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Final Budget Presentation March 18, 2013 1. Timeline for Budget Development FY 2013FY 2014 Governors Budget12-17-11$15,503,88112-18-12$15,409,508 House.

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Presentation on theme: "Final Budget Presentation March 18, 2013 1. Timeline for Budget Development FY 2013FY 2014 Governors Budget12-17-11$15,503,88112-18-12$15,409,508 House."— Presentation transcript:

1 Final Budget Presentation March 18, 2013 1

2 Timeline for Budget Development FY 2013FY 2014 Governors Budget12-17-11$15,503,88112-18-12$15,409,508 House Budget2-24-12$15,568,3452-8-13$15,420,106 Senate Budget2-24-12$15,671,6492-8-13$15,458,984 Final Allocation5-18-12$15,784,5402-28-13*$15,239,236 * Adjusted for pass through 2

3 Anticipated Revenues: State 3

4 STATE REVENUES2012-20132013-2014 BudgetFinalVariance Incentive Programs: Compensation Supplement$0 Academic Year Governor's School$119,473$102,792($16,681) Additional Assistance - Retirement, Inflation, Preschool Costs$79,620$80,950$1,330 EpiPen Grants$886$0($886) Technology - VPSA$334,000 $0 Subtotal - Incentive Accounts$533,979$517,742$16,237 Categorical Programs: Adult Education$0 Virtual Virginia$0 American Indian Treaty Commitment$0 School Lunch$15,693$14,952($741) Special Education - Homebound$24,134$25,636$1,502 Special Education - State-Operated Programs$0 Special Education - Jails$0 Subtotal - Categorical Accounts$39,827$40,588$761 Denotes pass-through funding 4

5 Anticipated Revenues: State STATE REVENUES2012-20132013-2014 BudgetFinalVariance Lottery Funded Programs: Foster Care$88,819$89,195$376 At Risk$252,361$242,169($10,192) Virginia Preschool Initiative$351,257$342,013($9,244) Early Reading Intervention$40,884$33,669($7,215) Mentor Teacher Program$2,155$1,962($193) K-3 Primary Class Size Reduction$304,014$287,220($16,794) School Breakfast$11,269$12,753$1,484 SOL Algebra Readiness$39,509$36,875($2,634) Alternative Education$0 ISAEP$7,859 $0 Special Education - Regional Tuition$0 Career and Technical Education$37,784$40,166$2,382 English as a Second Language$16,534$26,639$10,105 Textbooks$28,960$44,011$15,051 Subtotal - Lottery Funded Programs$1,181,405$1,164,531($16,874) 5

6 Anticipated Revenues: State STATE REVENUES2012-20132013-2014 BudgetFinalVariance Subtotal - SOQ Accounts$14,572,664$14,036,910($535,754) Subtotal - Incentive Accounts$533,979$517,742$16,237 Subtotal - Categorical Accounts$39,827$40,588$761 Subtotal - Lottery Funded Programs$1,181,405$1,164,531($16,874) STATE TOTAL$16,327,875$15,759,771($568,104) Pass-Through Items Total$543,335$520,535($22,800) STATE TOTAL (Adjusted for pass-through funds)$15,784,540$15,239,236($545,304) 6

7 Anticipated Revenues: Federal FEDERAL REVENUES2012-20132013-2014 BudgetEstimateVariance Title I, Part A$569,383$518,220($51,163) Title I, Part D$50,187$0($50,187) Carl D. Perkins$42,815$43,367$552 Title II, Part A$136,823$115,124($21,699) Title II, Part D$4,274$0($4,274) E-Rate$69,990 $0 Forest Reserve$130,000$0($130,000) School Food Reimbursement$643,100 $0 Title VI$607,418$585,775($21,643) Special Education Preschool$20,628$20,582($46) Subtotal - Federal Revenue$2,274,618$1,996,158($278,460) Pass-Through Items Total$643,100 $0 FEDERAL TOTAL (Adjusted for pass-through funds)$1,631,518$1,353,058($278,460) 7

8 Anticipated Revenues: Local LOCAL REVENUES2012-20132013-2014 BudgetEstimateVariance Alleghany County Local Effort$10,031,778$9,575,060($456,718) Cafeteria Payroll & Fringes Reimbursement$460,102 $0 Medicaid Reimbursement$33,933 $0 Miscellaneous/Other$136,546$146,971$10,425 LOCAL TOTAL$10,662,359$10,216,066($446,293) 8

9 Total Revenue Funding Source2012-20132013-2014Variance STATE TOTAL (Adjusted for Pass-Through Funds) $15,784,540$15,239,236($545,304) FEDERAL TOTAL (Adjusted for Pass-Though Funds) $1,631,518$1,353,058($278,460) LOCAL TOTAL$10,662,359$10,216,066($446,293) ACPS TOTAL (Adjusted for Pass-Though Funds) $28,078,417$26,808,360($1,270,057) 9

