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1 Overview and Screen Shots March 2009 HHS/ACF/Office of Information Systems

2 The Grants Center of Excellence (COE) The Grants COE serves as one of three consortia leads under the Grants Management Line of Business (GMLoB) E- Gov initiative offering government-wide grants management system support services. is a comprehensive grants management system provided by the Grants Center of Excellence (COE).

3 UFMS GrantSolutions UFMS Program Office Grants Office Financial/Budget Office Grantees UFMS Grantors PMS A Comprehensive Grants Management System

4 Benefits of GrantSolutions Strong Internal Control based on User Roles. Efficient Menu Options and Workflow Processes. Access to information about Grants data at every stage of the Grants process. Reporting capabilities that track Grant activities and awards for management, audit, and review.

5 Benefits of GrantSolutions Customization For Business Processes Application Kits Application Approval Workflow NGA Approval Workflow NGA Terms and Conditions NGA Document Appearance Internal and Grantee Correspondence

6 Role Based Access Grants Management Officer (GMO) Grants Management Specialist (GMS) Authorizing /Approving Official (AO) Office Director (OD) Program Officer (PO) Program Coordinator (PC) Financial Management Officer (FMO) Every menu option, screen output, and user action is controlled by the users role.

7 Log In to The URL for is On the right side of the page, click on the Blue Button that says Login to to

8 Log In to Type in your username and password and click on submit to log in. If you have trouble logging in, contact the Custom Applications Support and Training Unit (CAST) helpdesk 1.800.618.0223, 1.866.577.0771, 301.231.6005 (MD), 202.401.5282 (DC) The CAST helpdesk is available M-F from 8 am to 6 pm EST.

9 Navigation Breadcrumbs remind you of your Navigation Path

10 Navigation My Grants List – shows awarded grants that you are assigned to. Used for managing post-award actions. Funding Opportunities – Announcements, Application Kits, and Advice of Allowance. Applications – Applications, Review, interface. Awards – Award Processing and the NGA. Grants Management – Grant Assignments, Grantee Reporting, etc. Reports – Summary Reports on Awarded Grants, Form Letters. System Management – Account Management, Staff Assignments Help – User Guides, Quick References, Help Desk Contact Info Remember – What you see and your access to menus and options depends on your Role within the system.

11 Manage Announcements Create, Edit, View, and Post Announcements and Application Kits

12 Create an Announcement Items on the Announcement – Add screen are the same as those used on the announcement.

13 Create an Application Kit You choose the application kit forms (customizable by partner) The Application Kit is displayed in the Applications Control Checklist

14 Application Receipt Logs Applications are received into the Application Log and can also be received into the Application Receipt Log

15 Application Screening Intake Reviews and Business Reviews allow customized screening criteria.

16 Intake Review & Business Review

17 Application Notes Application Notes allow correspondence internally and with the applicant/grantee at every phase of Grants Processing.

18 Panel Review Application contents can be printed individually or as one large pdf file for distribution to reviewers. Grant Solutions also interfaces with the ARM review management system

19 Disposition List & Funding List

20 Create and Approve a Funding Memo A funding memo is generated for each approved application. Click Applications --> Competing --> Funding Memo Select an Announcement, then click on Search. Applications with Disposition Actions of" Approved" and funding levels will be displayed. For the desired application, click on the Recommend button to recommend the funding memo. Click on the OK button to confirm the recommendation and to forward to the next reviewer. The Competing Recommendation & Funding Memo Screen will reappear and the status will update to display the next reviewer. Create Funding Memo - PO Recommend - PO Recommend - PC Recommend - OD Concur - GMO Approve - AO CUSTOMIZABLE FUNDING MEMO APPROVAL WORKFLOW

21 Funding Memo Approval Screen

22 Funding Memo After Approval The Funding Memo Screen Displays Which Role is Next to Approve

23 Notice of Grant Award (NGA) Approval Workflow CUSTOMIZABLE NGA WORKFLOW Draft NGA - GMO Program Manager Review Program Director Review Administrative Director Review Financial Officer Review GMO Issue Congressional Liason Office Notification Grantee Acceptance Authorizing Official Release To access the NGA Processing Screen: Click on Awards --> Awards Processing --> NGA Processing Select Application Type from drop-down list, e.g. NEW. Click on Search button. Review the list of Applications awaiting funding memos. A Workflow Status of "Ready for (Your Role) Approval" in the Change Workflow Status column are ready for Review. Find the application for which you plan to approve the NGA and click on the Approve link in the Change Workflow Status column. An "Add Comments" window will appear listing the Grantee and Grantee Number for which you can add comments. A "Changed Notices of Grant Awards" window will appear listing the Grantee, Grant Number, and Award Amount. Click on the Continue button to continue the approval and to return to the Notice of Grants Award List - In Process/Draft screen. The Workflow Status column will display indicating the role of the next reviewer in the NGA Approval Process.

24 NGA Processing Screen The NGA Workflow Approval Process Updates to Show the Last and Next Reviewer

25 NGA Processing Screen Each reviewer gets the opportunity to add comments useful for other reviewers or for historical purposes.

26 E-Mail Notifications Grantee NGA Reviewers Funding Memo Reviewers

27 FRA NGA Document

28 My Grants List The My Grants List provides access to most Post-Award processing actions such as continuations, amendments, and historical information.

29 Closing Remarks Comprehensive support is provided by Partner Project Directors, Fit-Gap Leads, and Developers throughout the migration process. The Custom Applications Support & Training unit provides Training, Assistance with User Acceptance Testing, and ongoing HelpDesk Support for GrantSolutions. We are available at ( M-F from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. to assist The GrantSolutions team is grateful for the opportunity to help CDFI-IRS and Treasury-IRS manage and process grants and further your success.

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