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CREATING AN ACTIVITY SET-UP (Project Set-up) Contract Summary Screen Contract Activity Screen.

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1 CREATING AN ACTIVITY SET-UP (Project Set-up) Contract Summary Screen Contract Activity Screen

2 Required Documentation (HBA Project Set-up) Click on the box, then proceed with the set-up. Refer to the website for the most current checklist.


4 The following screens are sections of an Activity Set-up In the boxes enter the actual homebuyer assistance budget amount and the sales price from the Sales Contract.

5 Line 1 -Enter the street address of the home. Do not enter the homeowners name. Line 2 –No entry is required in this field. City, State, Zip – Each field must be completed. City Type – Select city.

6 Check the box that agrees with the specific purpose stated in the HOME contract, as applicable only.

7 Select the box(es) that agree with the specific purpose. 203 b Limits – Enter the maximum per-unit for the area being served.

8 Property Type - Enter Single Family Accessible - Check this box if the property meets accessibility FHA Insured – Check this box if applicable.

9 Unit Number – Always enter 1 Monthly Gross Income - Enter the households monthly gross income, as calculated on the 14 series worksheets. Name – Enter the full name of the head of household

10 Number of Bedrooms – select the applicable number Occupancy - Select Homeowner NOTE: Select from the drop down boxes as applicable

11 Hispanic – Click only if head of household is of Hispanic ethnicity Household Size – Select the appropriate number. Head of Household Race – Select the appropriate race; Hispanic is recognized as White for the purpose of this data. Primary Special Need – Select applicable special need type. Head of Household - Select appropriate description

12 Select as specified in the contract. Click SAVE to store the data entered. This is the end of data entry for the setup.

13 Creating a Project Budget (Budget Detail) Now that all of the preliminary data has been entered and saved youre now ready to enter the activitys budget detail. Sections of the set-up will automatically populate after saving entered data. Click Budget Detail on the right-hand side of the screen located in the ALLOCATION section.

14 Amended – Enter budget amount (same as entered in the start- up page). Save - Click store the data entered. Itemize – Select Itemize on the right-hand side of screen to go to the next screen.

15 Budget Itemization Item Numbers - Sequential item numbers are assigned by the System. Item # - x items can be deleted if necessary. Budget Category – To add, click the (+) symbol next to Hard Cost or Soft Cost. Amount - Enter the appropriate dollar amount for each item. Save - Click Save to store the data entered

16 PROJECT SET-UP APPROVAL & DISAPPROVAL Order of APPROVAL ACTIONS After complete Set-Up data has been entered click Save; Click Submit for Approval without Saving, this action updates to; Pending PM Approval notifying PM that the Set-Up is ready for processing. The user who last enters data cannot be the same person who approves the activity and submits to PM.

17 OVERVIEW OF STATUS Pending PM Approval, no further action by the CA can be done on the activity.

18 Disapproved by PM, the CA must make corrections and resubmit for approval.


20 NOTES Creating online notes From the CONTRACT ACTIVITY screen click on Notes in the upper right-hand corner. Click Create New Note

21 Type in information, click Save to store the message

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