submitted, a graph will show the results in real time. Example Back

8 Other Notable Features Event Calendar Other State Reading First Sites Resource Links Newsletter Archive Positions Available Online Forum Web Site Back

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