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70% Informational Text 30% Literary Text 75% Literary Text 25% Informational Text.

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3 70% Informational Text 30% Literary Text

4 75% Literary Text 25% Informational Text




8 Unit 6: Literary Analysis Part A: Aren't You the Shrewd One? Unit 6: Literary Analysis Part A: Aren't You the Shrewd One? Unit 7: Literary Analysis Part B: Don't Know Much About History Unit 7: Literary Analysis Part B: Don't Know Much About History Unit 8: Research Writing: Past - Forward to the Future Unit 8: Research Writing: Past - Forward to the Future Unit 9: Community Service: Save the Future Unit 10: Portfolio Presentation: The Real World Unit 10: Portfolio Presentation: The Real World

9 Taming of the Shrew – Wm. Shakespeare Tales from Shakespeare – Charles and Mary Lamb Writers Notebook Annotation of Text Rewriting the play into an 8-minute scene Comparing text and media versions Class discussion, teacher observation Evaluated with Production Rubric

10 PBL format Foundational works of American literature from 18 th, 19 th, and early 20 th century Example: Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens Informational text on cruelty and injustice Create a book trailer and present it Write a literary analysis Create a multimedia presentation focusing on literature from a particular historical period Evaluated with rubrics for Presentation, Analytical Essay, Appropriateness of Sources, and Collaboration

11 PBL Format Read a variety of US historical documents (17 th – 21 st centuries) Example: Once and Future King by T.H.White Write an abstract for a document from each century Develop a media presentation on a document View a variety of speeches Evaluated by rubrics for Presentation, Abstract, Collaboration and Discussion

12 Research school or community projects Write a proposal for a project Create a media presentation on the project Examples: Story of the Hour by Kate Chopin and Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom Work added to the Senior Portfolio Evaluated with rubrics for Presentation, Collaboration, Informational Writing, Appropriateness of Sources and PowerPoint

13 Examples: The Machine That Won the War by Isaac Asimov, Mythology by Edith Hamilton and The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kinsolver Assemble a Portfolio of work from the English 12 CR course, writing a reflection for each artifact chosen Participate in an interview using their Portfolio as evidence of their qualifications for employment or college entry Evaluated with rubrics for Argumentative Writing, Presentation and Speaking

14 They are suggestions. Other suggestions found in Appendix B of the Common Core State Standards found on Teach 21 at Appendix_B.pdf Appendix_B.pdf WVDE has no mandated list of readings


16 Policy 2510 requires students enrolled in English 12 CR Course to take an end-of- course assessment. The end-of-course assessment will align with the WV HEPC Series 21 Freshman Readiness Assessment and Placement Standards. Policy 2510 does not allow for exemptions or exclusions to testing.

17 The assessment selected for the end-of-course assessment for English 12 CR is the ACT COMPASS Writing Skills Test.

18 Opportunity for seniors to demonstrate college readiness in English Opportunity for more students to be college/career ready Less remediation at post-secondary Opportunity for colleges and universities to place students into credit-bearing English courses without additional testing

19 Computer-adaptive Students may not go back and change answers Number of questions each student receives varies based on performance Students receive different tests Some students may take longer than others Multiple-choice questions Untimed

20 Administered online at the school Provides students with immediate results Informs students of readiness for a credit- bearing college course in English Is NOT to be used for a grade or credit for the course

21 Students who answer all questions incorrectly or correctly could receive as few as eight questions. On average, students will need 30-60 minutes to finish the test.

22 Student reports are printed at school and available after testing. (Note: No reports come from the WVDE Office of Assessment and Accountability.) The results will be uploaded to the student records in WVEIS, but this does not happen automatically or immediately. Schools will need to write results on student transcripts or manually enter scores in WVEIS so students will have them on official transcripts for college placement. Colleges will not accept printed student reports because they are not official documents.

23 School/county determines testing window Make-ups scheduled within the testing window Testing window for students in Transition Mathematics for Seniors may be different from testing window for students in English 12 CR Course

24 December 3, 2012-January 11, 2013 (for courses ending at the end of first semester) April 29-May 24, 2013 (for courses ending at the end of the school year)

25 Not a college admissions test COMPASS will not replace ACT or SAT as an admissions exam If the student has achieved the required ACT or SAT score for admission to a baccalaureate program, the COMPASS® score will not be used. The ACT or SAT score will take precedence over the COMPASS® score.

26 Measures same content as the ACT English test Presents one or more passages, each containing several errors Clicking on that section of passage brings up alternative segments of text Student selects appropriate segment to insert automatically into the text

27 Basic knowledge and skills in usage and mechanics Punctuation Basic grammar Usage Sentence structure Rhetorical skills Writing strategies Organization Style

28 To see the messages students see before and after taking the COMPASS Writing Skills Test, visit the COMPASS File Cabinet on the Office of Assessment and Accountability website at -file-cabinet/compass -file-cabinet/compass Scroll down to the English 12 CR folder. Additional information also is available here.




32 Score at or above 71* English (Writing Skills) * Applies to all West Virginia colleges and universities English (Writing Skills)

33 Online Practice Tests COMPASS® Information on Office of Assessment and Accountability Website Things to Know About COMPASS® Sample Test Questions for Writing Skills Sample Essay: Writing Skills Placement ACT Guide for COMPASS® Writing Skills Test

34 Questions about ACT COMPASS Contact: Dr. Vaughn Rhudy Or Dr. Beth Cipoletti



37 English 12 CR is not intended to be remedial. It is, in fact, very rigorous. It is important that students be placed in the course using the placement guide provided. Students meeting these guidelines are the only students who should be placed in this course. Guidance counselors, parents and students need to understand the placement process. Only students opting to take a higher-level course, such as AP, are exempt from the course.




41 There is strong evidence that free voluntary reading is effective in developing literacy. Those who read more read better, write better, spell better, and develop better grammatical competence and larger vocabularies.

42 The analyses [between direct reading and reading growth] suggest that an increase of five minutes daily silent reading would be predicted to produce an additional months growth on a standardized reading achievement test.

43 Contact Denise Husson or Denise White

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