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S outhern A nti-Terrorist R egional T raining A cademy Col Jim Bridges.

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1 S outhern A nti-Terrorist R egional T raining A cademy Col Jim Bridges

2 OVERVIEW: -Mission & Concept -Training Targets -Goals

3 A wake up call for America: A new mission for Law Enforcement and other first responders: 9-11

4 Response to Terrorism Ultimately Response to Terrorism is a Local Issue Local Responders are First to arrive; last to leave

5 Expand Training for ALL First Responders

6 MISSION STATEMENT: The Mission of the Southern Anti- terrorist Regional Training Academy is to support national security efforts by providing the highest level of counter terrorism training for local law enforcement officers. SARTA will ensure that law enforcement officers and other first responders receive the most advanced and diverse counter terrorism training possible.

7 A Consolidated Effort by Federal Government Private Industry Local Law Enforcement National Guard L.S.U. LA State Police


9 RCTA Model: Regional Counterdrug Training Academy Managed by Mississippi National Guard Assisted by Law Enforcement Advisory Board World Class Training Tuition at no charge Meals & Lodging provided at no charge

10 Former Hospital 45,000 sq ft renovation to include: –Classrooms –Office Space –Lodging for 78 officers Conference Center

11 Tactical Training Center:


13 Mobile Tactical Trainer:


15 Training Targets: Parish & County Sheriffs Departments City Police Departments University Police State Enforcement Officers Federal Employees Private Industry

16 Goals2004: Refine & Expand Training Curriculum Develop Additional Partnerships Construction of the Tactical City Field the Mobile Tactical Trainer Train Law Enforcement

17 S.A.R.T.A. COURSES: Critical Incident Management Incident Command Interview / Interrogation Islamic Culture Media Relations NARCO Terrorism Tactical Maneuvers in a Terrorist Environment Urban Assault Weapons Hostage Negotiations & Communication Skills Leadership & Supervision Suicide Bombers Bombs & Booby Traps

18 461 Municipal Police Officers 235 Sheriffs Deputies 53 LA National Guardsmen 62 University Police 82 Louisiana State Police 8 LA DHH 3 FBI 10U.S. Army 5 U.S. Marshalls 7 U.S. Marines & Marine Reserves 4 Private Industry 6 LA Attorney General 1 LA OHS & EP 43Probation & Parole 12Medical Center of NO PD 2Wildlife & Fisheries 35Fire Department 8Corrections TRAINING NUMBERS: TOTALS: # of Classes - 34 Total Trained 1037 Total Training Days 2824 Out of State Attendees: CaliforniaPennsylvania KansasTennessee North CarolinaTexas

19 Our community; our state; and our nation: ARE DEPENDING ON US

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