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FSSA Bureau of Child Care

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1 FSSA Bureau of Child Care
Indiana Child Care Nurse and Dietician Consultant Program FSSA Bureau of Child Care

2 Child Care Nurse/Dietician Consultant Program
Presently, the Bureau of Child Care’s Nurse Consultant and Dietician positions are responsible for documenting compliance with state health, nutrition and sanitation rules for licensed child care providers, group home and institutions.

3 Child Care Nurse/Dietician Consultant Program
The Indiana Child Care Nurse/Dietician Consultant program will promote healthy growth and development of children through consultations and referrals. They will also provide training and needed materials to child care providers.

4 Child Care Nurse/Dietician Consultant Program
This program will also be responsible for the development of resources, and the dissemination of information and materials to licensed and licensed exempt child care sites.

5 Child Care Nurse/Dietician Consultant Program
The program content will encourage childhood development and encourage childhood school readiness through promoting: -child safety, -health and nutrition. -emotional development, -immunizations, -any other identified needs

6 Child Care Nurse/Dietician Consultant Program
The ultimate goal is to provide resources to enhance the provision of quality childcare and promote healthy actions by child care providers, parents and children.

7 Child Care Nurse/Dietician Consultant Program
With this enhanced role, the nurses and dietician will be responsible for collaboration with the staff who monitor registered ministries, licensed homes and licensed child care centers, as well as with child care providers within the state.

8 Child Care Nurse/Dietician Consultant Program
Besides individual consultation and statewide training services, the Nurse Consultants will be conducting random assessments of child care providers to validate and identify quality improvement issues and training opportunities which will enhance the health and development of children residing in Indiana.

9 Child Care Nurse/Dietician Consultant Program
Areas of focus for this program includes:

10 1. Health literacy, practices and education
2. Nutrition training 3. Safety needs of children. 4. Safe infant sleeping positions/ SIDS reduction 5. Food Service Safety 6. Normal growth and development, 7. Promotion of quality child care 8. Policy and "best practice" information 9. Resource and referral for childcare providers and community 10. Information regarding rules and standards, 11. Technical advice to out of home childcare providers, and QRS information 11. Assessment and education onsite for providers 12. Coordinating health efforts with professionals and community programs

11 Child Care Consultant’s Role
Consultants will be available to assist: -Licensed facilities -Unlicensed Ministries -Other unregulated care - Bureau of Child Care staff

12 Child Care Nurse/Dietician Consultant Program
Consultants will be responsible for the coordinating of information to other health professionals, agencies and programs which offer services to child care settings in the state.

13 Child Care Nurse/Dietician Consultant Program
Random assessments of home care, ministries and licensed centers will occur quarterly to proactively identify patterns and trends of topics which need education and training.

14 Quarterly Data Will be Collected to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Programs
Data will include: -Location -Topic -Number of participants -Materials provided -Comments by provider -Identified needs

15 Cross Training of Licensing Consultants will Occur by:
Review of revised survey Education of immunization guidelines, food regulations, sanitation issues Shadowing of licensing consultants by nurses

16 Timeline 1. April, 2007- Revise licensing consultant survey
2. May 2007 – Statewide training plan development with IACCRR 3. July, Perform cross-training of licensing consultants 4. July, 2007 Continue to develop program information 5. September, Continue to develop Consultant program and resource information 6. October 1, Implement Program

17 Please contact us with any ideas or if we can help you !

18 Thank You ! Toni Elzy, RN, BSN Diana Gullett, RN, BSN
Paula McClain, RN, BGS Melanie Childress, BS, RD, MS, CD Anita Doctor, RN, MA, MSN, NP-c, CPHQ

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