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Explicit Instruction. Define the term explicit. (Think, Pair, Share)

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1 Explicit Instruction

2 Define the term explicit. (Think, Pair, Share)

3 Definition of Explicit Fully and clearly expressed or demonstrated; leaving nothing merely implied

4 Why Provide Explicit Instruction? Learning effective routines and procedures Supports fidelity to the core program Link core materials to the five essential components of reading

5 Benchmark, Strategic, Intensive Benchmark – Students who will likely benefit from the core program, are on track and on grade level Strategic – Students in need of additional support. Intensive – Students in need of substantial instructional support.

6 Research 15-20 years of research indicates thatgood readers decode first. (NRP) If they are behind in first grade, 1-8 chance they will never catch up after 1st grade.

7 Brain Research 80s students used context, syntax and then decoding. We now know that students do not learn to read in the same manner as you learn to speak. (Shaywitz, 2003)

8 Brain Research For a new word to become automatic, an average student will need to practice it 4-14 times. A student who is intensive may need to practice it 200 times.

9 Key to Moving Students who are stuck. Data has to drive you. Find the gap and fix it.

10 THE BIG FIVE Phonemic Awareness Phonics Vocabulary Fluency Comprehension

11 Templates Phoneme Segmentation Letter Recognition Sound By Sound Blending Word Reading Word Reading with Spelling Focus Multi-syllabic Words

12 50% of all words are phonetic 32-37% off by one sound First 107 high frequency words make up 50% of print.

13 Its All About Repetition! Charlene Coburn

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