10 Expenditure Impact EXPENDITURE IMPACTS2012-20132013-2014 BudgetEstimateVariance JRTC position decrease and proration adjustment$1,245,514$1,206,421$39,093 Title I, Part A$569,383$518,220$51,163 Title I, Part D$50,187$0$50,187 Carl D. Perkins$42,815$43,367($552) Title II, Part A$136,823$115,124$21,699 Title II, Part D$4,274$0$4,274 Title VI$607,418$585,775$21,643 Special education preschool$20,628$20,582$46 Additional bus aide position added in 2012$0$7,151($7,151) Contracted vision impaired services$0$30,000($30,000) Mandated SPED transitional services (job coach)$0$29,000($29,000) Mandated CTE examinations$0$2,000($2,000) Mandated virtual class for 9th Grade (2013-14)$0$20,000($20,000) Increase utilities budget to current cost levels$1,115,000$1,145,000($30,000) Increase bus fuel budget to current cost level$244,886$260,886($16,000) Increase board contribution to health insurance$0$83,904($83,904) Add 2 bus routes – BSE and FSE$81,164($81,164) TOTAL EXPENDITURE IMPACT$4,036,928$4,148,594($111,666) 10

11 Total Financial Impact SourceFY 2013FY2014Variance State Impact $15,784,540$15,239,236($545,304) Federal Impact $1,631,518$1,353,058($278,460) Local Impact $10,662,359$10,216,066($446,293) Total Revenue Impact $28,078,417$26,808,360($1,270,057) Expenditure Impact $4,036,928$4,148,594($111,666) ACPS TOTAL FINANCIAL IMPACT ($1,381,723) 11

12 Financial Impact Adjustment ACPS Total Financial Impact($1,381,723) Adjustment for anticipated heating oil savings at Alleghany High School$100,000 TOTAL FINANCIAL IMPACT($1,381,723) 12

13 13 Budget Reductions Personnel Administration 1 Central Office Administrator$109,000 1 Building Administrator$89,249 Teaching Positions 1 Classroom – CMS$50,489 1 Classroom – AHS$50,489 7 Classroom – Elementary$353,423 Resource Professional PositionsReduce school psychologist contract (40 days)$10,300 Classified Support Positions Eliminate 20% school psychologist secretary$5,007 2 School secretary - Division$60,034 4 Teacher aides - Division$85,604 Facilities and Transportation Reduce bus driver contracts (4 days)$18,405 3 Custodian (12 month)$77,307 1 Custodian (10 month)$21,178 1 Maintenance$46,679 TOTAL PERSONNEL REDUCTIONS$977,164

14 14 Expenditure Reductions Non-Personnel Stipends2 Child study chair$5,234 Salary and Benefits Eliminate sick leave retirement pay$10,000 Reduce overtime allocation$10,000 Reduce elementary tuition assistance$16,775 Reduce secondary tuition assistance$6,325 Instructional SupportReduce psychological services$20,000 Instructional Programs Reduce Algebra Readiness instructional materials$5,000 Reduce remediation supplies$5,000 Reduce school instructional and consumable allocation$10,947 Cap Jackson River Governors School Participation$24,266 Co- and Extra-Curricular Reduce coaching supplements$24,000 Reduce supplemental athletic allocation$10,563 Reduce field trips$6,843 Facilities and Transportation Reduce bus drivers summer school$5,000 Reduce parinters/seasonal$2,306 Eliminate pay in lieu to parents$4,000 Operating costs – Boiling Spring and Falling Spring$193,515 Other Reduce advertising$7,000 Reduce Central Office miscellaneous$10,000 Reduce school leaders insurance$3,000 Eliminate errors and omissions insurance$2,019 Reduce other property insurance$20,766 Reduce travel allocation/instruction$1,000 Reduce travel allocation/special education$1,000 TOTAL NON-PERSONNEL REDUCTIONS$404,559

15 15

16 16

17 Total Financial Impact SourceFY 2013FY2014Variance State Impact $15,784,540$15,239,236($545,304) Federal Impact $1,631,518$1,353,058($278,460) Local Impact $10,662,359$10,216,066($446,293) Total Revenue Impact $28,078,417$26,808,360($1,270,057) Expenditure Impact $4,036,928$4,148,594($111,666) ACPS Total Financial Impact ($1,381,723) Total Expenditure $1,381,723 Budget Deficit $0 17

18 Local Revenue Appropriation Request FY 2013FY 2014VariancePercent State Funds $15,784,540$15,239,236($545,304) 54.5% Federal Funds $1,631,518$1,353,058($278,460) 4.8% Miscellaneous Funds $630,581$641,006$10,4252.3% Local Funds$10,031,778$9,575,060($456,718)34.2% State Pass Through $543,335$520,535($22,800) 1.9% Federal Pass Through $643,100 02.3% Total$29,264,852$27,971,955$1,292,857100% 18

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